Twitter plans to go beyond 140 characters

September 30, 2015
Sarah Raza Ansari



By: Sarah Raza Ansari

Twitter is planning to present a product that will allow users a chance to share tweets that are longer than 140 characters.

Now people will write their minute to minute happenings, whole day routine and biographies with images.  Some people really are flying high while some just can’t take it.

The organization officially expelled its character confinement from direct messages a month ago so it wouldn’t be an astounding move as the organization has been trying bunches of changes as of late, such as changing the famous “Favourite” button.

Product will allow tweetries to post long-form content, yet the sources didn’t reveal what that would look like. According to numerous sources discussions over character limits under the supervision of interim CEO Jack Dorsey in process.

It is conceivable that Twitter will quit including client handles or connections the character number to free up a few valuable space, however with no different points of interest we’ll need to keep a watch out.


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