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Traveling to Karachi? This map will help you see landmarks

SAMAA | - Posted: Aug 5, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 months ago
Posted: Aug 5, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 months ago

Touring your city is a fun and relatively cheap way to spend the day but not everyone has all the famous places in Karachi at their fingertips.

To make it easier, a graphic designer has designed a tourist attraction map.

Assam Altaf is travel blogger and Lahore-based graphic designer. In the past, he has designed a map of Pakistan, making it easier for tourists to visit major attractions. His drawing of the map with 71 must-see spots of the country went viral online. It was picked up by international media outlets, PTI’s Facebook page and Pakistan’s Embassy in Bangkok as well.

His latest work is a map of Karachi that he made after visiting the city eight times. He told SAMAA Digital that while he is Lahore born and raised, he has always been very eager to see Karachi.

He said he has visited most places in the city but may have missed out some that he plans to see in the future.

What’s inside the Karachi tourist map?

The map has 108 landmarks that include historical buildings, educational institutions, theme parks and beaches. Here’s a list of the best 11 beaches that Altaf has drawn.

  1. Sea View Beach
  2. Clifton Beach
  3. Sandspit Beach
  4. Shamspir Beach
  5. Hawkes Bay Beach
  6. French Beach
  7. Paradise beach
  8. Mubarak Beach
  9. Turtle Beach
  10. Cape Mount Beach
  11. Sunehra Beach

Islands in Karachi

There are five islands connected to Karachi of which some haven’t been entirely explored yet. Altaf sees these islands as a big opportunity for travelers to explore and make most of their visit to the city. These islands are:

  1. Shamspir Island
  2. Bundle Island
  3. Charna Island
  4. Buddo Island
  5. Khiprianwala Island

Must visit parks in Karachi
1- Hilal Park
2- Jheel Park
3- Safari Park
4- Zamzama Park
5- Aziz Bhatti Park
6- AK Khan Park
7- Benazir Bhutto Park
8- Bukhari Park
9- Captain Farhan Ali Park
10- Nishter Park
11- Mehdi Hasan Park
12- Mufti Ramzan Park
13- Nazimabad Model Park
14- Fateh Park
15- Parda Park
16- Bagh-e-Jinnah

The designer has also listed places that may not be inside Karachi’s territory but are near it and are worth a tour.

  1. Hub Dam – 60km away
  2. Shah Jahan Mosque – 104km away
  3. Makli Necropolis – 101km away
  4. Keenjhar Lake – 136km away
  5. Hyderabad – 164km away
  6. Hingol National Park- 243km away
  7. Ranikot Fort wall – 257km away
  8. Mola Chotok Waterfall – 475km away

Altaf had designed tourist attraction maps for Punjab, Lahore and Islamabad, but found drawing Karachi’s the hardest. It was the most challenging map that I’ve drawn so far because Karachi has a mini country living inside it, he said.

When asked why he chose to include the Aga Khan University Hospital in the city’s famous places, Altaf cited medical tourism.

“Tourists visiting Pakistan are mostly recommended to receive medical treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital because of it’s high standard,” Altaf explained.

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  1. Umar Ch.  August 5, 2020 3:16 pm/ Reply

    Wow, that’s fantastic. Great work has been done by a raising Artist.

  2. Ali Raza namdar  August 5, 2020 8:46 pm/ Reply

    Not yet

  3. Abdulrazzaq  August 6, 2020 3:46 am/ Reply

    It’s good

  4. Assam Artist ( Map Designer )  August 9, 2020 5:06 pm/ Reply

    Thank you so much for appreciations <3

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