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Education or Commercialism?

Reporting | - Posted: Sep 16, 2015 | Last Updated: 5 years ago
Posted: Sep 16, 2015 | Last Updated: 5 years ago
Education or Commercialism?






Written By: Khurram Imtiaz

A child without education, is like a bird without wings. But, do you think that existing education system is imparting knowledge and giving everyone the right to study? I think No! Today’s education is only for those, who can pay millions in a year and thousands in a month, who can afford a good tuition facility after the school is off and who can fulfill all the requirements that a single school would have from the prospective parents, like extra-curricular fees, sports fees and a sufficient amount in the bank account. Many talented students of the country are suffering this way. They are deprived of basic facilities and are forced to work as a blue collar labor which is why child labor is increasing.

A recent case in Karachi is similar to this scenario. A well-know and reputable school of Karachi nestled in the upscale area of North Nazimabad has increased its fees by 25% and now charging 38,000 rupees for two months. Such a rapid increase in fees has burnt holes in pockets of parents as it is not affordable for families to bear the brunt of hefty fee structure and fulfilling demands of school authorities under the disguise of any event celebration. As a result, parents staged a protest because the situation provoked them to  came out on the streets and declare their objection. All a sensible person needs to think is, if a family has single breadwinner who manages to earn 30 to 40,000, how would he make his ends meet ? Will he be able to pay high tuition fees? No! And that is the reason that more than half of the population of our country is illiterate, as their parents can’t either afford schooling or a good schooling facility.

Schools now a days don’t have the motives as they had before, that they promote education but, it would be better to say that they are ‘selling’ education. Commercialism is the factor that is occupying a prominent position in education system. In fact  it is now taken as the source to earn money leaving it available only for those who have big budgets and not for those who can gain benefit from every aspect. After high-fee is charged, the question arises that whether they provide a good-quality education, extracurricular activities and what other benefits are they offering. Often schools provide a good set of activities to the students and a good-quality education. I at least a good education standard exist, and then there may be a meaning of giving high-fee. But, in today’s world standard and education are two different and entirely separated from each other things, so there is no meaning of charging high-fee.

The Government of Pakistan should be the first one to be blamed, as no proper checks over schools and is somewhat, more interested in taking bribes rather than maintaining the curriculum and the code-of-conducts of the schools. There should be at least proper checks to maintain the standard of Education in Pakistan because, each country prospers after its education standard is improved. Government of Pakistan, “don’t forget the future lies in our hand, today the ball might be in your court but, someday it will be in ours”.

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