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Don’t follow motorway, highway rules? Be ready for massive fines

November 29, 2019
Don’t follow motorway, highway rules? Be ready for massive fines

Violating traffic rules on Pakistan’s highways and motorway just got more expensive. The Ministry of Communications has announced a list of higher fines for traffic violators.

Speeding will now land you a fine of Rs1,500 if you’re on a motorcycle and Rs2,500 in a car. Public Service Vehicles, which are vehicles that carry people for money, like taxis or buses or even Careems and Ubers, will be fined Rs10,000 for speeding. If they drive more than 40km/h over the speed limit, the fines will be even higher.

Not obeying traffic lights also costs a pretty penny now: jumping a red light costs Rs5,000. If you drive through a flashing red light, it’ll cost you Rs2,000 and driving through a flashing yellow light will cost you Rs1,000.

Buses and coaches with more than the allowed number of people will be fined Rs5,000.

Here are some of the other major fines:

  • Rs,5000 for driving at night without proper lights
  • Rs1,500 for overtaking where it has been prohibited
  • Rs5,000 for interfering with an emergency vehicle
  • Rs2,500 for driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Rs1,000 for following a vehicle too closely or cutting them off too sharply
  • Rs750 for driving with your rear screen partially or fully covered
  • Rs3,000 for disobeying stop signs
  • Rs500 for using your phone while driving
  • Rs1,500 for not wearing your seatbelt while driving
  • Rs5,000 for one-wheeling
  • Rs1,000 for opening doors dangerously
  • Rs1,000 for driving out of your lane
  • Rs750 for driving a car or motorcycle that is making loud, shrill, harsh or alarming noises

All these new fines were published in the Gazette of Pakistan. The ministry increased the fines by making changes to the made some changes to the Twelfth Schedule to the National Highways Safety Ordinance, 2000. The changes were made after the ministry consulted with the highway and motorway police.

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  1. Avatar
      dr. omar anis  November 29, 2019 1:04 pm/ Reply

    at last some thing good is happening, heaver fines are good for traffic, lets hope they give a small cut to police too, lets hope police plays fair.

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