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Chilcot Report: Too Little, Too Late

    By: Hasan Abidi  “  The UK went to war in Iraq on the basis of faulty intelligence and with inadequate  planning for  the invasion ”. This according to Sir John Chilcot’, in his long awaited Chilcot Report. Seriously ? No kidding. Mr Chilcot, it took you seven years and all you could offer...

SAMAA | - Posted: Jul 11, 2016 | Last Updated: 5 years ago
Posted: Jul 11, 2016 | Last Updated: 5 years ago
Chilcot Report:  Too Little, Too Late

chilcot 1



By: Hasan Abidi 

“  The UK went to war in Iraq on the basis of faulty intelligence and with inadequate  planning for  the invasion ”.

This according to Sir John Chilcot’, in his long awaited Chilcot Report.

Seriously ? No kidding.

Mr Chilcot, it took you seven years and all you could offer us in those 6,000 pages was the   same old bull crap that has been thrown at the world’s common sense since 13 years?

The world did not wait all this long, so you could “reveal” that Saddam lacked biological   and chemical warfare capacity. That the Iraqis had a very potent WMD Program, but only  in the imaginations of Bush and Blair.

That Hans Blix and his team of experts, kept on putting the facts on the table. Only to go  unheard. That the U.N. sanctions regime was very effective. That the inspections were very robust, and that in no way could Saddam had deviated without being detected.

That the Bush-Blair criminal enterprise did not wait to secure the UN authorization.

And that the sales pitch to the public, was eerily similar across the Atlantic…” threat posed by Iraqi dictator was simply too big to avoid ” .

That the neo-cons simply did not bother about any post‑conflict plan.

World doesn’t need your fancy report Mr. Chilcot to figure all this out.

There is nothing in your report that we were already not privy to.

But what you cleverly forgot to mention was that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a brutal act       of aggression. That it was a crime of global and historical proportions.

You did not state the simple fact, that this was a murderous invasion of a sovereign nation   by war mongering forces, furthering their imperialist and territorial expansion agenda.

For all this time what were you inquiring and from whom ?  And what is the validity of your mandate, when you couldn’t call a spade a spade? And when you couldn’t even ask Tony Blair

“ How could you invade a country illegally, turn it into ruins, decimate its infrastructure, kill a million of its people just for fun and yet go scot free?

Mr Chilcot, your inquiry is hardly an inquest. It is more of an eyewash.

It is for the public consumption and ironically at its expense.

To keep the masses entrapped in the cesspool of 2.6 million words of deflection and   diversion from the real questions. And away from the real perpetrators.

And just like the 9/11 Truth Commission, you will also succeed.

Now over to Mr.Tony Blair.

The haggard looking Blair looked and sounded disoriented. It was a sorry spectacle.

All Blair could offer were a few “ regrets”  for a few “ wrong decisions”.

After a million Iraqi deaths, around 5000 US soldiers and 179 UK soldiers killed in combat,

US 7 trillion lost, an entire nation in tatters, and that is all you got to say Mr. Blair ?

blair 1


Few wrong decisions.

Jesus! Is this man for real ?

Shame on you Mr. Blair, for being so remorseless.

You put up the same old repugnant act of denial before the world audience.

That you did the right thing. No you didn’t .

That you had no choice. You did. You could have said no.

And the most grotesque of it all…That you would do it all over again, if given the same evidence. Your antipathy makes one sick in the stomach. Utterly callous and almost gung-ho.

Mr. Blair, it was disgusting to witness, that you still have the same audacity.                                                      In you remorseless rebuttal, you had the gall to shamelessly tell the world, that you could look the aggrieved families in the eye, that you did not mislead the British people over the invasion,  and that the service personnel did not die in vain.

Really ?

And what about the million plus Iraqis, whose blood is on your sleeves and that of your  Warlord Master from Texas? Did they die in vain?  Or their lives simply didn’t matter for not being Anglo Saxon?

You lied then. And you are lying now.

In November 2002, the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution giving Iraq a last chance to disarm or face military action.

But you did not wait . Did you?

You chose to join the invasion of Iraq, when you could have refused. Just like the French.

There were other options on the table, but you looked the other way.

You were morally and politically obliged to explore all the avenues that led to diplomacy and peace. But blood was on your mind.  Chilcot Report categorically states, “Military action at that time was not a last resort.”

nelson 1


Of all the people, Nelson Mandela warned you and your blood thirsty cahoots, that your misadventure would one day “ become a threat to world peace ”. But you turned a deaf ear.

Millions marched on the streets of the world ,but you would simply not listen. The battle lines were already drawn. No wonder you had assured Bush some eight months prior to the war,

“ I am with you. Whatever ”.

Who gave you that license Mr Blair ?

Your cabinet, the House of Commons or the British public ?  None.

house-of-commons 1

Because you kept all of them in dark. That was the plan. It played right into the scheme of things.         The SOPs laid by your Washington guru. You just blew the trumpet given to you. Didn’t you? You did not use your influence on the US president to take the more civil and diplomatic route. You did not exert any pressure on Washington, to stay away from the confrontational mindset.

And who has paid for all your mess? The Middle East in general and the Iraqi people in particular. Your crimes have left tens of thousands dead, two million people displaced and the entire region engulfed in the flames of terror. Not to mention. the birth of ISIS.

isis 1

The Iraq war has only yielded deadly and disastrous results for the whole world.

The bloody civil war triggered by your invasion and then occupation, opened the floodgates  for global terrorism. Repercussions of which, felt to this day.

Mr. Blair , you may escape and hoodwink all the legal ramifications of your dastardly acts,  but  it seems that time has already taken its revenge, by turning you and your forgotten boss,  into pariahs during your lifetimes.

And rest assured that history will come down heavily on your already fractured legacy.

It has already put out its damning verdict for all to see. It has already documented your misadventures as heinous acts against humanity, for inflicting a terrorist firestorm on an  entire hapless and besieged populace.

You shall forever be remembered, as an accomplice-in-chief to the war crimes committed by George Bush and his cronies in the guise of liberating Iraq.

bush blair 2

On an ending note, Mr. Blair instead of being Bush’s poodle, you could have tried playing a British Prime Minister. For a change.  And for Heaven’s sake.

PS: It would be prudent to shame the entire western media, that could run the story of a zoo gorilla killed for weeks, but couldn’t call the conniving duo of Bush-Blair, the war criminals  that they truly are.





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