Live Updates: Azadi and Inqilab March Countdown Begins

September 12, 2014

Live Updates: Azadi and Inqilab March Countdown Begins

Imran Khan's speech, Sept 2014:

 “We will end our protest movement if Nawaz brings to fore the 'factual' details of his 'real' assets”

9:40pm: I have decided to spend Eidul Azha here at D-chowk.

9:36pm: We will burn his electricity bill at sit-in on Friday and all kf you should do the same.

Tahir-ul-Qadri's address, Sept 16, 2014:

7.49pm: Our democracy will only be strengthened when the power reaches down to the lower level. 

7.44pm: Our leaders wear watches worth thousands of dollars. Ask Obama if he has ever worn such an expensive watch. If he does, the Americans will claw at him and demand to know where he got the money.

7.41pm: You bring project planners from Turkey, why don't you look at their system? They changed their laws so they can adopt a better system. I want to implement their system here. That is the difference between you and me. 

You go to America to beg for money, why don't you look at their system? Why don't you ever look at the way they provide justice and equal rights to all citizens? 

7.38pm: The time is not far when the Parliament floor will echo with Go Nawaz Go. And they will wonder if they are dreaming. 

7.29pm: 150 district governments must be formed and under them 400-500 tehsil governments, both urban and rural and under them as many union councils as needed. 

7.27pm: Throughout the world, countries have brought reforms through which they passed down power and authority to the masses. That is how a society grows stronger. The people control the system, they can keep a check on where their taxes are being spent. They know how many development projects are being brought to life. 

7.25pm: When you (leaders) join hands, it is to save corruption. When people join hands it is to save the country. 

Junaid Jamshed's interview, Sept 16, 2014:

7.20pm: I have asked Shoaib Mansoor, Salman and others, 'let's get back together'. I want to compose another national song for our most beloved country. – Junaid Jamshed 

7.13pm: I left music when I was at the peek of my career. I had everything, money, fame, fans. So I know how it is to leave something that you hold dear. And I have also seen the reward of letting go. So I would advise Nawaz Sharif that it is not bad to let go. – Junaid Jamshed

7.11pm: I have decided to become part of status quo to change it from within. – Shehzad Chaudhry 

7.07pm: I fully support Imran Khan's cause. I would appreciate an alliance between MQM and PTI because I think both parties have the same goal. MQM stood up against the status quo as well. It had educated people who belonged to the middle class. It represented the masses of Pakistan. PTI has also risen against the current system. – Junaid Jamshed

6.54pm: I am against this system that is based on lies, fraud and corruption. I am against the society that disrespects women, has different standards for rich and poor and no justice. – Junaid Jamshed 

6.49pm: This outdated system should change. Today I don't want to sing Dil Dil Pakistan. Why should I? To support this Pakistan that we live in? 

I would say that resigning won't make Nawaz Sharif look bad. Doesn't PML-N want a better Pakistan? – Junaid Jamshed

6.44pm: If I get 6 people with their attributes, no one can stop Pakistan from becoming a great country. 

1) Z.A Bhutto and his bravery 

2) BB Bhutto and her passion

3) Altaf Hussain and his sacrificing nature

4) Zardari and his humble attitude 

5) Shahbaz Sharif and his endless efforts as CM

6) Imran Khan and his belief – Junaid Jamshed 

6.40pm: I had been thinking for the past many days about what I should do in the current situation. Whenever the people rise up against the system, change is inevitable. So today, even if Imran Khan backs off, people will not go back. And whenever people rise up against the system, sacrifices must be given. MQM also rose up against a system and it sacrificed a lot for its cause. – Junaid Jamshed 

6.34pm: I, on behalf of the entire journalist community, claim that none of the journalists of Pakistan have ever taken any favors from the govt and if Imran Khan cannot prove these allegations, he must take them back. – Pervez Rashid 

6.30pm: During my time as information minister I have tried my best to provide you (journalists) as much assistance as possible. I believe that the journalists of Pakistan are well-educated, wise and well-meaning. They look out for the truth, whether it is in agreement with us or not. We ended the plot culture. So I felt hurt, when Imran Khan claimed that the journalists are receiving favors from the government.

6.27pm: Both, Imran Khan and Dr Qadri are liars and the magnitude of their lies is so huge that we can't even answer them. They have lost through ballot paper so now they are both competing on who is the bigger liar. The one who speaks more lies will be the winner. – Pervez Rashid 

6.22pm: When the court started registering cases, Imran Khan stepped back. Urdu Bazar's printer has announced to appear in court against Imran Khan's allegations, this is the perfect chance for him to prove the truth in his accusations. 

He applauded the attack on PTV and later he forced the police to release his supporters with the help of gangsters. Fact of the matter is, Imran Khan does not have any means to prove that he is speaking the truth. – Pervez Rashid 

6.18pm: Imran Khan has become 'Ilzam' (accusation) Khan and the other gentleman, who calls himself Khan sb's cousin, has become Allama Intishaar (tension). They both stand on their contianer every day and lie profusely. 

Ilzam Khan doesn't remember the terrible accusations that have been hurled at him in the past. – Pervez Rashid 

6.14pm: Imran Khan comes up with a new lie every day. He said he will disclose the names of Tahira Asif's murderers on Saturday. It has been three days since Saturday has passed and yet he hasn't told those names. That's because you can't remember lies unless you write them down. – Pervez Rashid 

4.53pm: As per Imran Khan's instructions, a mosque by the name of Azadi Masjid is being built on D-Chowk. 


3.47pm: Your hunger strike will strike their government. They will be gone soon. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

3.34pm: The court ordered the investigation of corruption in the building of Azadi flyover. The report disclosed that corruption of Rs 3.25 billion took place only in the process of buying the land. Imagine how much money they would have stolen in the building process. The report pointed that the money made its way to Shahbaz Sharif. That report is still not released. How will the poor survive in this society? In such a system, the poor should kill themselves. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

3.27pm: They use the nation's money to start their businesses and don't even pay tax. Now you know why they are so eager to sustain democracy and insist that constitution must be upheld? What they call democracy is this corruption. Their constitution is robbery. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

3.24pm: A sub inspector of Punjab police has resigned from his job and joined PTI. Yasir was welcomed enthusiastically by PTI workers who lifted him up on their shoulders. 

3.18pm: People who did not know the tales of their (leaders) corruption have now become aware in the past month. Had there been an independent institution for investiogation, they hadn't been able to smuggle so much money in foreign banks. No one knows how much money they steal from this country, where they store it, how they use it to buy property in several countries. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

3.10pm: This Inqilab March has effected this nation more than you can imagine. A PML-N minister went to Muzaffarabad but did not have the courage to face the victims. He merely met PML-N officials and returned. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

Sept 16, 2014


Imran Khan's speech, Sept 15, 2014

10.31pm: It is shirk to bow down in front of oppressors. Nawaz Sharif won't be able to sleep till Friday.  

10.24pm: This autocratic government wants to enslave this nation. But I want to tell Nawaz Sharif, the police will get tired but not the people. The enthusiasm of supporters makes me feel 20 years younger. 

Nawaz Sharif, be ready, I am giving a call for this Friday. 

10.03pm: Today is World Democracy Day. Elections are not democracy. Saddam Hussain held elections too, so did Hosni Mubarak and so did many other dictators. In the third world, every country holds elections but they aren't democratic. There are five features of democracy.

1) Govt should be formed by free and fair elections.

Now tell me if this government was formed from free and fair elections. I took my complaint to Ch Iftikhar and he said that I already have a lot of petitions to go through. I understood that day that he was involved in the massive rigging. He is the Mir Jafer of our judiciary system.

2) The supremacy of law should be upheld. 

Is everyone in our country equal in the eyes of law? Yesterday police officers were arresting people who were returning from this dharna. I forced them to release those innocent people and now they have a lodged an FIR against me. IHC had declared the arrests illegal and the policemen were clearly disobeying the court orders. 1500 police officers were sent to my house. Nawaz Sharif, you can send an army and I still won't budge without your resignation. I am not a coward like you. You are scared of your own shadow. 

Mr Chief Justice, I request you to provide justice to this poor nation. I will not go, neither will Tahir-ul-Qadri, till Nawaz Sharif resigns. But I guarantee, as party chairman, that these protesters will remain peaceful. 

9.57pm: What should I call a man who shoots people brutally except for a murderer? A man who steals public money is a thief. Today even the women in flood affected areas chanted Go Nawaz Go. 

When I was a captain, I used to sense when the opposing team captain accepted defeat. Nawaz Sharif is that captain. He is about to lose very soon. 

9.54pm: One woman dies every 20 seconds in Pakistan during childbirth. How much would it cost to provide a midwife, to provide clean drinking water. 

9.49pm: According to World Economic Forum, Pakistan has one of the worst economies in the world. In their Global Competitiveness Report, it says that Pakistan is one of the 10 countries where business investments are most risky. There is so much corruption here that investors hesitate. 

Another survey of WEF says that Pakistan is on 10th number of nations that are most likely to fail.  

One million children here work instead of getting education. 

9.42pm: Met department had issued flood warning in August. If Nawaz Sharif takes a break from making money he would know what this poor nation is going through. 

Farmers there told me that they the bridge in Jhan was being built to protect Ramzan Sugart Mill and they also told me that since its inception, the mill owners didn't pay them a penny for their crops of sugarcane. 

Tahir-ul-Qadri's Speech, Sept 15, 2014:

7:33pm: This parliament isn't democratic; rather it exists in violation of law. No census hasn't taken place in 16 years hence election 2013 were null and void.

7:29pm: Let's make all the ethnic murders unlawful and illegitimate, and accept difference of faith a part and parcel of democracy and this society.

7:28pm: Everyone shall have a smile on their faces. 

7:27pm: If a woman isn't safe from violence in the society than no one is. They will be empowered- we've planned to start at least 20-25 small scale industries which our women will start.

4.17pm: Imran Khan says that next elections will be held in winter of this year. He also claimed that the Azadi March dharna has been successful because the message of this protest has spread throughout the country. 

4.14pm: Had I known that Sheru (Imran Khan's pet dog) is no more, I wouldn't have said such a thing. I'm sure Imran Khan would have been hurt by my comments. 

It is the police's job to deal with rebels. – Khwaja Saad Rafique 

3.42pm: I will disclose further corruption scams at 7pm today. I will also put forward my socio-economic plan. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

3.34pm: Police shot workers, beat them with sticks and arrested them. They didn't care if it was women, children, old men or young boys. They are the real terrorists. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

Tahir-ul-Qadri further brings forwards victims who suffered violence at the hands of police. 

3.29pm: PML-N built a bridge worth Rs 2.5 billion to protect their Ramzan sugar mill. It is shameful that they spent so much money on a bridge that should have been spent on building dams. So many villages and people drowned because they (PML-N) preferred to save their sugar mills. 

I promise that we will help the victims as much as possible. We are collecting donations and go to all lengths to help victims here through IKF (Imran Khan Foundation). – Imran Khan addresses flood victims in Jhang 

3.24pm: After I disclosed the steps government took to protect their sugar mills near Athara Hazari, today the government denied my statements. So now I will disclose the details I withheld yesterday. One of the sugar mills is under the name of Nawaz Sharif's uncle and Hamza Shahbaz is the stake holder of the other one. There are 4 other mills that belong to PML-N's MNAs. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

3.16pm: I had started the campaign of writing 'Go Nawaz Go' on currency notes but now I have ended it after the statement of State Bank of Pakistan. I took this step because I respect the law. Now Islamabad session court has ordered to register a case against the PM, CM Punjab and other ministers for being involved in murder of PAT workers in red zone crackdown. Now we will see who respects the law more. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

3.09pm: Court has accepted PAT lawyers' request to register case against authorities for killing PAT workers in violence in red zone. The case has been registered against PM Nawaz Sharif, CM Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, then IG Islamabad, Khalid Khattak, railway police officer Mushtaq Sukhera and other ministers. 

PAT lawyers had requested the court to register the case under articles of murder, attempted murder, injuring workers and terrorism. 

2.09pm: Imran Khan is visiting flood affected areas via helicopter. 

1.57pm: PTI chairman will visit flood victims in Chiniot and Jhang.

1.09pm: Another case has been filed against Imran Khan and senior PTI leaders for interferring in state matters and forcing police to release their workers. 

1.04pm: PAT Deputy Secretary Information, Umar Riaz Abbasi has been released from jail. 

1.03pm: PTI has challenged the imposition of Section 144 in Islamabad. The appeal was filed in IHC. PTI lawyer claimed that the imposition of the Section is illegal. 

12.56pm: Police has extended detention period of PAT and PTI workers that were arrested before Azadi and Inqilab March started. They will stay under arrest for another month. 

12.15pm: Umar Riaz Abbasi, Deputy Secretary Information of PAT has been arrested and was shifted to Thana Secretariat, according to PAT spokesperson. Police stopped him on Margalla Road last night and arrested him after confirming his identity. He has been moved to an unknown location now. 

Sept 15, 2014


10.33pm: We used to be champions of cricket, hockey and squash. We have so much talent all we have to do is provide them opportunities. PTI government will make sports stadiums so our youth can play. When I become PM, I will not live in this PM House. PTI govt will encourage simplicity. We will not use public's money for their luxury. I will not spend a penny of your taxes on luxuries, I will spend it all on the nation's welfare. – Imran Khan


10.32pm: Your have to promise me that you will always be honest and stand up for your rights and against injustice and I promise you that when PTI comes in power, I will make the world respect Pakistanis again. – Imran Khan 

10.22pm: I have achieved all my dreams. I defeated the best cricket teams in their home grounds, won the worldcup, built a cancer hospital and now I see my nation rising and united. Now I only have one dream to fulfill. When I see the way Pakistanis are treated all over the world now. They have to stand in long lines to get a visa, they are wrongly accused of terrorism and are eyed as lower beings all over the world. We will change that. We will make sure that Pakistanis are respected all over the world. 

We will respect our fellow Pakistanis and give everyone equal rights. Hindu and Sikh families won't have to migrate to India because they are being discriminated against. – Imran Khan

10.15pm: I have heard that Samaa TV's cameraman has been tortured and his camera has been broken. I strictly condemn this attack. We cannot thank these cameramen enough, they provided coverage even during the violent police crackdowns. If the attackers are from PTI, we will take strict action against them and will expel them from our party.

I also heard that Geo TV's building in Islamabad was pelted with stones. I condemn that attack as well. I asked you to boycott Jang and Geo group but don't turn violent, that is not our party. – Imran Khan 

10.00pm: A couple of PTI workers tortured Samaa TV's cameraman and broke his camera in the process. 

9.58pm: Pakistan's govt spends a mere 30% on health while the rest of the 70% is spent by private sector. In all of subcontinent Pakistan spends the lowest on health and education. The govt spends hefty amounts of money on coal plants, roads and metro but doesn't spend anything on the people. – Imran Khan 

9.55pm: ECP couldn't even count 61 votes because JUI-F's candidate was losing and the official didn't want that. Everyone admits that election was rigged but still Nawaz Sharif shouldn't resign because democracy will be derailed. Is democracy derailed by free and fair election or from rigged election? – Imran Khan 

9.42pm: Nations that don't rise against injustice are dead. This is a battle against the mentality of Nawaz Sharif and I promise you, I will win this battle as well.

The website that we are launching will have names of each police officer that was involved in violence against our workers. Tell us the names of each police officer that was involved. On top of the list is your name, Tahir Alam. I will not spare you. And you too Mushtaq Sukhera. You think these brothers can protect you, they can't even protect themselves.

And Mujahid Akbar, who persecuted our workers in Mianwali, you will not be spared as well. People of Mianwali you will not have to wait for justice for too long. – Imran Khan  

8.40pm: Nawaz Sharif's regime is in danger, it will not last. – Imran Khan 

8.37pm: We are launching a website on which we will list down names of every policeman who was involved in persecuting our workers and it won't be long till we punish them so no one in future will dare to follow in their footsteps. 

Shibli Faraz, who is the son of legendary poet Ahmad Faraz and vice president of our party was also arrested. They didn't spare anyone. Nawaz Sharif doesn't even know the spelling of democracy. No Pakistani should stay in doubt about that. Even Gen Musharraf wasn't as cruel a dictator as Nawaz Sharif. 

I promise Nawaz Sharif, I will bring you to justice for every crime you committed, bring back all the money you smuggled abroad and punish you for each murder you and Shahbaz Sharif committed. – Imran Khan 

Tahir-ul-Qadri's address, Sept 14, 2014:

7.54pm: We are starting a new campaign from today. Write 'Go Nawaz Go' on currency notes and circulate them. Whatever you buy, pay for it with notes bearing this slogan. This will be your vote. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

7.42pm: Nawaz Sharif paid IB Rs 2.75 billion two days before the Inqilab March started to stop us. The annual budget for the IB is just Rs 100 million but they were paid a hefty amount to stop these protests. This money was supposed to be spent on the development of the country. But no one has the guts to hold him responsible. – Tahir-ul-Qadri  

7.37pm: Shoot them, fire bullets at these people because they are criminals. They are poor, they don't have food, they don't have clean water to drink, they don't have jobs. Who can be a bigger criminal than them? Yes we are rebels. We rebel against injustice and poverty. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

7.32pm: How can our police protect our people? They have to perform the duty of thieves, murderers thanks to the government. Then they also have to provide protocol to the leaders. The police cannot do its duty until the political leadership is changed. It is a mafia. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

7.26pm: The Sharifs built a bridge worth Rs 2.5 billion to protect Ramzan Sugar Mill that they own. That money was supposed to be spent on building proper infrastructure so that the villages can be protected from destruction caused by the floods. This is inhumane. The law in Pakistan offers nothing to the poor. The poor people of this country don't get any justice. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

6.15pm: It's not the talented player that wins the match, it's the one who fights back till the end. And I have learnt to compete, I am not leaving till I get Nawaz Sharif's resignation. 

I am not talking to Nawaz Sharif, I will not welcome him even if he comes to me himself. I will tell him to talk to my team and guarantee that he is going to resign.

It isn't easy to stay in a container for 12 hours a day but this is a mission. If we win, we will get a new Pakistan. 

Sheru is dead, poor dog, I really liked him. He was much more loyal to me than these people (in the Assembly). – Imran Khan 

6.10pm: Khawaja Saad Rafique knows he is wrong. He accused that I was involved in rigging in four constituencies from where I won. I submitted a written request to the Speaker to reopen and investigate those constituencies the next day. But he didn't do it because he knows he was lying.

After the cruelty they showed towards our workers and supporters, there is no more room for negotiations. And there is no use of talks because we won't leave without Nawaz Sharif's resignation because he is a liar and I don't trust him. – Imran Khan  

6.07pm: People are now becoming more aware about the system, the constitution. Despite the violent police crackdown on our workers and protesters, this movement is gaining momentum. This movement has changed Pakistan forever. 

I see the next elections soon because we won't leave till vote audit and investigations are done in a month. Once the investigations are complete and all those who were involved in rigging are punished according to Article 6, because stealing public's mandate is a violation of constitution. The violation of fundamental rights of public is a violation of constitution.

I will disclose the names of Tahira Asif's murderers at the right time. – Imran Khan 

6.03pm: I think, after Tehrik-i-Pakistan, this movement has been the most effective and successful one. The most important achievement of this movement is that the Pakistani nation has come out of its slumber. They know that their rights are being stolen from them. They are now questioning how they are being benefitting from this democracy. Everyone is becoming aware of their rights. Nations that are aware do not accept injustice and violence. They stand up for themselves. Pakistani people now realize that these rulers have been stealing from them. – Imran Khan 

Sept 13, 2014


1.02am: Clashes between police and PTI supporters on Fazle Haq Road in Islamabad result in PTI workers beating up a policeman who was resting in a police van, according to reports. The police officer kept trying to get away from the mob, however he was beaten up and his clothes were torn. He was released after the intervention of PTI leaders. It is most likely the reaction of police's baton charge on the same road last night and constant arrests of PTI and PAT supporters. 

12.39am: Nations cannot develop till the poor people are not empowered. Local body government is a way of empowering people. We will build a system that suits our people. When I'll become PM, I will increase revenue and reduce expenses. If we ever face a deficit, we will never borrow money from any country or bank.

I dream of the day when people with green passports will be respected in every corner of the world. And God Willing that day will come. But that will only be possible when we respect each other and stand united against injustice. Then noone in the world will dare to attack us with drones. The world will recognize Pakistanis as honest people.  

Go back in groups of at least 100 because they have posted policemen on Margalla Road. If they attack you, fight back because violence is illegal. – Imran Khan 

11.19pm: No one can match the tactics of the Sharif brothers. If our supporters are not released from jail by Monday, we will besiege the police stations where they have been detained. We are launching a website tomorrow and we will make a list of everyone who was invloved in violence against protesters. – Imran Khan 

11.00pm: It was the protest from voters of NA-240 in Karachi on 11th May, 2013 that spread throughout Pakistan like wildfire. 

We witnessed the mentality of dictators in Nawaz Sharif's regime when he arrested women and young men and tortured children. – Shah Mehmood Qureshi  

10.38pm: Imran Khan pays more tax than everyone in the Assembly. They say that there's a flood in the country and Imran Khan is holding a protest despite that. We are protesting here to show your incompetence. – Sheikh Rashid 

10.37pm: Many tried to hinder our nation's development. But today we are an atomic power.

I cannot admire you (crowd) enough. Whether it's children, women, elderly, youth, everyone is extremely energetic. – Mohsin Khan


10.20pm: National anthem plays in Azadi March dharna. 

10.7pm: I will visit the flood victims, collect donations for them and I will help them through Imran Khan Foundation. – Imran Khan 

10.16pm: I congratualte you all for coming here. You threw away all your differences and came here to show your passion for this country. Today all our minorities are here in this crowd. All religions, races, ethnicities are united. 

Three educational systems (English medium, Urdu medium, madarssa system) cannot work in one country. We will bring one system for everyone so that we become one nation and not a divided one. We will spend most of our budget on education. – Imran Khan  

10.10pm: Tahir Alam and Mushtaq Sukhera, we will make an example out of you for what you have done to innocent people so that police can never dare to do anything illegal. And we will also punish Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif for what they have done in Model Town and to other innocent people.

On the other hand 2500 policemen refused to take illegal orders. Three IGs were transferred because they refused to take orders to torture peaceful people from the government. These are the people who will contribute in a new Pakistan. – Imran Khan 

10.08pm: In a new Pakistan, we will select everyone on merit. Even Pakistanis who want to invest here can't because there is no justice system. They are robbed and no one offers justice. – Imran Khan

10.00pm: No one respects a nation that doesn't respect its own people. The reputation of green passport holders is deteriorating in the world. I promise you I will make this nation the most respectable nation in the world but first you have to change. You have to respect yourself and each other. You have to be truthful. You must never lie. And second we will help the poor. If they don't have food, we must give them food, if they don't have shelter, education or medicines, state must provide them everything. 

We will fix the tax system. The rich will pay more tax and we will use that money to help a layman. I will demolish all these governor houses and fancy govt buildings. First I will take down the governor house in Lahore. Second I will turn the governor house in Peshawar into a ladies' park. The governor house in Nathiya Gali will be converted into a five star hotel. – Imran Khan  

9.58pm: This is one of the most peaceful protests in history and look at what the govt has done to us. Field Marshall Ch Nisar claimed that we were climbing up on President House's walls. We were on the streets, we didn't go any where. – Imran Khan 

9.53pm: In a democratic society, nation must question their leaders. You are going to make a new Pakistan, the base of that new Pakistan will be justice and equality. – Imran Khan 

9.50pm: We will never bow down in front of injustice. We must stand up and ask your leaders what they do, how they earn, where they invest their money. If I am in power you must ask me too. If you don't hold me accountable, I will be disappointed. – Imran Khan

9.37pm: IG Islamabad, Tahir Alam, I promise you I will throw you in jail for what you did with our supporters. Mushtaq Sukhera, Shahbaz Sharif won't be able to save you. We will file a murder case against Nawaz Sharif and Ch Nisar. I promise my nation: I will hold everyone of them accountable.

Pakistani nation, you are not a herd of sheep. You are humans and humans must stand up for their rights. You must reject the rule of a few families who hide each others' corruption.

Aafia Siddiqi's uncle came to me when I was member of Parliament and said Pakistan authorities handed her over to American agencies. I tried to gather Pakistani people's support but no one came. At the end a British journalist came to Pakistan and held a press conference with me. It's extremely shameful. Ramond Davos shoots two men in the middle of a street and he is smuggled out of the country. The dead victim's young wife committed suicide saying that she will never get justice in Pakistan. – Imran Khan

9.35pm: Nawaz Sharif you cannot kill this vision. Pakistani nation has risen up for its rights. You cannot do anything to stop them now. 

Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman we will never forgive you for the language and terms you used for our women. You should be ashamed of yourself. We will never forgive. I challenge you: you won't even be able to win a single seat in the next election. – Imran Khan 

9.29pm: As PTI grand sit-in protest continue in Islamabad, PTI supporters in Karachi are also out on streets in large numbers near Sea View and Five Star Chowrangi, North Nazimabad. 

7.05pm: Tahir Alam, IG Islamabad! Listen clearly. Nawaz Sharif will go but you will remain here and I will drag you in jail. I pray that Allah gives me enough time to take these criminals to jail who roam around with a license to break the law and be cruel. You should be ashamed. And Nawaz Sharif you should be more ashamed. You called a joint session in the Parliament to show that you want to save democracy. Is this your democracy that you disrupt a peaceful protest? 

After what Nawaz Sharif has done to my workers, to Pakistanis, there is no more room for talks with this government. I am more determined than ever. Is this your democracy Nawaz Sharif? Do you only remember democracy when you want to rob the nations? – Imran Khan 

6.46pm: Imran Khan on top of his container, looking over the crowd that is already momentum. Songs are being played and PTI leaders are gathering on top of Imran Khan's container. 

6.46pm: MQM chief Altaf Hussain appeals PAT and PTI to end their protests. 

6.31pm: I take guidance from Asif Zardari and I would also suggest that the prime minister take a leaf out of his book as well. This is not a deadlock, this is an ego lock. 

I appeal to all of you, please keep the army out of this. – Rehman Malik 

6.25pm: If I was in PAT's place, I would have boycotted talks as well. But we contacted them and they still agreed to talk so there is nothing wrong from their side but the govt did what it shouldn't have done.

I request the prime minister to release PAT and PTI workers at once. We had thought that we'd wrap the negotiations by Tuesday and reach a solution by then. But not the government has messed it up. The jirga had eased the way for talks between the three parties. I fear there will be violence. – Rehman Malik 

6.11pm: PTI has cancelled its plans to celebrate the completion of 30 days of their protest due to arrests of PTI workers and leaders. 

Chaudhary Nisar's Press Conference on PAT & PTI, Sept 13, 2014:

5:45pm: I came to know of the arrest of a senior PAT member who was also the part of negotiation committee- I've given clear instructions that no politician is to be arrested, unless with clear evidence.

5:40pm: If PTI &PAT workers haven't attacked on PTV, they shouldn't be worried. Those, the leadership believe to be innocent, will be allowed to prove their innocence. I'll make a commission including a few outsiders too- retired judges and media persons to help us identify the real culprits. 

5:39pm: PTI & PAT workers have been maltreating some of the police officers, hanging them upside down, and accusing them on spying on them. These are the people who have been protecting them, and this is how they've been treating. Letters have been sent to PTI & PAT leaders informing them about this. 

5:37pm: We've information from a very reliable intelligence sources that 12 terrorists have made their way to Islamabad for terrorist attacks. ll are actions are being taken in liue to stop them. These terrorists hav been reported to use bikes that's why we've prohibited pillion riding.


Pervez Rashid on PTI conference, Sept 13, 2014: If someone takes justice in their hands, we'll not spare them. PTI workers were responsible for PTV attacks.

PTI Press conference: (Jehangir Tareen & Arif Alavi), Sept 13, 2014:

4:32pm: It's been 14 months, we're going to the courts and have gotten no justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. We don't want justice after 4 years, we won't go back until we get justice.

4:30pm: If it ever comes down to our workers' life, we'll always protect them.

4:28pm: We couldn't even lodge as much as an FIR as yet. 

4:25pm: Government is being cruel and barbaric and we won't take it.

4:23pm: If Courts don't take action against it, we'll present ourselves on Monday to seek it. It's been seven years of independence, and they should act accordingly.

4:20pm: They were caged in a van where they could barely breath; we passed them juices and they could barely drink it from the nozel. Some passed out because of suffocation.

4:15pm: Our workers were arrested because they had our flags, our workers were arrested from hotels, from streets and imprisoned illegally. They were briefly presented in front of magisterate who didn't ask them anything and they were sent to jail.

3:14 Tahir-ul-Qadri's address:

3:25pm: Government is nearing towards its end. We'll succeed soon.

3:24pm: No negotiations until all our people and also all PTI workers are released from police custody. Jehangir Tareen &Qadri

3:23pm: When you count our people, also count the containers you've placed to stop our people from joining us, not to forget the crackdowns on our workers through out Punjab. Stop all this and then see, if you don't get as many people as you want over here, i'll call off the sit-in.

3:22pm: They have even stopped our food supply by shutting the place where food is cooked for our people. 

3:21pm: If there's a terrorist attack on us, Sharif government won't stay for even 24 hours.

3:19pm: 3:15pm:  Government is in frenzy and they are planning a crackdown on us.

Police is inflicting barbarism on our workers. My private guards from Haduf Security, were arrested from their guest houses on the grounds that they are armed. They are guards- what do you expect- they have liscensed arms handed over by the security company. They have stood  by my van like hawks and always accompany me anywhere. Still, they are blamed for attack on PTV and Parliament. 

2:30pm: Azam Swati of PTI is arrested and put into Jail Margala by the police. IG has also instructed to arrested any worker of PTI to be arrested on sight. A small number of PTI workers have staged a sit-in in front of the van of arrested workers as well. Lady police has also arrived on spot to deal with the female PTI workers.

Sept 13, 2014


Imran Khan's Speech, Sept 12, 2014:


10:04pm: I got divorced because my wife couldn’t live here. She converted to Islam and came here, and people like Maulana Fazlur Rehman turned her into a Jew. Each elections, they used to be after her. She told me to come live with her in England, because she believed I was too innocent for Pakistani politics. In the end, I couldn’t go there because no matter I was Pakistani and she could not get accepted here, and so we had to part ways.

9:50pm: I've never seen so much of police at one place. And so, I've never seen anyone more timid than Nawaz Sharif. What are we doing here? What have we done here so far? I've been hearing of a terrorist attack for month- We aren't scared- because when time comes no one can delay or bring it before the exact time. Khan

9:45pm: Don’t worry Nawaz Sharif, what we’ll do tomorrow- how we will give you a heart ache- you’ll see!

9:42pm: Why did they take our DJ Butt, he was only heading our music system, why is he being kept in jail?

9:41pm: If we don’t get justice here, where should we go? We’ve been going to every avenue of justice system and yet no justice. Where should we go? Now, isn’t it our democratic right to stage sit-in here?

9:40pm: I ask this justice system, according to which law are my people being jailed?

8:21pm: Mian Sb! I'm afraid the police may just join this dharna. 

8:18pm: ?The increasing police force around here shows we're close to our aim. 


7.46pm: I invite the ministers who curse us on the Parliament floor to come here and meet these people. They are the people who voted for you, who elected you as leaders. They are the real people of Pakistan. I guarantee that they will not chant slogans against you, nor will they hurt you. I will receive you with respect myself. But come here and ask them if they are happy with your rule? Do they have employment? Do they get justice? – Tahir-ul-Qadri


7.42pm: Those who publish reports that protesters are being paid to attend this sit-in should be ashamed of themselves. Look at these people! Are they rented? – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

7.38pm: I have no personal enmity with anyone, I am a forgiving man. But I can never forgive those who suck out the blood of 18 million people. If they (government) remains the public will die of hunger and poverty. If they remain in power, terrorism will rise again. The sacrifices of Pak army will go in vain. The rulers will bring back the terrorists, incite hatred among people and encourage violence in the state. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

7.30pm: Recodic, in Balochistan is full of gold but the government is making a deal to sell it to a foreign government. The resources belong to the state and this decision should have been discussed on the floor of the Parliament. Similarly many mines of natural resources like uranium and minerals are being sold to foreign countries as well without consulting the Parliament. This country is of 18 million people, not just of a ruling family.

Now if you ask me how I know all about these secret matters, I will inform you that in every delegation you send to make such dirty deals, one of my spies accompany you. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

7.26pm: We have suspended negotiations. 

Even those who won elections claim that the election was rigged. PPP, Fazl-ur-Rehman, everyone is saying that election was rigged. There is no reason for this Assembly to exist. It should be dissolved. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

7.17pm: They (police and govt) are trying to incite violence by arresting and restricting our workers. They don't want you to remain peaceful.

Members of our negotiation team have been arrested. They should be ashamed. The other day, Nawaz Sharif went to tour a flood affected area and people their chanted 'Go Nawaz Go'. I ask you all to please go whereever the govt officials go and chant 'Go Nawaz Go' so that they know that the nation has rejected them.

In 2010, a flood report was formed which has still not been published. They never publish any report because every investigation holds them responsible. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

7.13pm: FIR has been lodged against PAT and PTI workers for stealing water from the pipe in front of the Parliament House. The FIR claims that the workers broke water pipes in red zone and stole water. 

7.04pm: If proper planning had been done by the past governments and dams had been made, the flood water could have been stored and used to produce energy. As far as the protest is concerned, it is our fundamental right. We are not disrupting peace, we are not offering transport, people come to attend the protest on their own. Yet the govt has a problem with our sit-in. Now the police has started arresting our workers. – Shah Mehmood Qureshi 

6.17pm: Negotiations will be held at 8pm today. – Ahsan Iqbal 

6.05pm: Police has arrested 80 workers of PTI and PAT. According to federal government sources, the workers were involved in different cases and were invloved in the attack on PTV and Parliament. Police identified them through TV footages. A new strategy has been designed to deal with the protests. If  and protesters and supporters of PAT and PTI will be stopped at different points and will be arrested if they are more than 5 in number as per Article 144. 

Meanwhile, Rehman Malik has said that arresting PAT/PTI workers is not a good step at this point. 

5.07pm: Army supports democracy in the country. Scripts exist in dramas not in reality.

I hope I'm one of those who will take Nawaz Sharif's resignation. I know it for a fact that this government cannot continue. People hate Nawaz Sharif and this Assembly has proved itself fake and illegitimate. Whatever Imran Khan is doing is right and I support him.

I am involved in Imran Khan's call for Civil Disobedience and I'm ashamed that I paid my bills this month. – Sheikh Rashid 

4.35pm: Army is occupied with Operation Zarb-e-Azb and our focus is there. Along with that we are also involved in flood relief activities. I was with the army chief when he said very clearly, 'don't wait for orders and human life is the most important thing. Therefore, go to any extent to save human lives.' – DG ISPR 

4.33pm: Promotions, retirements every year is completely normal. Everything is on track.

As for the facilitative role of the army, it was all in the greater interest of the nation. It was discussed in the same context and the army chief accepted it in the same spirit and he played his role accordingly. 

Army has had a very clear stance since Day 1: this is a political crisis and it should be resolved politically and army should be kept out of it. The role of facilitator was played so that both parties can be brought to the table, so they can talk. And whenever this issue will be solved, it will be solved by the parties involved. The army has emphasized time and time again that it supports the democratic process in the country. We belong to Pak army and of course, we are concerned when there is a crisis in the country we are concerned.

The tweet about governmet's request was very clear, there were no two interpretations about it. – DG ISPR

4.30pm: The impression that the current political crisis is linked to something else is wrong. To draw its connection with the army is completely false as well as the rumor that these events are being promoted because of some other incident. – DG ISPR 

4.27pm: Army's advise to govt to avoid violence is being taken in the wrong context. When the army said that 'recourse to violent means should be avoided' it simply means that violence should not take place. Whenever there is violence in any area it has a security linkage as well. People are injured. they die and it will get messier. – DG ISPR 

4.25pm: Army was protecting five buildings in the red zone and the security was divided in three tiers: police, rangers and then the army. PTV building was among those five buildings. When some people entered PTV's building, the army was sent especially and MD PTV thanked the army for their help. I want to clarify that the army cannot do the job of police. Police has tear gas, batons, pistols etc. Army doesn't carry such simple weapons. – DG ISPR 


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