Beauty Must-Haves Every Girl Needs

July 27, 2016
Samaa Web Desk

beauty kit 3

By: Tayyaba Rana

Beauty products transform our look. Some have done their job so well that they deserve a permanent home in our cosmetics bag. Makeup should never look as “made-up.” Ideally, it should look natural and effortless. Here are few must-have beauty products that we need for our everyday use.



highlighter 2

Highlighter is not about shimmer. They are great for every day for a soft and subtle glow. Brush on your cheekbones before blush (to help blush adhere), then dust on top of blush for a more luminous look. A slightly shimmery cream highlighter can be used in many ways. Choose a soft nude, peach, or pink for a versatile look.

Face primer

If we want our makeup remain smooth and last long, a primer is a must-have. Just dab a thin layer over the moisturizer and give it a minute to sink in before putting on makeup.

Eye-brightening concealer

This is a new type of concealer which is sheerer than traditional cover-up. They do a great job of canceling out dark circles and revitalizing the skin under our eyes. Many formulas are very lightweight and easy to use.

A No-Show Foundation

Make up does not mean that you look caked with layers of foundation on your face. Choose the color near your skin tone and barely visible. Always use a sponge or brush and blend gently.

A Super Concealer                                               

Concealer is the only way to hide imperfections. Although it may just be a temporary fix, but with the proper technique we can hide them completely.

A Natural Blush

Natural blush is a must-have as it gives the glow that is required to make us fresh. For a natural look, start with lighter shades. It gives a healthy and rosy look to our tired skin. We can add bronzer on the top of it to give our face a sun-kissed glow.

Clump-Free Mascara

Mascara can take eyes from sleepy to sultry in a flash. Mascara has a very less shelf life. So be careful if it clumps. It thickens as it’s exposed to air over time, which leads to clumps. While using make it sure that you touch every lash.

The Perfect Nude Lipstick

nude lpstck

Lip colours give an electrifying effect to our overall look. Go for the perfect nude not the browns and pink. Use creamy or long-lasting lip-stick according to your comfort and choice.

A Basic, Flattering Eyeshadow

The perfect everyday shadow is just a few shades darker than our skin tone. Use a soft eyeshadow brush and make sure to use light, feathery strokes so that there are no hard lines.

Make-up brushes:        

brushes 1     

Professional makeup artists never use tiny sponge applicators that come with the products. We need to invest in a good brush set and keep them clean to keep bacteria away and makeup colors fresh.


If we want to have good skin, the only mantra we need to follow is to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. Keep moisturizer at hand and use it every day. Do not use heavy or greasy moisturizers. Look for oil-free moisturizers with an SPF 15 or 30 sunscreen.

Translucent face powder

Translucent face powder is invisible but creates a flawless and perfectly blended look. It controls oil and shine and sets foundation and concealer. In the hot and humid regions like ours it is a must have.


eye liner 2

Eyeliners make us glamorous. It gives shape to our eyes. Neutral eyeliner shades such as browns, grays, and blacks are best for everyday use.