Karachi Youth Suicide Case

September 4, 2015
Samaa Web Desk

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Written By: Khurram Imtiaz

All of us have grown up listening or reading about famous  tales of love out of  those which take a prominent position include Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwaal and so on but recently we have come across a rather surprising implementation of all the stories which existed only in words.

On the 2nd of September 2015 two youngsters, a boy aged 16 years Nav Roz and a girl of 15 years, Fatima Navroz Hamidi, committed suicide inside their school premises. Nevertheless, the question that clicks almost everyone of us is what motivated them to carry out such act?  This story’s cardinal motif is LOVE, the background of the story reveals extreme involvement of the duo in each other that they did not care for their parents or it can be said that love tied a blond fold on their eyes which eventually persuaded them to rebel against their families and fulfill thier wish if not in this world than in the life hereafter.

Moreover, investigation reports reveal that the gun used in the entire scene belonged to the girl’s father and somehow she managed to bring it along. Another evidence of their so called bravery is the hand written note which speaks volumes about their juvenile, immature perception of love.

Their classmates have shared word with the investigators acknowledging that the duo was highly inspired with a Bollywood flick in which a similar step is taken by the protagonists. The entire scene has literally left me in pell-mell with a herd of questions flooding in my mind. But on the top of everything lies great responsibility of parents who need to become friends of their teenage children rather rebuking them in any matter. Teenage is a difficult age in itself. Upon entering puberty a teenage goes through several emotional, physical and biological changes which require a lot of attention of parents. I am not in the opinion of giving them a freehand in the name of frankness because it is equally important to keep an eye upon them. But that too in a supple manner so that things go towards settlement. The note they scribbled clearly states their interest and notifies their believe over the fact their parents wont let them stay together. Although 15 and 16 years is not the age to think about nuptial matters but to pay heed upon education and future.

Another factor which cemented their decision of suicide was the difference of communities. Boy being Ismail would not be accepted by the girl’s family and vise versa. Still their stand a lot many questions in this regard bu8t the core point and the one i would like to stress most is attention of parents.

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