Ali Zafar’s Angel: Chocolate For The Ears

April 13, 2016
Ayesha Rehman



Much acclaimed rock star of Pakistani pop singing, Ali Zafar has made his mark yet again by singing Taher Shah’s latest and famous ‘Angel’. The video kicks off in a sober and solemn tone which Zafar maintains throughout and this best part which viewers have applauded greatly.

According to estimation, fans have overlooked lyrics of Angel in Taher Shah’s single as the entire attention was centered upon its picturisation.  However, ambience, wardrobe and performers were those elements which managed to give  fans a good laugh. But Ali Zafar has cleared the picture via infusing complete emotions with lyrics making it worth-hearing for us.

The star himself took to Twitter for sharing his connected sentiments with the philosophical ideology behind.


ali zafar tweet 6

How did fans pat Pakistani heartthrob's shoulder through Twitter, here we show you.


ali zafar tweet 1



ali zafar tweet 5


ali zafar tweet 3

ali zafar tweet 4



Hang On! Angel Dubsmash has gripped admirers completely and here is the most entertaining one: