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Imran Khan’s not-so-proper Twitter discourse

February 25, 2014
Imran Khan’s not-so-proper Twitter discourse

Wonder why Imran Khan’s twitter account displays a striking lack of proper discourse? By discourse, what’s implied here is Khan’s abundant use of Roman writing that somehow snubs the charm and takes away seriousness from his otherwise assertive speech. Let’s steal a quick twitpeek to check out:

And even though we understand the 140 character twitter restriction, many people still find a better way around brevity, that doesn’t end up contracting speech in a glaring manner as this.“Seemed 2 have been forgotten”, “which r part of a campaign” and “continue 2 rise” definitely takes away the spark from khan’s rhetoric.

This doesn’t end here, below also brings forth how Khan’s tweets not only exhibit scarcity of appropriateness but also some slight spell-check glitches.

Well, let’s not obsess over the peace TAKS, but what’s with the blatant use of the glottal “R” instead of the proper “are”. Language please!

Where the language problem seems to be too petty to even highlight and perhaps people across the globe commonly indulge in the new roman-ness of English, coming from celebrities and literates like Imran Khan still manages to give one hiccups. And as biased as it might look , popular personalities like Imran Khan and others are expected to show more decorum, even in speech and writing, to their followers –if not for the sake of propriety, then for the sake of personal image. 

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7 days ago

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