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Weakness of PTI behind the Power of PMLN

November 18 , 2015

punjab assembly

The PMLN Government is yet to prove itself; however, before they display any big performance, PTI has already made it powerful with its political ‘mistakes.’ This is reinstated by PTI and its chairman with their support for PMLN through illogic and stubborn actions.

Several issues such as load shedding of electricity and gas, absence of facilities in hospitals, education, and drinking water await opposition but, PTI still feels ‘rigging’ is the gravest problem. Rigging has now become the symbol of embarrassment for PTI and the savior of PMLN. With every action such as these by PTI, PMLN only becomes stronger.

Instead of accepting defeat and rebuilding the party, PTI still conducts protests for rigging, but never a protest for the problems and sufferings of the people of the country. PTI is not ready to face the bitter realities behind the defeat in By and LG Elections. PTI could not find all of its candidates in the LG elections, which compelled it to have alliance with Jamat-e-Islami. On the other hand, PML N is still facing problem to short list candidates for the second and third phase of LG Elections.

If we consider the performance of PTI in the Parliament, it is not at all a challenge for the government. Parliamentary Leaders of PTI are just submitting motions, resolutions and seeking attention without powerful protests that may hurt the Government. Opposition leader of Punjab Assembly, Mehmood ur Rasheed is afraid of being replaced by Mian Aslam Iqbal and they are both always trying to defeat each other.

PTI needs to show its power as opposition. They need to step up when a woman gives birth at the stairs of the hospital in the Metropolitan city of the PM and CM Punjab. They need to step up when there are four patients on one bed in the Punjab Institute of Cardiology. They need to step up when facilities are missing in hundreds of schools; when there is no drinking water in more than 60 percent of Punjab and other provinces; when situations in Police stations are at their worst. They need to step up against corruption in revenue, shortage of electricity and gas. Unfortunately, no action can be seen in these two and half years by the Opposition, which does not only gives comfort, but additional power to the PMLN and its Government.

Whenever PMLN comes into power, pride proves to be one of the biggest enemy; and this attitude brings them to the end of the Government. Once again, we see pride and rudeness among the Ministers and Parliamentarians of the ruling party; yet, nobody from the opposition shows the courtesy to criticize this behavior. People feel that the leaders of PTI have become ruder, which compels them to go back to PMLN and not cast their votes. Because of this, PMLN gets more power because of kind foibles and support of PTI.

There was a time when Federal Ministers showed their rage against PTI, but now they simply reply the opposition with smiling faces.



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