Introducing Mass Transit and Encouraging Youngsters for Bicycles

August 31, 2015



Written By: Hawa Bibi

Transport carries goods, and people from one place to another across the buildings and infrastructure systems. It makes traveling easy for people but it also has some adverse affects like air pollution, fatalities, congestion and crashes. The transport in-question is used to save time and it is very convenient to travel in seconds. But some people due to financial restraints cannot afford a vehicle for themselves which makes their life difficult.

Mass transit is also one of the many forms of transport but it works on a larger scale it is not a private vehicle it is a public transport system which should be introduced by the government especially in the populated areas. The essential feature of mass transit is that it can carry many people at a time, it encourages people not to drive, and it will open opportunities to new business. It is a cheap and save mode of traveling. By introducing mass transits in the populated areas it will decrease the chances of air pollution. The congestion in the city due to number of vehicles will lessen and it would be also be a good and affordable form of traveling for the poor people. Through this form of transport we can omit economics, energy and environmental energies. Public transport provides personal mobility and freedom from all walks of life. It also provides access to millions of job opportunities and using public transport can reduce the quickest way of beating high gas prices. It has also been proven to reduce congestion in the cities.

Another source of cheap transportation is riding bicycles. Riding a bicycles has more advantages as compared to those of the automobiles, as its list of the disadvantages goes on n’ on n’ on.

Riding bicycles is healthier, productive and less time consuming form of transport. It has many contributing features towards eliminating progressive environmental, financial, economical, fatalities issues, which causes an under developed state to decline further more. If we start from motivating the youth of the society, better future in every aspect is promised. The government in order to create less discrimination between the poor and the rich, and to maintain a society where health would be considered as the first priority, should figure out strategies and ways through which youngsters would be more intrigued by the benefits of using bicycles. Schemes should be presented, like decreasing its costs, allotting a specific day for celebrating bicycle riding, marathons, prize for different activities, etc.

Bicycles have proven to be efficient, energy saving, and more coherent than a car or any other automobile, using it would cause greater health benefits, fuel-free – savings advances, fitness assured and so on. Youngsters during their struggling phase should be encouraged and motivated for such purpose which would not only serve them but through it the distinct issues faced by the nation would ebb away, like less fuel purchasing would save up greater capital, which would be used in serving and forming solutions for other critical situations faced by the state. Solutions through which petty but significant problems, like overcoming environmental issues, rising health complications etc. should not be ignored. As these would only assist in the development of any nation.