Streets of Karachi or Streets of Death?

August 28, 2015
Samaa Web Desk


There is one thing that all Pakistanis agree on hating – traffic. However, today I am going to tell you the reason behind my frustration towards the traffic in Karachi. Recently, my friend’s 4-month-old nephew lost his life. Yes, you guessed it right; it was while the family was on their way to the hospital and unfortunately, the vehicle was stuck in traffic.


The morning of this incident, the infant’s parents woke up to find their son in excruciating pain with trouble in breathing. The family rushed to the nearest hospital, where they learned that their son needs special treatment, which was available at one of the leading hospitals in Karachi. Driving the car as fast as he could, the father tried his best to overtake cars. However, like always, the narrow streets of Karachi were jam-packed. No amount of honking or tail gaiting resulted to be fruitful.

The mother of the infant meanwhile, thought that the child was in a state of coma. Little did she know that her child was no longer with her. During the narration, the mother broke into tears saying that the traffic took away the life of her son. She had no one to blame but the traffic. If it were not for the traffic jam, she could have managed to make it to the emergency ward and provided her son with the essential treatment. The mother says that no words could ever describe the feeling of carrying her son’s dead body through the hospital’s lobby towards the emergency ward.


One can only imagine the inner turmoil the parents may be going through at this moment, knowing that they could have saved their son’s life, if it was not for the traffic.

I have spent several years in the Middle East where the traffic is equally painful. However, there are proper rules and regulations on the roads. There is a dedicated service lane for emergencies and people misusing it are issued a penalty.


Why can’t we have similar laws here? Maybe because it will most likely be misused and there will be no one to keep control over it. This makes you stop to think the mere of value of somebody’s life here. The 4-month-old kid died in the car in his mother’s arms simply because there was no movement in the traffic. We often take precious lives for granted, until you hear how miserably one loses their child; letting go of your son in your own arms. My heart quenched when the mother’s lips repeatedly murmured that the city’s traffic was responsible for her child’s death.

Overtime, we grow immune and tolerant to the mishaps around us; however, reminders such as this bring us back to the reality. We can only feel the pain that these parents have been through if God forbid, we ever face it firsthand. May God give these parents and their family the strength and patience to endure and live through the pain.