From Junaid Jamshed to many others- Appearances can be Deceptive!

August 27, 2015
Sarah Raza Ansari




By: Sarah Raza Ansari

The ever up roaring extremism in Pakistan is shackling the country and its habitants bit by bit. But then the nation itself is the real culprit for many obvious reasons. Our nation might be failing its country every single day but one thing in which it excels is giving away verdicts at each and every thing that comes along their way.

It is surely keeping up a commendable effort at least with all the wrong blind judgments and verdicts which has put us all in a constant-state of question and delimma!

Either be it the brutal and barbaric killing of the two innocent brothers in Sialkot over allegations of them being thieves or the unjust killing of the Christian couple from Kot Radha Kishan over blasphemy accusations; this purblind and numb nation has turned inhumane and insanely blind. They can only shower their unconditional support to celebrities like Junaid Jamshed who in spite of being alleged for blasphemy still manages to get a sleek escape, though his controversial video immediately went viral on the Internet.

He got a smooth exit out of the whole controversy, however if it was a commoner involved, our nation would have reacted furiously to it. This is not just the first time he has gotten himself into an accusation like this previously also he has been putting himself into hassles like these.

He professing himself a preacher in public in spite of endorsing women apparel brand seldom slips an opportunity of publically flinging sarcastic views and comments about them; opposing their freedom at various occasions.

Since the blasphemy accusations started spreading like wild-fireit took him no time to flee from the country seeking refuge abroad but things still gelled up  nicely for our very  own JJ. And he once again had a clean exit to all the allegations  after his public apology and as things kept on rolling for the fortunate singer turned preacher as he was given a warm welcome with SHAN-E-RAMZAN alongside his co-host Waseen Badaami and no reaction was extracted out of the whole story.


He has also been found singing at different events. Cherry on the top, all his recent clicks with the venerable Hadiqa Kiani holding hands, and selfies with NA-MEHRAM ladies was quite peculiar for the whole world to notice. It boiled down to him  getting cozy via selfies with other singers and justified this act instantly stating they both had been child hood friends became the talk of the town.

So how could one vindicate to all of this for a preacher like him who leaves no stones unturned in making frequent public statements, exhibiting his utmost affection towards his religion. Or we can put it the other way around that maybe the singer turned preacher holds regret to his decision of devoting himself to his religion. His actions surely do not speak for his religious attire. This is how our country balances justice among its people where celebrities and well-reputed figures can mould verdicts in their favors.

If you are a celebrity or some eminent religious scholar then you will surely receive unconditional support from all sorts of allegations in this country.Thus the conclusion to the above discussion is very clear that finding justice in our country is like finding a needle in the haystack.

A sigh to the thought!! If only things could change for this country…