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22 unanswered questions for the FWO that is constructing K-IV

Samaa Digital has waited for a response since August

SAMAA | - Posted: Oct 25, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: Oct 25, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
22 unanswered questions for the FWO that is constructing K-IV

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah visits the "under construction" K-IV project from its starting point at Kinjhar. The officers of the FWO brief him Nov 17, 2018. APP

On August 9, 2019 I sent an email to the FWO that was tasked with building K-IV in 2016.

I had spoken to people at all the other stakeholders in the project, who were involved in the design. The FWO said that the ISPR would answer the questions. I will update this story if and when responses are provided.

1. How much of the earthwork remains for K-IV? How much has been accomplished?
2. What is the length of the 260mgd conveyance system that has been dug so far in total from RD0 to RD121?
– Is it correct that earthwork has not been done in one continuous strip along the length of K-IV but has been done in strips?
– Is it correct that the FWO has contracted out the earthwork to subcontractors? If so, how many subcontractors are on the project?
– What machines has the FWO used for the earthwork? How does the work actually take place? How long does it take to undertake this difficult work, especially if blasting is involved. How much blasting has been involved?
– Can the FWO provide an explanation of the kind of rock/ground that it has encountered that may have created extra difficulties in digging?
3. How many visits for the media have been organized to the site of K-IV since the FWO began work? What RD point or site is the media taken to?
Can presentations given to the media be kindly shared?
4. Does the FWO have drone footage of the entire length of K-IV? If so, could 5-10 seconds be kindly shared for RD0 and any point where the canal has been dug completely or the aqua concrete and geomembrane been laid?
5. Did the FWO provide information to the Water Commission or any of the honourable courts for any cases/hearings on K-IV and could that information please be shared as it best represents the FWO’s input on the record for this mega project?
6. Can the FWO kindly provide the RD points at which work has not been able to be conducted due to land acquisition delays specifically beyond M9?
7. Can the FWO kindly provide the latest or final working map of K-IV?
8. In Nov 2018 FWO Commanding officer Lt Col Usman Aftab gave Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah a briefing and told him about the shortcomings of K-IV. What were those shortcomings and how were they hindering the FWO’s ability to finish its job?
9. The FWO teams have been working on the Osmani & Co design. The design called for part I to be a 260mgd canal/conveyance system. The rest of the design included two other canals. The first canal would have to be built by blasting through hard rock in places. Did the FWO flag the concern that blasting in future for the second and third canals might put at risk the first one (especially if it is lined with concrete)? If it did raise the concern with Osmani and KWSB what was their response?
10. The FWO has proposed that it expand the 260mgd canal to one that will accommodate 650mgd in one go. Can the FWO provide cross-section diagrams of the two types. What is the reasoning behind suggesting this change?
11. The FWO had initially warned that it would not be able to complete the K-IV at the PC-II cost of Rs25b. The project was split into two packages. Has the FWO done any work on Package A? How much does the FWO believe the cost as escalated since?
12. Can the FWO detail any major problems it had while working with the KWSB or Osmani & Co? Has the involvement of the CM and a renewed interest since 2016 changed the equation? Did Osmani & Co provide FWO with the analysis of soil and any other material it would have needed before commencing work?
13. What does the FWO foresee as hurdles in completing K-IV? What does it deem to be the best way forward?
14. Has the zero point or intake structure been changed at Kinjhar Lake? What exists there at the moment? How much more work needs to be done?
15. Why has the FWO not built a road to Kinjhar Lake to approach the project? Is this planned?
16. What has the media mis-reported about the FWO’s role or K-IV’s progress so far? What are the correct facts?
17. One Nespak slide says the FWO has a proposal for a trapezoidal or a rectangular channel for the intake structure hydraulic model. Can the FWO tell me why it is making these proposals? Are these new designs or improvements on the Osmani design?
18. Nespak has said that the ground is weak in many areas (shale interacting with water/limestone etc) and after the rains there is photographic evidence of cracks. It has said that retaining walls would be needed in the intake structure etc. Did the FWO already know that there was risk of erosion and planned to stabilize these structures?
19. What are the problems Nespak has identified with scour, aqueducts and siphons and will the FWO be addressing them?
20. Why have design modifications been mentioned for Maru Hill? What was the problem there and how can it be fixed?
21. Design improvements (open channel, RCC conduit) have been suggested by Nespak. Some are 260mgd and others are 650mgd options for certain parts. What is the best way forward? Has the FWO suggested these?
22. Where does the work on the ground stand at present? Is the FWO waiting for decision-making from the GoS/KWSB? What will happen next?

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