#ProfileForPeace: Cricket Colors On Facebook

March 17, 2016
Sarah Raza Ansari


By: Sarah Raza Ansari

Cricket fever is at full swing in every nook and corner. Some very interesting things are in view , Cricket fans are showing their support and admiration for their favorite team via facebook.com/profilepicframes to show support for their most loved teams.

Inspite the fury of Indian extremists, the fans of both the nations are still up with the sports spirit and have showed a peaceful side of them to the world.

Something really intriguing is going on in India and Pakistan on Facebook at this moment.

Cricket fans have been definitely anticipating the India-Pakistan match at the World Twenty20 following the time when the schedule was announced.

Be that as it may, fans from India and Pakistan are accomplishing something else. A huge number of Indian cricket fans are putting the Pakistani frames around their photo. Not just that, Pakistani fans are doing likewise – indicating support for India with the hashtag of #ProfilesForPeace.  Interesting or not?

Yet, this story demonstrates that the more associated we are, the more we understand that what unites us is more essential than what isolates us.

Many fans from Karachi to Lahore and from Kashmir to Kolkata – have begun changing their profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advance the peace that is craved by everyone.

There are many like me who don’t see cricketers as arch rivals. Just like there are many admirers of Afridi over there similarly there are many who are fond of Kohli over here. No matters who wins but the spirit of the game should not come to an end.

Have a look at how the social media enthusiasts reacted to this peace movement:






The use of #SocialMedia to spread messages of peace make you appreciate their power. #ProfileForPeace #Facebook pic.twitter.com/PjZsXgBFYh

— Maria Masaniello (@MariaMasaniello) March 16, 2016