Ranvir Singh’s take on Tahir Shahs acclaimed Eye to Eye

July 14, 2015
Sarah Raza Ansari
Ranvir Singh’s take on Tahir Shahs acclaimed Eye to Eye

By: Sarah Raza Ansari

Tahir Shah must be having a great time at this moment. Eye to eye is again raging and trending on the top on social media platform-twitter. Tahir Shah is getting more fame in India as well.

It was Ranveer Singh’s birthday on 6th July 2015. The star got numerous wishes and bundles of prayers from around the globe, However Hrithik topped it all by devoting Pakistani vocalist Tahir Shah’s universally praised single Eye to Eye to Ranveer.

Hrithik posted the birthday wish on Ranvir’s Twitter and Facebook account asked Ranveer to act like Tahir Shah.

Where on one hand Pakistanis pick Indian melodies on dubsmash. Here is Bollywood star Ranveer Singh mimicing Tahir Shah’s Eye to Eye on dubsmash

Earlier he challenged Ranvir to shake a leg on the song of his recent flick bang-bang whereas accepted the challenged and perform on the road wearing the same outfit as Hrithik wore in the movie.

Hmm quite interesting!

After he accepted Hrithik Roshan’s challenge, he made a fury on social media with his amusing dubsmash on Eye To Eye. What’s more,
It wasn’t only one dubsmash, it was a progression of dubsmash series. Ranveer came up with two others Eye to Eye hilarious parodies which have left every one of his fans (and those who cannot be included in this category) chuckling their lungs out.

Here they are:

and he dedicated one of the videos to his fellow competitor Arjun Kapoor,

Here are some reactions of the renowned celebrities and tweetries