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Demolition of bungalows on Karachi’s Hill Park land scheduled again

SAMAA | - Posted: Sep 16, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Posted: Sep 16, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Demolition of bungalows on Karachi’s Hill Park land scheduled again

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has again scheduled an anti-encroachment operation to demolish illegally constructed bungalows on amenity land of Hill Park, Kohsar.

It sent final notices to the residents of these bungalows on September 14.

KMC had previously scheduled an operation in February, 2020 after orders by the Supreme Court, but it was later postponed on the instructions of then Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani.

Why was it delayed?

The then Karachi commissioner had asked KMC not to initiate the demolition as the matter “needed more working”.

He had asked the authorities concerned to work more over the legality of other bungalows constructed around Hill Park.

The former commissioner believed the number of illegal bungalows constructed around Hill Park was more than four, KMC Anti-encroachment Department Senior Director Bashir Siddqui had said.

Siddiqui said that there are around 150 bungalows of different categories around Hill Park.

The KMC administration had already served eviction notices to the residents of four of these bungalows with a deadline of February 27.

After the survey, it was found that the total number of illegal bungalows is five. They are constructed on the slope of Hill Park.

Siddiqui confirmed to SAMAA Digital they have served final notices to the residents. He said the operation is scheduled for September 22.

KMC has a proper plan, says Siddqui.

The five bungalows are constructed over 0.89 acres of Hill Park’s land. The bungalow numbers are 38/G/1, 38/G/1-A, 38/G/1-B, 38/G/1-C. These bungalows are constructed on 0.41 acres of amenity land, while Plot No 39-G is constructed on 0.38 acres and Raval Masjid on 0.10 acres.

KMC has already written letters to the East SSP, Pakistan Rangers and anti-encroachment force to provide security to the KMC staff during the anti-encroachment operation.

He said the KMC has also asked the K-Electric, Sui Southern Gas Company and Karachi Water and Sewerage Board to disconnect utility connections of these bungalows before September 22.

Siddiqui said Hill Park land is for the public. He clarified that the residents will be responsible for any loss, if they do not vacate the bungalows within seven days.   

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society Executive Engineer Muhammad Nasir confirmed to SAMAA Digital that the “38 mark” housing stretch is “illegal” as it falls under Hill Park Kohsar land.

He says the five bungalows are present in the PECHS part-plan (creation of plots), but not present in the final layout plan of the society.

Nasir said this part-plan was approved in the mid 70s and the residential units were constructed by carving out the hills of Hill Park, Kohsar land.    

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One Comment

  1. Abdullah  September 24, 2020 1:35 am/ Reply

    Why is their house being demolished when they legally purchased it and has the rightful ownership. Now the court says that the houses needs to be destroyed for the enjoyment of poeple of karachi. Fine but WHAT ENJOYMENT? A city full of robbers and more dont get arresred. But why the hell are they doing that to the poeple of those houses. They must have some old family memories which they dont want to get rid of. At least the court should tell the government to provide them a new home instead of just destroying it like their the freaking boss. LIKE WHAT THE HELL. I LITERALLY HOPE THAT ALL CORRUPED PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN SUFFERS BECASUE OF DOING THIS. IMAGINE IF SOMEONE DOES THIS TO YOUR FAMILY AND HOME. HOW THE HELL WOULD U REACT! AND HERE, YOU ARE JUST DESTROYING PEOPLE OWN PROPERTY LIKE ITS A BLOODY JOKE. MAY ALLAH DO THE RIGHT WITH YOU SINFUL PEOPLE! I EVEN KNOW THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THOSE HOUSES, THERE ARE MY RELATIVES AND THEY ARE LITERALLY SUFFERING TO PREVENT THEIR HOUSE FROM BEING DESTROYED. WHO TAKES THE RESPONSIBILITY IF SOMEONES GETS HURT. LIKE WHAT IS PAKISTAN MADE OF!!!! THERE IS NO GOOD LEADER AND ALL ARE CORRUPED AND JUST WANTS MONEY!

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