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Pakistani cricketers and Their How-TOLET Bios

February 29 , 2016

Written By: Shahid Wafa



The talent of our national cricketers is not hidden from anyone. The whole nation watches them hitting many sixes and taking wickets with fierce deliveries…in TV commercials, everyday.

Our players’ performance in the field of cricket often calls for criticism but their show of skills in the field of advertisement and modeling is absolutely brilliant. This factor gives us an understanding about the preference of our national heroes. Their loyalty with the commercial aspects of the game is also evident from one more thing- and that is their Twitter Bios. Twitter officially defines “Bio” as a “Short personal description (up to 160 characters) that appears in the users’ profile and serves to characterize their persona on Twitter.”  Twitter users across the globe tend to fill this space with information they are most proud and concerned of.  Let us see what our cricketing heroes are commonly anxious about to tell the world in their Twitter Bios. Why not to start with our very own Boom Boom, the pride of the nation.


Along with his introduction as Boom Boom, what else is Lala concerned about..? Why, for procuring commercials of course!


Bio of former captain and celebrity Shoaib Malik is also laced with the contact information of his “Business and PR manager.” Nobody in the team wants to miss the chance of being hired by any company to perform in their commercials.


And here comes our national sensation, Mohammad Amir. The multitalented pacer also doesn’t spare any chance to get “booked” for commercials. A Perfect use of Twitter Bio.



This guy, madly in love with cricket, does not rely on someone else and has mentioned his own e-mail address for public relations and business deals. A cricketer has to be multifaceted like Viki.



Ah… the selfie master. Gorgeous Ahmad Shahzad’s Bio states, “Cricket and Pakistan in Blood… Fans and Friends in heart,” and probably Commercials and Selfies on his mind…



When everyone is busy in making easy money, why would the tallest cricketer of the world stay behind? Here is the advertisement of Mohammad Irfan. There is specific mention of a contact address, in case anyone wants to hire him for any advertisement.


Saeed Ajmal, the ‘Doosra’ expert with wrong bowling action. He seems to be the most ambitious player for making money through endorsements as he presents himself for the “worldwide commercials.”

saeed ajmal

If we just look at one day players of other countries, AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli and Hashim Amla are the top three batsmen according to latest ICC player rankings. They have reached this point by performing consistently well. They also endorse products but none of them are hanging a To-Let board on their bio as our “heroes” have done.


AB de Villiers, the master batsman, keeps his introduction to just one point and that is Cricket.

ab de villiers

Virat Kohli, from our arch rival team, also does not seem to care about the booking of commercials as there is no mentioning of any contact ID of his business manager.

virt kohli


Hashim Amla focuses on cricket and keeping the things real. No sign board.

hashim amla


I have mentioned only about three top players of one day cricket. One can go through the online short bios of other international high ranking players; you will not find the same level of commercial interests our cricket players have shown in their Twitter bios.  It is true that all international cricketers endorse commercial products and earn millions but here, priority is the key point. Answers of questions raised about the poor performance of our cricketers can be found in their twitter bios. Their priorities are clear and need to change…


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