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Lahore eatery where you cook your own meal

June 8, 2016
Lahore eatery where you cook your own meal

lahore eatery pic 1

Believe it or not, you will have to choose all spices, ingredients and meat of your choice if you are planning to dine out in a restaurant. Unlike conventional restaurants, neither waiter will give you a menu nor anyone get an order. The door of restaurant opens in a kitchen directly where and raw-marinated chicken, beef, fish and prawns are placed  on the  table with slices of lemon and crushed carrots.

It was very surprising to see this, but then a hanging placard caught my attention on which it was mentioned to  ‘Build your own food’.

eatery pic 2

As I am not skilled in cooking at all therefore everything or perhaps the idea  perplexed me. I took some pieces of boneless chicken and moved to the next table.

eatery pic 3

There were twelve bowls with different ingredients namely chili, salt and other spices. Being clueless about quantity my mind exclaimed “Oh my God, how much I should add this”. With this question popping in my mind I took a spoon of salt and then a staff member came and lend a helping hand in preparing the dish of my choice.

eatery pic 4

After spices it’s time to add fresh and processed vegetables of your choice. Very colorful variety of fresh and processed vegetables are available ranging from onion, tomatoes, mint leaves, capsicum, mint, to jalapeño, vinegar dipped cucumber and green chilies.

eatery pic 5

Last but not least here comes the most delicious ingredient of your recipe. Yes! It’s time to add some exotic sauces in the food. Again there is a wide variety of local and imported sauces. One can add sauce of turmeric, jalapeno, Bar B.Q., Hong Kong Soy, and Italian herb.

eatery pic 6

When you are done with the selection of ingredients, the next step includes its cooking which is to be carried out by one’s own self or take help from chef for final touching. At the end the food is served on the tables with one side dish of your choice which includes brown rice, noodles, spaghetti, or garlic rice. While almonds  in the picture are served as complementary.

eatery pic 7


Don’t worry it’s not difficult as home cooking that needs a lot of preparations. Here all the ingredients are ready to add in the cooking bowl. You just have to select them and pass on your bowl towards the chef for final touching.

eatery pic 8

This restaurant has also introduced a unique idea of cooking on your serving table. Confused?

Ahan, don’t be as it is way too simple. They have internally heated rock stones which work as oven and customers can cook steak on these stones while sitting at their place.


eatery pic 9

This place is equally good for those who want to do experiments in cooking which they can’t afford at home.

A decline in the trend of dinning out had been observed after some severe actions taken by the director of Punjab Food Authority Ayesha Mumtaz against many famous restaurants for providing unhygienic food. The owner of this restaurant told that he revolutionized the concept of eating to restore public’s confidence in dining out. And the owner of the restaurant promised that this is some place where Ayesha Mumtaz will definitely love to dine.




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