Rose Gold Iphone 6s becoming men’s darling

September 30, 2015
Ayesha Rehman

rose iphone


Masculinity has become the most vulnerable trait despite its rough and rugged mystique. A tight yet powerful fist thumping against a wise man’s chest in an action packed movie is facing another big threat which many might have not pondered over and that is none other than a recent gadget-Rosegold Iphone.


Yes, there lies a fine chance of boys drooling over the new classy iphone wrapped and all shinning in light pink colour. This set is something on which everyone desires to lay hands on. Pink, being colour for girls is facing revolution with boys posting and querying about pink being color of gay because their craving for the top phone of the world is high yet again this question poses hindrance leaving men betweeen the devil and the deep blue sea.


Scared….Oh yes, this is the emerging fear among youth after all our entire life circulates around the dilemma ‘What will people think ?’ And this time this question is haunting men beforehand ordering a pretty, soft pink Rose Gold iphone 6s.


You carry a girlish phone? I wonder if you are normal!! Many are afraid of coming across this taunt but here is the advice to iphone lovers go what your heart calls for and feel proud on what you have and what you are.


Some took it to twitter just after the release of Rose gold 6s for mixed opinions. Here, take a look.