Moments: the best of Twitter in an instant

October 7, 2015

Twitter offers certain features that can be experienced only on Twitter and no other platform. Each day millions of tweets are shared; some of which are by famous celebrities and world leaders, people around the world in certain situations, live commentary, cultural memes and many more.


Twitter understands that keeping up-to-date with these tweets can be difficult since everyone does not necessarily follow all accounts. However, this is not the case anymore. Moments now helps you find the best and most trending topics on twitter with the simple tap of an icon. Regardless of who you follow, moments will bring to you the best topics around the world.

This is how it works:

  • When you click into a Moment, you’re taken to an introduction with a title and description.
  • Start swiping to dive right into the story, with immersive full-bleed images and autoplaying videos, Vines, and GIFs.
  • A single tap gives you a fuller view of the Tweet, which you can favorite, Retweet, and more. A double tap lets you instantly favorite the Tweet.
  • The progress bar at the bottom indicates how much more each Moment has to offer.
  • Swiping up or down dismisses the Moment and takes you back to the guide.
  • At the end of a Moment, click the share button to Tweet your thoughts, and send it out to your followers.


Details on the new Moment feature are available on For now, Moments is only available to people in the US across Android, iPhone, and the desktop web. Twitter will soon be rolling it out to other countries and regions around the world.