Kashmir’s Magical Valleys

September 4, 2015

Written By: Ahmed Waleed

It took us three to four hours from Rawalpindi to reach our first destination – Rawalakot a quiet and tranquil town base camp of Poonch District. A rich green Rawalakot has grown into a complete city with its markets packed with inhabitants all through the day.


Rawalakot is a beautiful place having mild weather in summer. Stay was very comfortable as one can get guest houses within the range of Rs 2000 to Rs 6000. We preferred an area near Rawalakot Airport, which has been deserted for many years.


The Rawalakot airport received its last flight in 2005 and is awaiting the next flight as soon as it gets the nod from the government.

Toli Peer is best spot to visit while you are in Rawalakot. It takes around two hours upward to reach this tourist attraction where families have fun. There are couple of little shops to have nourishment and snacks.


Toli Peer offers some unseen views from the top.

Toli Peer offers some unseen views from the top.


About half an hour drive away from the main city of Rawalakot one can find one one can discover standouts amongst the most wonderful spots in North – Banjosa Lake The artificial lake has attracted a huge of number tourists lately. There are many little cottages all around the lake.


Beautiful Banjosa.

After two-day stay in Rawalakot,  we decided to visit Muzaffarabad through Bagh and Dheerkot. Smooth roads, eye-catching scenic views and the pleasant weather made our four-hour travel to Muzaffarabad one of the most memorable journeys ever. A few kilometers ahead of Dheerkot,  A roadside restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes. We had lunch there. From chicken korma to chicken channa and tea everything was delicious.


Bagh District

Following a night stay in Muzaffarabad we began our journey to ‘Heaven on Earth’ – Neelum Valley. Road all along the Neelum River was very smooth with a very few patches of landslide-hit parts. Entering Karan Valley gives you unfathomable feeling. Across the River one can see the huts in the Indian-Occupied Kashmir. Snow-capped mountains, rich green stratures and a wonderful clamor of the River Neelum will give you an unparalleled soothing effect.


Upper Neelum.

 People seemed satisfied discussing the Pak-China Economic Corridor that has paved way for the uplift in the area even before it starts working.


  Work on Neelum-Jhelum Power Project is under way.

Work on Neelum-Jhelum Power Project is under way.

Karan Valley

Karan Valley


Beautiful huts on the Upper Neelum charge between merely Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 per night. The key factor is these huts are very clean and surroundings are breathtaking. –

Photos by Ahmad Waleed