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PM urges each Pakistani to plant two trees August 18

August 5, 2019

Every Pakistani should plant at least two trees on August 18, Prime Minister Imran Khan urges.

PM Khan inaugurated the monsoon plantation drive in Islamabad on Monday. “If we don’t plant trees, our future is in danger,” he said. Explaining the consequences of not planting saplings, he said that there will be an increase in temperature, less rain, an increase in pollution and the country will turn into a desert.

He gave the example of Lahore, where only 5% of the trees planted in 1990 were left. “Pollution in Lahore has increased drastically over the years,” he added.

Breathing contaminated air is a risk to our lives, he said. “Afforestation keeps the weather cool and also reduces pollution.”

PM Khan said there is no option left now. “People in the olden days treated plantation as compulsory but now we don’t have any choice left,” he added.

“Wherever you are in Pakistan, you should participate in this drive,” he urged. If we want to save the future for our  coming generations, we all have to play our part, he added.

Youngsters can bring a change if they want, he said. “We are fortunate that 60% of our population consists of young people,” he remarked.

Just like the PTI brought change in KP, the whole country will experience cool weather and a reduction in pollution, he said.

The premier said the drive will go on for five years and soon we will notice a change in the country’s climate.

PM Khan also plans to rehabilitate all national parks in the country and set up new parks. He said this would protect wild animals that are becoming endangered.

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