Reactions: The pro-rich Budget 2015

June 6, 2015
Samaa Web Desk
Reactions: The pro-rich Budget 2015

Amidst the usual buzz, anticipations and predictions, Budget 2015 came with no new pack of surprises. The same old formula applied since forever where defense budgets are kept highest not only to keep our defenses up against the 'enemies' but also to please the 'umpire'. And education- well, people should feel pleased there's a budget for it at all. Other hallmarks of budget include increased taxes on consumers through indirect taxation, increase in prices of necessities so the common man finds no escape , so on and so forth.

While budgets in our part of the world are quite 'predictable',people still manage to react on it knowing it wouldn't change anything. Anyhow, here's a collection of how prominent journalist and twitterities chose to react.


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