Live: Tsunami hits Lahore

September 28, 2014

Live: Tsunami hits Lahore


Imran Khan:

9:20m: Lahoris I'm thankful to you. let me promise you..Uour sorrow is be mine, your prosperity is mine. Don't leave me alone as well.

9:18pm: I'm going to Islamabad, Mianwali be ready! I'm just coming here! Multan! I'll come to you too. Nawaz Sharif, don't resign yet..I've to wake up the entire nation.

9:17pm: Zardari doubled the electricity rates in 5 years, Nawaz Sharif did in 5 years. They doubled electricity, didn't end the load-shedding and we're sill here as we were.

9:09pm: Allah doesn't change the fate of the nation, who doesn't strive to change itself.

9:07pm: We'll punish all who conspired in the rigging of this election.

9:00pm: Nawaz Sharif! Answer me, when have you been scared of opening 4 consitutiencies for 17 months, and then when the decision was about to be made, you claimed you don't like this judge and you changed it.I won't leave you for rigging the mandate of the nation. One day, even Go Nawaz Go slogans would resonate from your own home. 

8:55pm: Thank God the EC report is out, you were so scared of the PML-N tsunami, that you massively rigged the elections.

8:53pm: What sort of PM are you? You lied in front of the Parliament, but this is not the first time you lied- you made an agreement with Gen. Musharraf, you kept lying to the entire nation for 7 years until Prince Mukarram came in and showed nation the agreement. But you were shameless enough to only say that the agreemnt was for 5 years and not seven.

8:50pm: Nawaz Sharif! you say this is the land of PML-N, even if you manage to gather 10% of this crowd, I'll see to it. until you resign, I won't leave here

8:48pm: This parliament has gathered here not save democracy but to save the looted money they have made from this country.

8:45pm: They said they'll have to spend Rs 6000 crore extra on Pakistan because of us! How incredible that such a loss has taken place because of our cornered sit-in at D- Chowk.

8:43pm: I wasn't brought up in the nursery of General Jilani and Zia-ul-Haq neither did I take money from ISI, like you took from banks. I knew I'd be able to defeat the status quo in this country only when my people would stand up with me.

I went everywhere, SC and election tribunals to seek justice, but figured out I wouldn't get justice anywhere.

8:40pm: I feel the only times they speak the truth is when they call each other thieves.

8:39pm: Thanks Allah, when I saw what this nation did with Hamza Shahbaz in Lahore and Nawaz Sharif in New York and when they went to flood-affected areas, I was amazed. Nawaz Sharif! you did a great thing by calling joint session of parliament. Nation saw your true colors. Remember when Zardari was going down in NRO, Nawaz Sharif told Zardari, even if PPP would leave him he wouldn't.

8:37pm: I have seen this nation wake up in these 46 days. Lahoris! I promised you I won't come back before his resignation. I'm afraid, Nawaz Sharif might just resign for he's weak-hearted- but I want to spread my message more- look how these women have woken up! Hats off to them!

8:33pm: I remember Balochistan when famine gripped the province, I went there and I couldn't sleep at nights because ofnightmares of the horrific scenes I had seen- of a family who had to leave behind their disabled daughter because they couldn't commute her. How could a nation accept such an atrocity.

8:31pm: On a small injustice in England, people used to flood the streets and here- I kept calling people and not even 2000 people would come out of streets. I used to wonder why this nation enevr raises its voice against injustice.

8:30m: I can never forget when Afia Siddiqui's uncle came to see me and told me that she along with her even 1 and half year old child was handed over to US.

When I was 18, I went to England for studies, and whenever there used to be any sort of injustice, people used to stand against it. In Pakistan, to every such thing, there would only be silence. People kept coming and taking turns and the whole nation was asleep.

Allah! Thank you for accepting my prayers. My nation is finally awake.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi:

8:18pm: Kaun Bachaye ga Pakistan-Imran Khan Imran Khan! If you want to bring Imran Khan into power, then somebody will have to go home- say Go Nawaz Go!

8:17pm: Do you accept these parties PMNL-N and PPP who have disppointed you for so long? Will you give this new political party a chance. If yes, then say with me- Ayi ayi, PTI. When PTI will come then before spring you'll see the arrival of a new man- a man long awaited by this land thirsty for real leadership.

8:16pm: Answer my questions, do you accept this Pakistan where poverty, lawlesness, lack of education prevails? 

8:15pm: Lahore! Salam to you foresight, you've given us a beautiful map of Pakistan. 

8:09pm: Jab geeder shehr ka rukh karta hay to uski maut waqay hoti hay. 

Sheikh Rashid:

8:04pm: If Nawaz Sharif doesn't kneel down in front of this power of people, his whole family will be wiped out politically.

8:04pm: This is the last movement of my life, let me give you a free advice, bow down in front of people and resign right away. 

8:03pm: If Nawaz Sharif still gets away politically, then Lahore wouldn't be Lahore. 

8.02pm: Nawaz Sharif is Zardari's insurance policy and Zardari is his. Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman is just the commission agent. 

8:00pm:This is an ocean of public. Nawaz Sharif, if you are watching TV then this is my free advise to you: give up and resign.

8:00pm: Nawaz Sharif will be responsible if anything illegal takes place. 


7.44pm: People say that Imran Khan is involved in a conspiracy. Yes he is conspiring against the thieves who have looted this nation all these years. Your time is finished now, how long will you steal from the people? Only Imran Khan can bring a change. – Pervez Khattak 

7.42pm: I will address later, but I just want to say one thing. Everyone should take special care of women here. Do not embarrass me, take care of them. – Imran Khan 

7.40pm: Three years ago I was a slave of the old system and politics as well. Then I met Imran Khan and broke away from the chains of slavery. I am independent now. And so are you.

Last week we celebrated our independence in Karachi and today we are celebrating in Lahore. It looks like everyone in Lahore has poured in Minar-e-Pakistan. – Jahangir Tareen 

7.33pm: Imran Khan laughs at a video screening in the PTI jalsa at Lahore. 


7:10pm: Gone are the days when people were deprived of education because they couldn't afford it, now-our under-previledged brothers will also recieve the light of education. Abrar-ul-Haq

7:10pm: Gone are the days when people used to die and no FIR was registered against them- now there will be parcha and kharcha. Abrar-ul-Haq

6:48pm: Nadeem Malik: I'm not sure about the exact number, but the crowd gathered in Minar-e-Pakistan has crossed my expectations.

6.27pm: Imran Khan smiling on stage as he looks down on the crowd gathered in Minar-e-Pakistan. He is also greeting leaders of his party and talking to different people on stage.

6.22pm: Imran Khan reaches on stage to address the crowd of Lahore. He told people to back off when someone pushed him on stage. 

'This jalsa is a refrendum against government.' – Imran Khan 

6.13pm: Imran Khan has reached Minar-e-Pakistan, the venue of PTI rally. People are flocking towards his car to catch a glimpse of PTI chairman.

6.05pm: Imran Khan has left Zaman Park to reach the venue of his rally in Minar-e-Pakistan. 

5.49pm: This is an indication for Nawaz Sharif that it is time for him to go. I am sure this jalsa will be bigger than the one we held in 2013. Karachi's jalsa was historic as well but today we will break our previous records. 

None of our candidate will stand against Javed Hashmi but our party might support one candidate that contests against him. – Arif Alvi 

5.46pm: This dharna is growing every day. There is no stopping it now, this truly is a movement for Naya Pakistan. 

I don't know why the speaker is not accepting our resignations. I asked him to accept our resignations already so we can live our lives with the public. – Asad Umar 

5.43pm: We have already succeeded but we will not end our dharna till we achieve all our objectives. People are now becoming aware and this protest will go in every city of Pakistan. – Sheerin Mazari

5.40pm: PTI chairman Imran Khan is now headed towards Minar-e-Pakistan, the venue for his rally in Lahore. 

5.24pm: They send a dozen of their people to disrupt the rallies of other parties but we don't do that. We don't ruin anyone's rally. This problem should have been solved through negotiations. We had three ways to deal with this crisis; we could use violence, look for a solution through talks or ignore them.

Lahore belongs to all of us. We have a lot of support here too. 

The talks were going smoothly but all of a sudden someone whispered in Khan sb's ear and he climbed up on his container and told his team to put an end to negotiations. Now what can we say to that? He kept his people in an illusion that someone was backing him, an umpire. – Pervez Rashid  

5.19pm: Pervez Rashid has reached Minar-e-Pakistan, where PTI rally is about to start. He was greeted with slogans of Go Nawaz Go. 

'We have never stopped anyone from exercising their right of protest. The protesters attacked government buildings, including Parliament, interrupted PTV transmission but we didn't retaliate violently. Those who are teaching their supporters to chant slogans whenever they see a certain personality should know this can happen to them as well.' – Pervez Rashid 

5.18pm: Imran Khan has landed in Lahore. 

5.14pm: Pakistan cannot prosper till Nawaz Sharif resigns. This system has to go, it has divided our nation. There is a a different system for the rich and poor. – Shafqat Mehmood 

4.58pm: Portion reserved for women at the venue of PTI rally is full already. Supporters of PTI continue to pour in even though entrance has been sealed with barbed wires. 

4.51pm: Legal action will be taken against Imran Khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi for installing more than one electricity meter in their house. Shah Mehmood Qureshi has eight meters in his house whereas it is illegal to install more than one meter in a place. 

4.38pm: Imran Khan is on his way to Lahore in a private jet. He is accompaied by PTI secretary general Jahangir Tareen and is expected to reach Lahore by 6 pm. 

4.20pm: Imran Khan reaches Benazir International Airport. He will leave for Lahore in a while on a private jet. PTI general secretary, Jahangir Tareen is also accompanying Imran Khan. 


3.50pm: Protesters participating in the sit-ins are puppets and pawns. Imran Khan holds a night show while Allama sb is holding a dharna. Holding a huge dharna doesn’t make anyone popular or important. – Rana Sanaullah 

3.40pm: The nation is waking up and is becoming aware of its rights. That’s why I’m asking Nawaz Sharif to hold his resignation for a while so I can educate more people.

I will go to every city to spread awareness but the dharna will continue in Islamabad. We will celebrate Eid at D-chowk. You'll see, we will pray Eid prayers there as well.

This is not a show of strength; it is a struggle for the nation’s rights. Judicial commissions are of no use unless there is true democracy in the country. From Mehmood-ur-Rehman Commission to this day, has there ever been any concrete results? As long Nawaz Sharif is in power no judicial commission can work independently.

People have been fooled, they had voted for someone and someone else won. People have a right to ask why does Nawaz Sharif pay so much tax in England but a meager amount in Pakistan? Why does he steal money from the public? – Imran Khan talking to the media outside his residence in Islamabad, Bani Gala

2.38pm: Imran Khan will now address Lahore's crowd at 7.15 pm instead of 9 pm as was originally announced. The change in schedule is because the PTI chairman has to return to Islamabad after his jalsa at Minar-i-Pakistan. He will fly to Lahore in a private jet. 

Sept 28, 2014