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Difference between Theory and Practice

SAMAA | - Posted: Nov 2, 2015 | Last Updated: 6 years ago
Posted: Nov 2, 2015 | Last Updated: 6 years ago

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To be anti-American or to have negative feelings about America is something the people of Pakistan are most familiar with. To show hatred for America has gradually become the hobby of our people. I can easily prove the accuracy of my statement. Let’s go to any public park and have a chat with a group of people who would be enjoying the beauty of nature there and having gossips on different topics including the political system of the country, its politicians and the foreign policy. You have to say just a single word; ‘America’ and then you would be responsible for the consequences. The people would start blaming America for the injustice, inequality, terrorism and even for day-by day increasing inflation in the country.

I am not defending America but one thing we should keep in our minds is that it is the two-way traffic. Every country, if dependent on foreign aid, is forced to follow its  lender’s orders.

Before adopting journalism as a profession; I was working as a banker in a local bank. To have a complete know-how of Pakistan’s economic and financial issues is something very natural to me. I was left wonder-struck when I found that US is the biggest grant provider to Pakistan. Not even a single country of the world other than USA is ready to release a huge amount as ‘development assistance’ to Pakistan. Then why nurture anti-American sentiments ? Taking aid from one country and hating it as well is not justified at all. It seems pointless to maintain so much difference between theory and practice?

Lets take a glance back  into the history , not very far away  rather analyse the scenario before 9/11. Were hearts of Pakistanis filled with the feelings of hatred which they have now for USA?

The answer to this is obviously negative. Keeping this in view, the question which springs out is from where did this annoying feeling came from then?

After 9/11 when Pakistan decided to be ally of US in its war against terrorism; almost half of the people in Pakistan opposed this decision of the government. They felt that US wanted to kill the Muslim community and that is why the former has itself dramatized the terrorist attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon. They felt that now US would start muslim genocide in the name of terrorism. This feeling afterwards changed into hatred against America.

While incorporating  this term, ‘difference between theory and practice’, it is essential to define ‘practice’ as  general theory related to the hatred against America derived by the people of Pakistan has been discussed earlier.


US-Embassy-In-Pakistan 3


If you want to get a quick answer, just visit the US Embassy in Pakistan. 

Aren’t you shocked after having a look at such a long queue of people waiting for their turns for US visa interview?

Yes! that is called the difference in ‘practice’. You are proud to be a Pakistani but love to wear American brands, try to speak in American accent and you definitely feel honored in visiting America.


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