Live Updates: Azadi March and Inqilaab March

August 14, 2014

Live Updates: Azadi March and Inqilaab March

10.24pm: Imran Khan addresses the crowd again.


MQM reacts: 

9.37pm: Jamshed Dasti announced his support for Imran Khan and said that he is resigning from the National Assembly because he cannot work with this government any more. 

9.36pm: Pervez Khattak said he was ready to resign. But our coalition parties didn't want that because they feared that if elections are held again, PTI will sweep KPK. – Imran Khan 

Imran Khan, referring to their poor performance against Sri Lanka, promised the cricket team that in Naya Pakistan, their condition will improve. He listed Junaid Junaid, Shehzad Roy, Ali Zafar, Shahid Afridi and some others among his celebrity supporters.  

9.16pm: I invite our laborers, all our minorities, Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, every minority should join us. You are equal citizens of Pakistan and you will get real justice in PTI.

I also invite artists. Filmstar Shan sent me a message saying, 'Imran bhai may Allah grant you success.' – Imran Khan

He further invites stars, singers, cricketers. 

9.14pm: Javed Miandad called me today and said, ' Immy I'm with you too.' He is already very upset because of Najam Sethi. – Imran Khan 

9.12pm: Imran Khan asks his supporters why they were disappointed last night. 'Don't you trust me? Did you think I'll back off?' he asks.

9.08pm: Imran Khan invites people from KPK, Lahore, Rawalpindi and all parts of Pakistan and expresses solidarity with the people of FATA and invites them to join Azadi March as well. 

9.05pm: Islamabad police, I ask you with humbleness, tomorrow act like Pakistan police. Don't act like Nawaz Sharif's Gullu Butts. – Imran Khan 

9.02pm: Tomorrow at 8pm government's deadline will be over and then we will head towards Red Zone. And since it will be peaceful, I ask the women to accompany me as well. – Imran Khan 

8.53pm: You know that we have decided to resign from all Assemblies except from KPK's. Next, I have decided that tomorrow I will be the first one to march towards Red Zone. I know Islamabad's police will not shoot me. And Gullu Butts if you try to harm me, you will not find any where to hide. All of you will be behind me. If someone fires, I will take the bullet first. But I want you all to promise that you will remain calm and peaceful. – Imran Khan 

8.49pm: I saw blood in the eyes of my supporters yesterday. I was scared that they will turn violent if I don't control them. I don't want a bloody revolution. I don't want the blood of my supporters or the police to spill. – Imran Khan 

8.45pm: We will not pay electricity bills because Raiwand gets free electricity. We will not pay GST because Mian sahib (Nawaz Sharif) doesn't pay GST. Nawaz Sharif we will not let your government survive with the help of Civil Disobedience. – Imran Khan 

8.43pm: Imran Khan addresses an overwhelming crowd on the fourth day of Azadi March sit-in and questions the merit in current democracy. Says it is his responsibility to spread awareness among masses.


6.51pm: PTI's MNAs and MPAs from Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan Assemblies have decided to resign. Discussions over whether or not they should resign from KPK Assembly are underway. – Shah Mehmood Qureshi 

6.39pm: Can't this Parliament see the dead bodies and injustice? Where is constitution? – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

6.36pm: Joint meeting of PTI Parliamentry and Core Committee, members of Parliament told to hand over their resignations to Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Javed Hashmi opposes the decision.

6.32pm: I want answers Nawaz Sharif. I don't want your mazaq-rat (comedy night). Your time is about to finish. Midnight is near. At 12am, your time will be finished. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

6.30pm: 25,000 people, including women, were arrested and are still missing, on Youm-e-Shuhda. We don't know how they are being treated. For eight days, Model Town was under siege, there was no water, food or medicine. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

6.27pm: The blood of Model Town martyrs is unaccounted for. And yet Sharif brothers tell us to respect democracy. Where is democracy in this country? For God's sake, show me, where is democratic system in this country? – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

6.26pm: There is no law in this country. The constitution, the law and every institution is being controlled by these rulers. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

6.25pm: ECP rejects Imran Khan's allegations. 

6.21pm: It has been two months to Model Town incident and yet FIR has not been filed. Is this a democratic system? – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

6.19pm: Following Model Town incident, government of any other country would have resigned especially after the constant media coverage.

6.14pm: FATA has no constitutional status. Why? 

I also want to congratulate the PTI workers for the spirit they showed last night. I also congratulate Imran Khan for consulting and listening to his party workers and supporters. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

6.10pm: Hundreds died in terrorist attacks, their families sat with their bodies for 3-4 days. Are people of Hazara not human? The budget passed by Balochistan Assembly is in favor of the feudals. Balochis have to rise against these unjust people. There is just one medical college in all of Balochistan and just one university. People are being kidnapped for ransom, hundreds of children don't go to school. I will fight for the rights of Balochi people too. We will give them schools, universities. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

6.06pm: Minorities are fleeing from many areas of Sindh because they are threatened. People have no other choice but to stand up for revolution in such a situation. I will fight for the rights of Sindhis. I will not leave them alone. This revolution is for you. – Tahir-ul-Qadri. Crowd chants in his favor.

6.05pm: Disturbance on the stage interrupted Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri's address. 

6.04pm: Karachi is the back bone of Pakistan's economy and kidnapping for ransom, extortion, theft is rising. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

6.00pm: More than 300 children died in Thar famine this year. The prime minister went there for a photo session and came back. Is this democracy? – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

5.59pm: Women are being kidnapped from Dar-ul-Aman and the homes of participants in Karachi are being searched. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

5.57pm: You are trying to ignite violence in pAT workers. If they turn violent, it will be your (government) fault. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

5.55pm: The so-called prime-minister of Pakistan installed jammers so that I couldn't sit in my car. I had to come here in another car, without security despite the fact that I have 7 threat letters from several terrorist groups. Shame on the prime minister and his entire cabinet. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

5.50pm: Quaid's third principle was discipline and today media, both nation-wide and world-wide, is admiring the discipline of the participants of Inqilab March. Today I ask you to clean this venue like you would clean your bed room. 

5.49pm: From today onwards, sit-ins to support Inqilab March will be held across the country. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

5.45pm: People of every faith and ethnicity have gathered here for one purpose. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

5.43pm: Tahir-ul-Qadri starts his address on the fourth day of Inqilab March jalsa. Says Quaid-e-Azam gave Pakistan 3 principles. First was unity. Unity is very obvious in the participants of Inqilab March. 

5.40pm: General Raheel Sharif meets Ch Nisar and Shahbaz Sharif to discuss current political situation of the country.

August 18, 2014


10.41pm: PM has decided to form two committees for negotiations. – sources 

10.34pm: Imran Khan addresses Adil, a participant who apparently attempted self-immolation and said, ‘A Muslim doesn’t commit suicide. Naya Pakistan is about to be born, you should be celebrate. Never attempt to kill yourself again.’ 

10.30pm: Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman says people here are dancing. This isn’t dance; these people are thanking Allah that they are about to get rid of politicians like you. And Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, he says hardly 2000 people have gathered here. Don’t worry, your time will come soon. – Imran Khan

10.21pm: IG Punjab, release all PTI supporters! If any of them is harmed I will put you in jail. – Imran Khan 

10.15pm: My conscience has no price. I will never beg anyone for money. – Imran Khan

10.18pm: I know Islamabad police cannot stop this tsunami. And they shouldn’t try either. They will not stop us because they know that these people are right. IG sahib, tell Ch Nisar that you cannot stop us. Tell him the truth. – Imran Khan 

9.06pm: Crowd restless. Imran Khan insists to give Sharif govt two days so he can pack all his wealth.

9.02pm: We are launching a website. Tell us of every person who you know has conspired with the Sharif govt and is involved in corruption so we can tell the world. – Imran Khan 

9.01pm: I know you have to send some people to me to make a deal, I want to tell you: don't waste your time. This nation cannot tolerate you anymore. – Imran Khan

9.00pm: Punjab police needs to get rid of Gullu Butts. – Imran Khan

8.57pm: I have promised Ch Nisar that we will not go any further from here. Your leader made a promise don't embarrass me. After two days, I will tell him I cannot contain this tsunami anymore. – Imran Khan

8.47pm: You have waited for too long, wait one more week. If you are too impatient, we will give this government three days. I don't want peace to be disrupted. – Imran Khan tries to appease a roaring crowd. 'Ok we will give them two days.' he says finally. 

8.45pm: I give Nawaz Sharif one week. I will stay right here and sleep on this container for the next seven days. I will reveal him and his personal aides in front of the country. – Imran Khan

8.42pm: I know you want to head towards Prime Minister House, you want to pull him out of there, I want the same but this will lead to tensions and I don't want that. I don't want that army is forced to interfere because of tensions. I want democracy to prosper. – Imran Khan 

8.39pm: I assure you, till these people remain in power, the people who were killed in Model Town will never get justice. – Imran Khan

8.37pm: I don't need anything, I don't fear anything. I am not doing this for myself, I am doing this for my nation. – Imran Khan

8.31pm: I thought all night and all day. I thought if this tsunami advances towards Prime Minister House, they will have to confront the police. And the police is Pakistani too, they have families. So they shouldn't be harmed. So I thought, there is only one way left for Pakistani nation. We can't remove him because he hides behind constitution and law. So I decided that we will start a Civil Disobedience Campaign. We will not pay taxes, we will not pay bills to this corrupt and fake government. – Imran Khan

8.30pm: Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, when I get the chance I will recover the billion rupees of tax that you didn't pay. – Imran Khan 

8.25pm: We have two ways. One way is that we take this tsunami to Prime Minister House. We know these elections were rigged, we have proof. Nawaz Sharif fixed the match. – Imran Khan  

8.24pm: People tried to get rid of him by defeating him in elections. But he bought the generals of that time, he bought Najam Sethi and Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman. – Imran Khan

8.21pm: Nawaz Sharif stole money from Pakistan and took it abroad but Pakistan's law is unable to convict him. – Imran Khan 

8.19pm: I want to tell you why I think Nawaz Sharif should resign. He has broken every law of Pakistan. He bought lawyers, ECP, judges, journalists. He took money from Mehran Bank through ISI. He tried to buy people and generals. – Imran Khan 

8.15pm: Imran Khan on stage to address rally on the third day of Azadi March Jalsa. 



PAT supporter makes victory sign. Photo courtesy – AFP 


8.01pm: Khursheed Qusuri, Mehmood-ur-Rasheed and Shafqat Mehmood on stage in Azadi March. 

7,58pm: Inqilab March participants claim that Azadi March is not organized, people are coming and going, polluting the venue and there is no proper management, while talking to Samaa TV.

7.57pm: Imran Khan back on top of container after meeting participants. 

7.41pm: Imran Khan told his supporters to ensure that women are not harassed in any way. 

7.39pm: Today I am here to make the most important speech of my life. – says Imran Khan before he gets off from stage. 

7.34pm: Imran Khan reaches venue of the rally. 

7.16pm: 'PTI supporters should not enter Red Zone, as per agreement.' Chief Commissioner Islamabad's letter to PTI chairman Imran Khan

7.10pm: Who else showed up at Azadi March last night:

7.05pm: Azadi March stage has been moved in front of Margala Hotel. Sheikh Rashid has reached the venue of protest. 


6.24pm: I eat one slice in 24 hours and I can stay with you here without sleeping, eating or showering. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

6.23pm: Gullu Butts, if you want to shoot someone, shoot me, I am ready. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

6.14pm: Imran Khan will possibly give government a 48 hour deadline tonight.

6.11pm: PTI supporters climb up on poles near Red Zone.

 6.02pm: PTI will announce its 6 demands tonight. 

5.24pm: This is the final limit, we will not allow them to go any further. – SP 

5.21pm: Administration allows PTI to take their venue further. 'PTI can move their stage in front of Margala Hotel.' – Administration 

5.14pm: PTI supporters cut barbed wires with cutters.  

5.08pm: PTI leader Asad Umar appeals workers to remain calm and tries to send them back. 

5.06pm: Imran Khan always consult party memebers over every issue. – Naeem-ul-Haq 

5.05pm: PTI supporters confront police officers with sticks in their hands. 

5.03pm: This is the reason we have started a revolution against this unjust and corrupt system. We have to change legislature. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

5.00pm: When all three segments unite, Parliamenterians pass laws that benefit them and grand corruption spread in society and as a result the poor suffer.- Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri 

4.58pm: There is a segment of traders, one of bureaucrats and one of rulers. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

4.57pm: This system is based on corruption. Nothing can change until this system is over-turned. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

4.55pm: So-called prime minister have left Prime Minister house and moved to Raiwand. – Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri. 

4.54pm: PTI supporters removed containers from Sarina Chowk. 

4.52pm: PTI supporters have started marching towards Red Zone. 

7:07am: Imran Khan leaves for breakfast at his residence at Bani Gala, a few minutes from zero point.

4:30am: Imran sleeps on stage with the rest.


2.49am: I can't compare our arrangements to that of Dr sahib's (Tahir-ul-Qadri). His organisation is a lot bigger than ours. Our supporters should act as volunteers and help each other out. We are making arrangements for tomorrow. We thank all those who provided food, water and security to us. – Imran Khan  

2.46am: I congratulate the social media team, and ISF; youth I want you to put an end to fighting, stand united. I can already see a Naya Pakistan. – Imran Khan 

2.43am: Have I ever handed out jobs to undeserving people? Have I planted any firms? Tomorrow, come with renewed energy, and I will fight them. Ladies, please go and rest, it's very late. – Imran Khan 

2.40am: I beg you to sleep, tomorrow is a big day. It's possible that tomorrow's match will be the final one. – Imran Khan

2.36am: IDPs are here to attend the Azadi March as well. I want to tell them how much their plight pains me. One wrong decision taken by Musharraf led to you losing your homes. In 'Naya Pakistan' we will make up for all your loss. – Imran Khan 

2.35am: I am proud of my supporters for being so energetic, for protecting and taking care of children, women and families in the rally. Never embarrass me by endorsing the dirty culture of the West and that portrayed in Indian films. – Imran Khan

1:50am: The match will resume at 3 pm tomorrow -Khan

1.42am: Imran Khan asks crowd to rest to save energy for tomorrow's 'match'. 'I have to sleep. I haven't slept for 40 hours.' he exclaims.

1.41am: Tomorrow will be a decisive day for Pakistan. – Imran Khan 

1.40am: Imran Khan back on stage, waves Pakistan's flag. 

1.32am: If Nawaz Sharif doesn't resign in next 72 hours and government and democracy is derailed, we will not be responsible. – Sheikh Rashid 

1.28am: When Imran Khan comes into power, Pakistan will be the biggest supporter of Palestinian fighters, Kashmir freedom fighters. Islamic petrol pumps are seen every where in Arab, but the power of Islam is nowhere to be seen. The power of Islam is Pakistan. The power of Islam is Pakistan Army. – Sheikh Rashid 

1.20am: I have been elected in the Assembly 8 times, but I have never seen a more useless and worthless Assembly in my life. Where the PM haven't set foor in the Senate once in 14 months. – Sheikh Rashid 

1.18am: The time to hand in resignation is gone. Now is the time to take their resignation. – Sheikh Rashid

1.16am: Those who promised to change the destiny of the nation, changed their own destiny. The poor doesn't even have enough money to die. – Sheikh Rashid

1.13am: Sheikh Rashid gives government an ultimatum of 24 hours. 

1.12am: Sheikh Rashid addresses Azadi March crowd. Says there is no time for analysis and talk shows any more. 

12.55am: CM KPK Pervez Khattak dances to the music. 

12.33am: You people must be tired. I have recieved 7 notices this night that were sent officially, that say there are threats to my life and this march. If any harm comes to me or any of my supporters, Sharif brothers will be responsible. Be safe, all of you. Take care of your self. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

12.29am: I request the DG FIA and airport authorities of all international airports must put Sharif brothers' and their cabinet's name on ECL. Rana Sanaullah is planning to fly abroad tomorrow night, he must be stopped and arrested. If he manages to leave the country FIA will be responsible. -Tahir-ul-Qadri 

12.26am: I give the government a deadline of 48 hours. They should resign and must be arrested within this time frame. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

12.24am: Islam was spread with peace by the Prohpet Mohammad (p.b.u.h), his prodigy and later by sufis. This revolution will be peaceful as well. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

12.20am: The chance to bring about a revolution doesn't come every day. If you miss it you will regret it. Leave your homes so this revolution can grow. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

12.11am: Qadri back on stage to give deadline to government.


17th August 2014


9:05pm: Chaudhary Nisar! I'm asking youto join PTI with love. – Khan

9.00pm: An animal is non political and it tolerates violence instead of resisting. If you are Pakistani and non political, you are nothing but an animal. – Imran Khan 

8.58pm: A fast bowler does not have much patience. I can't hold this tsunami for long, it can head towards Parliament and PM House. – Imran Khan 

8.57pm: Your ministry is illegal and unconstitutional. We have proof. So I'm asking you politely now, resign. – Imran Khan

8.57pm: Imran Khan back on stage. 

8.33pm: Sharif brothers gave their friends Rs 480 billion without any audit. – Sheikh Rashid  

8.29pm: If Sharif brothers really are sharif (honest) then they should hand in their resignation. – Sheikh Rashid 

8.05pm: Nawaz Sharif, army chief has handed you the key to Mercedes and you have come this far with an innocent face. But no more, this nationa has decided. – Imran Khan 

8.02pm: What is the reason of loadshedding in this country? This is a country full of natural energy resources but it takes time to utilize them. And rulers here are too impatient to earn money. – Imran Khan  

8.01pm: Today, police in KPK is completely depoliticized. No one is scared of police officers. – Imran Khan

7.59pm: I promise you, prime minister Imran Khan will never lie to you. I will do what I promised to do and will never make false promises to you. – Imran Khan 

7.57pm: We only ask Allah for help. We will not take loans from anyone. – Imran Khan 

7.56pm: What will a deal with Nawaz Sharif give me? Hazrat Ali (k.a.w) said, never make a businessman the head of state. – Imran Khan

7.52pm: Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman you should be ashamed of yourself. You worship money but money will not buy you respect. Thankfully, Allah has reserved the power of giving and taking respect and not your media houses. – Imran Khan 

7.50pm: One wicket has fallen. An FIR is about to be lodged against young Mughal-e-Azam. – Imran Khan 

7.48pm: I will stay here today no matter what. If anyone is tired, he can go back and come back later. – Imran Khan

7.45pm: This country is blessed with everything, Allah has given this nation everything, it doesn't need to beg. But unfortunately, its rulers were cowards and dishonest. – Imran Khan

7:44pm: I had pity on people who traveled such long distances, that's why I left yesterday. But I won't leave this stage now. If you're tired and exhausted, go back and come tomorrow, I'm staying here. – Imran Khan 

7:43pm: Imran Khan comes on the podium to start his address.

7.33pm: Salman Ahmed sings to Azadi March over-whelming crowd.

6.44pm: I didn't leave this venue for a moment. Ch Shujaat and Ch Pervez Elahi asked me to go and rest at their house but I refused. I told them that my workers are my home! – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

6.43pm: Midterm elections are not acceptable because the same corrupt people will come back into power. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

6.41pm: I am not only fighting for PAT, I am also fighting for PTI. I am fighting for the 18 million people of Pakistan. – Tahir-ul-Qadri  

6.38pm: Aqeel Qureshi, the man caught with a gun in Inqilab March crowd, is a police commando who was returning from Sports Complex after completing his duty. He showed his card to Tahir-ul-Qadri after which he was allowed to leave. – sources

6.35pm: We want to strengthen defense institutions. We don't want any institution to conspire against another. We want the system designed and implemented by the Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h). We want the system that Jinnah wanted to implement in Pakistan. We want an egalitarian society where everyone is equal. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

6.31pm: I will not leave until I recieve Sharif brothers' resignation. One wicket has fallen. Tahir-ul-Qadri's demand of Sharif brothers' resignation is my demand as well. The reason I want them to resign is because they came through rigged elections and must be punished under Article 6. – Imran Khan 

6.30pm: Our people were tired yesterday, I thought they should rest and I exercised today as well. – Imran Khan talking to the media

6.28pm: PTI chief Imran Khan has left his residence, Bani Gala, for Sarina Chowk. He has apparently left after listening to Tahir-ul-Qadri's address. 

6.26pm: For true democracy, we need a change. This Parliament came through elections under ECP. The whole process of elections was invalid and is therefore rejected. – TuQ 

6.22pm: People ask why do we want to bring these reforms through revolution. This is a green revolution, peaceful revolution. It will be wrong to say we are against democracy. Democracy don't merely mean to transfer power after 5 years. It is a system. Democracy is what protects the sanctity of people's votes and their mandates. That doesn't happen in Pakistan. Democracy is to stabilize and give equal rights to everyone regardless of their caste or creed. That is not happening in Pakistan. – TuQ  

6.20pm: The next responsibility of national government will be to depoliticize all institutions. All departments should be accountable to state. – TuQ 

6.18pm: Sixth demand: All corrupt officers must go to jail. Rules for rich and poor must be similar. We won't allow this dichotomy to stay in this country any more. – TuQ 

6.01pm: Fifth demand: All poor people must be given their right through a 10-point revolutionary agenda:

1.Homeless must be given homes and shelter.

2. Everyone must be given food.

3.Unemployed must be given employment so they can live with dignity,

4. All people must be provided free health care.

5. All children must be provided free education.

6. Those who have less resources, must be given flour, sugar and basic commodities at half price.

7. In 3 months, all poor people must be given commodities at half price.

8. Women must be provided with structural employment by promoting home industries so they can become economically self- sufficient and be treated with equality.

9. Peace and tolerance should be included as a subject in school curriculum. 

10. This country should be completely rid of all kinds of terrorism. Sectarianism must be ended via law. Noone should be allowed to call believers of other sects, kafir (infidel). 

11. All minorities must be provided protection. They are equal citizens of Pakistan, anyone who harms them must be stopped.

12. Then we will move towards devolution. This is a country of 20 million people divided in just four provinces. A new province must be made whereever there is a need, Hazara should also be made into another province. Power should be handed down. – TuQ

5.59pm: Fourth demand: That national government for democratic reforms will take steps for extreme and stringent steps to bring corrupt people to justice. – TuQ 

5.58pm: Third demand: After this govt is dissolved, a national government for democratic reforms must be formed. – TuQ

5.57pm: The second demand of our charter is: National and provincial Assemblies must be dissolved immediately because they are unconstitutional. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

5.52pm: Tahir-ul-Qadri hugs the armed man. “Islamabad's Gullu Butt, I forgive you and advise you not to be a servant of hooligans. Let him go in peace, I have forgiven him.' – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

5:48pm: Another Gullu Butt caught.Qadri asks followers to not touch him or beat him. He added, he'll hug him and teach him.

5.44pm: I ask the FIA to put Sharif brothers' names on ECL and not allow them to run away from the country. If airport authorities let them run away, they will be held accountable. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

5.44pm: Tahir-ul-Qadri demands that Sharif brothers be brought to justice like any common citizen. Crowd chants 'Go Nawaz, Go Nawaz'. 

5.39pm: These martyrs ask us: why were we killed? If the murderers of these innocent souls are not brought to justice, no one will ever be brought to justice in this country. 

The first demand of our charter is: Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif must step down and resign and they should be arrested. 

5.37pm: Tahir-ul-Qadri displays pictures of martyrs of Model Town incident and asks the crowd if their murderers should be allowed to roam around free. Crowd answers in negative.  

5.35pm: There are some goals and objectives of this Inqilaab March. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

5.34pm: People of Inqilaab March will buy goods and commodities from you and no one will bring any harm to you. Inqilaab March is peaceful for everyone. – Tahir-ul-Qadri  

5.31pm: I request everyone to reopen their hotels and shops. I guarantee that no harm will come to you and your property. If you suffer any damage or loss I will personally cover it up for you. – Tahir-ul-Qadri

5.29pm: I haven't even started my address and session court has already passed an order to file a murder case against Sharif brothers. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

5.25pm: Tahir-ul-Qadri on stage to address Inqilab March. 

04:43pm: PTI workers gather again cheering for the sit-in to start in a while.



4.33am: Imran khan congratulates and thanks the crowd before getting off the podium. 

4.33am: No one can stop Naya Pakistan. – Imran Khan

4.31am: Even if I don't succeed, think of yourselves, your children and your future. If you don't stand up against this system you will forever be a slave to people like Sharifs.

4.30am: Do we want to live in a Pakistan where laws for the rich and poor are different? – Imran Khan

4.28am: Allah has given me everything, I don't need anything from anyone. But the nation has to decide what kind of country they want to live in. – Imran Khan 

4.27am: No one can hand you independence in a plate, you have to snatch it. – Imran Khan 

4.26am: I will stay here till my demands are accepted. I will spend the night here. – Imran Khan

4.25am: If we accept these elections we will be equally responsible for damaging democracy. – Imran Khan

4.20am: The reason I don't accept Nawaz Sharif as PM is that when I asked the govt to recount votes in 4 constituencies in Parliament, interior minister said 60,000-70,000 votes in every constituency are not verified. – Imran Khan 

4.18am: My message to youth is: don't let fear overcome you, fear will never let you grow. – Imran Khan

4.17am: I have to die anyway, it doesn't matter if I die trying to save my country. – Imran Khan  

4.16am: When I got here a police officer handed me a letter that said my life is threatened by Punjabi Taliban. – Imran Khan 

4.15am: Nations rarely get this chance to change their fate and we will not let it go. – Imran Khan 

4.15am: Women, children, youths walked alongside my car for miles. – Imran Khan 

4.14am: I haven't slept for 40 hours and haven't eaten all day. – Imran Khan 

4.14am: I never thought I'd deliver a speech at Fajar time. – Imran Khan 

4.11am: Imran Khan comes up on stage to deliver speech amid music and a cheering crowd. 

4.09am: Imran Khan this nation stands with you, it has given you the responsibility and you have to fulfil it. – Javed Hashmi 

4.07am: This is a war of principles. – Javed Hashmi  

4.06am: No thief can be our prime minister any more. – Javed Hashmi 

4.05am: We want no one but Imran Khan. – Javed Hashmi 

4.03am: The nation has decided, Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif need to go. – Javed Hashmi

4.00am: President PTI Javed Hashmi on stage to address rally. Thanks the crowd for coming out on streets. 

3.53am: We have to bid farewell to the corrupt system. – Shah Mehmood Qureshi

3.50am: More than 4000 PTI workers are in jail as I speak. They accepted imprisonment for Pakistan's independence. – Shah Mehmood Qureshi 

3.47am: Shah Mehmood Qureshi pays tribute to the masses for being so energetic and supportive despite the late hours.

3.45am: PML-N thought this is a party of peaceful people and their workers attacked us. – Shah Mehmood Qureshi 

3.44am: Vice president PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi on stage to address masses.

3.40am: Once Imran Khan comes into power, overseas Pakistanis will return to their country because they trust Imran Khan. – Pervez Khattak  

3.38am: They have turned Pakistan into a slave. – Pervez Khattak 

3.38am: When someone comes into power through rigging, he doesn't care about the poor, only cares about himself. – Pervez Khattak

3.35am: We want Jinnah's Pakistan. – Pervez Khattak

3.34am: If I am CM today, it is because of Imran Khan. We are nothing without him. – Pervez Khattak

3.31am: KPK govt put an end to bribery while Sharif govt promoted it. – Pervez Khattak 

3.30am: PTI didn't derail democracy, this government did. – Pervez Khattak 

3.26am: Pervez Khan Khattak on stage to address rally. Says Imran Khan is the only one who can bring change and save democracy, current government must go. 


3.16am: Legendary singer, Attaullah Esa Khelawi sings on stage. 

3.14am: Saifullah Khan Niazi thanks supporters for coming out on the streets on Imran Khan's call.  

3.13am: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri and his caravan has reached Zero Point. 

3.08am: I have never seen such jubilance, such determination among masses. – Sheikh Rasheed

3.08am: We want to rid this country of terrorism, the entire nation is behind Pak army to protect their land. – Sheikh Rashid 

3.05am: Inqilab March update: Dr Tahir-ul-Haq will not address his supporters tonight. 

2.59am: Sheikh Rashid is on stage, addressing the rally. Crowd is jubilant. Rashid criticizes government for being negligient and accuses it for cheating the masses.

2.48am: Imran Khan is up on stage and is talking to PTI leaders who are already on stage. Javed Hashmi was the first person he greeted.


2.43am: Imran Khan has reached Sarina Chowk and will address rally in a while. 

2.35am: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri has reached Shakar Pariyan Chowk and is headed towards Khayaban-e-Suharwardy.

2.32am: CM KPK Pervez Khattak, Javed Hashmi and Azam Sawati on stage. Other leaders including Sheerin Mazari, Asad Umar and Shafqat Mehmood have arrived at Sarina Chowk. PTI anthems and patriotic songs are being played. Imran Khan to reach venue in a while.


2.09am: Imran Khan and his supporters reach Zero Point and have turned towards Kashmir Highway. President PTI Javed Hashmi, Asad Umar and other PTI leaders have already arrived at venue of the rally. 

2.04am: Tahir-ul-Qadri's car slowed down on Faizabad bridge to determine which route to take to reach Khayaban-e-Suharwardy.

1:56am: Azadi March reaches Zero Point.

1.43am: Tahir-ul-Qadri's Inqilaab March has reached Khanna Bridge, Islamabad. 

1.37am: PTI leaders Asad Umar and Azam Sawati have also arrived at the venue and are taking care of final arrangements. Stage is set for Imran Khan and other PTI leaders.


01:30am: Aerial view of Azadi March and Inqilaab March

01:07am: Finally Azadi March reaches Islamabad.

12.27am: A van of PTI workers overturned near Lok Virsa, 2 dead, 15 injured.

12.20am: Police forces reach Abpara Chowk.

12.17am: PAT's venue was changed for security reasons.

16th August 2014


11.53pm: More containers installed ahead of Abpara Chowk along Kashmir Highway.

11.27pm: PAT decides to rally on Khayaban-e-Suharwardy Road. 

11:22PM:PAT crowd a few kilometers away from Islamabad.

11.18pm: Venue for PAT rally has been changed. 

11.17pm: Local KPK MPs have been sent back to Peshawar to handle current situation. 

11:14pm: First car of Azaadi March reaches zero point

11.12pm: Sheikh Rashid was left behind by Imran Khan and had to travel in Samaa TV's car. 

11.06pm: Azadi March's first vehicle has reached Zero Point.

11.01pm: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is a few kilometers away from PTI's Azadi March. 

10.55pm: PTI supporters stop at Abpara Chowk. 

10.50pm: Imran Khan and his Azadi March reaches Faizabad Interchange.

10.40pm: Imran Khan announced to stage sit-in near Serena Chowk. 

09:38pm: Awami tehreek reaches Gojar Khan

09:22pm: Isn't he like Gullu Butt? He's a police constable.

08:03pm: Pomi Butt behind bars after surrendering to police

06:41pm: PTI protesters take over Serena Chowk

6:22pm: PTI workers cut barbed wires remove barricades at Serena Chowk

6:20pm: Long wait or bad weather tired KPK PTI workers start going back.

5:18pm: Inqalab march will cross one million mark in Islamabad

05:03pm: I am being maligned wrongfully, Pomi Butt

04:26pm: Imran Khan reaches Wazirabad

04:10pm: Shahbaz Sharif ordered stoning at three places. – Jehangir Tareen

3.36pm: Police launched baton charge on miscreants in Kakhar Mandi. 

3.35pm: Police requested Imran Khan to get off his container for security reasons. He has been shifted in a car. 

3.20pm: Pomi Butt is being supported by the police, he hurled stones from a police van. – Imran Khan  

2.44pm: Pomi Butt, the younger brother of MPA Imran Khalid Butt, was encouraging PML-N workers to hurl stones on PTI Azadi March.

2.02pm: Inqilaab March spans over 30 miles. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

2.00pm: Inqilaab March is entering Jehlum. – Tahir-ul-Qadri 

1.57pm: One police officer injured as stoning resumes on Pindi bypass.  

1:55 pm: PMl-N's office on G.T road attacked.

1.40pm: I will deal with these elements when I reach Islamabad. – Imran Khan 

1.39pm: This was intentional, police was involved in the incident, we have their footage. – Imran Khan 

1.35pm: I was hit by stones as well. – Imran Khan 

1.34pm: Everything was peaceful when I saw police talking to another group and immediately Sheikh Rashid felt something was about to happen. – Imran Khan 

1.33pm: Sheikh Rashid himself saw people firing on my container. – Imran Khan 

1.32pm: Imran Khan live on Samaa TV.

1.31pm: No one is exempted from law. – Shahbaz Sharif

1.22pm: Stones were thrown on Azadi March at Pindi bypass as well.  

1.20pm: Police launches baton charge on miscreants pelting stones on Azadi March. 

1.16pm: Gujranwala incident is condemnable. – Khurram Dastageer 

1.13pm: I advised the government not to install containers. – Aitzaz Ahsan 

1.11pm: The behavior of the government is inappropriate. – Aitzaz Ahsan 

1.09pm: This is the fifth time we have been attacked. – Sheikh Rashid 

1.08pm: Container carrying Imran Khan. his family and children was attacked. – Sheikh Rashid 

1.04pm: If any of our worker is hurt we will go to courts. – Imran Khan 

1.02pm: CM Punjab had instructed workers to remain peaceful. 

1.01pm: PAT insists that permission be given to stage protest on Fazal Haq road, administration refuses. 

1.00pm: Deadlock in negotiations between PAT and administration. 

12.59pm: We have arrested some of those involved in stoning. – SP City 

12.57pm: Nawaz Sharif will be responsible for any damage. – Imran Khan 

12.51pm: PML-N pelting stones on Azadi March, shattering windows of Imran Khan's container.

15th August 2014

10.02pm: PTI Azadi March reaches GPO Chowk, Lahore. 

10.02pm: PAT Inqilab March reaches Lahore Railway Station. 

9.32pm: Pervez Khattak and his rally succeed in entering Islamabad. Participants of rally removed containers that were blocking the way.

9.29pm: Mobile phone services will be shut off in areas where protesters and participants of the rally gather.  

9.24pm: PTI to stage sit-in protest on Kashmir Road. 

9.09pm: Rally led by KPK CM Pervez Khattak has been denied entry in capital at Islamabad interchange. 

9.08pm: Participants of Azadi March  reach Data Darbar. 

8.30pm: Khawaja Saad Rafique and Qamar-u-Zaman Kaira talk about Azadi March and Inqilaab March with Nadeem Malik on Samaa TV.

7.53pm: People from Balochistan, Waziristan are coming to attend Long March. – Imran Khan 

7.49pm: Election Commisssion should resign before I reach Islamabad. – Imran Khan. 

7.48pm: I am heading to Islamabad for a new Pakistan, for Jinnah's Pakistan. – Imran Khan 

7.47pm: Long March is our democratic right. – Imran Khan 

7.44pm: We demand Nawaz Sharif's resignation. – Imran Khan 

7.43pm: Imran Khan address his workers and participants of Azadi March.

7.39pm: We want Nawaz Sharif to resign. – Ch Pervez Elahi, talking about Tahir-ul-Qadri and Inqilaab March.

7.21pm: It's unlikely for the March to reach Islamabad today. – Samaa senior reporter

7.12pm: PTI supporters removed containers from Faizabad. 

7.08pm: Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri has been shifted into his container, he will address his supporters in a while. 

7.05pm: A gang of theives, who were part of Azadi March was caught by PTI supporters. 

6.59pm: PTI supporters head to Islamabad March in 300 cars from Charsadda. 

6.57pm: Angry PTI supporters clash with police officers.

6.55pm: PTI supporters on their way to join Azadi March on zero point stopped by police on Khana bridge. 

6.49pm: Vehicles of the Azadi March will be parked near Faizabad. 

6.48pm: PTI march reaches Laurence Road, Lahore. 

4:20 pm : Imran Khan requests Jamaat e Islami to consider to join #AzadiMarchPTI

4:16 pm: Qadri’s 10-point agenda for ‘green revolution’

4:08 pm: Lahore High-court declares the demand for PM's resignation unconstitutional.

3:32 pm: Azadi and Inquilab March run into each other on Kalma Chowk Flyover, 1 PTI worker injured.

3:30 pm: Road Mishap during 'Inqilab March'……

3: 09 pm:  #PAT activist has passed out amid Model Town siege.

3:07 pm: #BREAKING #Lahore#PAT #InqilabMarch has reached Feroz Pur road.

3:03 pm: #TUQ begins #InqilabMarch with his 10 points agenda.

2:38 pm: “We will continue protest until the government does not resign” says Pervaiz Illahi #PMLQ

2:26 pm: “No one will be allowed to enter red zone”,says Choudhry Sarwar.

2:23 pm: Deal has finalized between government and #TUQ

2:02 pm: Government has provided #TUQ and #ImranKhan a secure way heading towards #Islamabad

2:00 pm: Imran Khan begins ‘Azadi March’ from Lahore

1: 10pm: Punjab agrees to give security cover to #PTI marchers

1: 09 pm: TUQ announces departure of #InqilabMarch to #Islamabad.

12: 51 pm: AzadiMarchPTI departs from Zaman Park #Lahore#AugustMaiMarch

12:13 pm: Section 144 imposed in #Punjab

11:43 pm: Model town is completely sealed, all entrance has been closed. #AugustMaiMarch

11:10 pm: Sticks and other accessories has been distributed to #PAT workers to tackle any Unfortunate situation. #InqalabMarch

10:51 pm: Breaking#Tehreek -e- Insaf files the request for sitting-in protest in #Islamabad#AugustMaiMarch

10:30 pm: Tehreek-e-Insaf workers' protest underway against government.

10:00 pm: #Islamabad#Faizabad interchange has been sealed completely.

6:00 am: