The dowry settlement puts Reham’s motives in question

October 30, 2015


Written By: Zurain Imam

Reham Khan and Imran Khan’s marriage sadly was doomed from the outset. Pakistanis were very cynical about her motives especially after the article in the UK’s Daily Mail in which her former husband painted her as someone who exaggerates,  lies and is greedy.

Furthermore she was obviously extremely ambitious and PTI insiders saw her as a Sonia Gandhi figure ready to upstage Imran Khan in politics. By publicly  silencing and disallowing her to participate in politics while as his wife after her loss in KPK area,  he was in effect in my opinion insulting a woman who was known not to be silenced and who could throw a temper tantrum.

Her lies about her degree and her “secret” relative blaming Imran’s former wife Jemima Goldsmith for spreading rumors about the couple did not help matters. Also the settlement fee or dowry(haq mehr) Reham is about to receive puts in question her motives for marrying Imran in the first place. No love lost it seems. Just an opportunity lost for being in the spotlight and garnering political clout.

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