One in a million Angel

April 11, 2016


By: Sarah Raza Ansari

Touching new horizons of fame, the very peculiar Tahir shah once again in the lime light for his new venture angel.

Ever since he updated coming soon for his upcoming single everyone couldn't stop gushing over his new solo, wondering after the popularity of eye-to-eye, people were all set to know what will be the next odd thing to look up to from his behalf.

It was hard to predict what Mr Shah was really upto with the poster of the song fans could not stop surfing his twitter account trying to figure out what he got for laying hands on.

A unique combination of some very exotic picturization and location with some very heart touching lyrics which might even confuse and amaze the angels themselves. Pooh pooh!

This angel seems to very canny in terms of his attire while supporting Louis Vuitton footwear. You call it Tahir Shah’s magic or his frenzy he sure did sweeped the nations’ attention from the ongoing PanamaPapers leak. Woho…

After so much Tahir showed his gratitude for his ‘die-hard’ fans.

  Whatever it was it sure did give us a picture of a happy angel family, eye-2-eye already earned a lot of popularity for itself with renowned Bollywood figures shaken up to the song with their share of dubsmashes on the internet now we are wondering how far this song would go, let’s just sit back to some really entertaining dubsmashes feat on this single. People always love to go with the trend, started with the gangum style dance, selfies, ice bucket challenge and now the Angel dubsmash are on our way

tt2 vdo  

???????????? #TaherShah Via @rum_and_wayfarers

A photo posted by Gauri Bee (@gauribee) on Apr 10, 2016 at 8:33am PDT

???????? One for the Monday blues!! #tahershah #funny #meme #mondays

A photo posted by Jasmine Shahabadi (@jasmine_g_s) on Apr 10, 2016 at 7:06am PDT

Taher Shah was the main reason. #TaherShah #Angel #FawadKhan #HamzaAliAbbasi #ZaynMalik

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