Imran Khan still under the spell of wedding proposals

November 4, 2015
Sarah Raza Ansari

By: Sarah Raza Ansari

The evergreen Imran Khan has never failed to rule the hearts of countless maidens.

He is a maestro and a heartthrob in true meaning. Just a few days after announcing the divorce PTI Chairman Imran Khan is already flooded with many proposals.

Is it his charm and persona which has perpetually attracted every lass in the corner?

Not just renowned figure as Meera and a few others who are in the same queue as her. The first very self proclaimed and vain Qandeel Baloch is also a front runner in the list.

The bold actress left no stones unturned in professing her affection and admiration towards the enchanting paragon Imran Khan.

Through her fiery proposal video she made her confession public and pleaded Imran Khan to tie the knot with her.