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No rational human being can think of war: PM Khan

SAMAA | - Posted: Sep 13, 2019 | Last Updated: 10 months ago
Posted: Sep 13, 2019 | Last Updated: 10 months ago
No rational human being can think of war: PM Khan

The Indian government is not rational, but racist and fascist, says Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“No rational human being can think of war,” he said in an interview with RT, adding that human minds don’t think like that.

The premier accused the BJP government of following the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevac Sangh) ideology.

Eight million people are under siege and no news is coming of what is happening to these people, the prime minister said while referring to the current situation of Kashmir.

On August 5, India repealed articles 35A and 370 of its constitution, revoking the special status granted to Indian-Administered Kashmir.

PM Khan said he fears that India has been taken over by a government that believes in the RSS ideology.

RSS was a political party which came about in the 1920s inspired by Adolf Hitler and Mussolini, he explained. “The party [BJP] believes in racial superiority and does not consider the minorities as equal citizens.”

The RSS believed in the final solution of what Hitler did to the Jews, he added. Gandhi was assassinated by an RSS ideologist and the ideology was banned in India thrice as a terrorist organization, PM Khan said.

The premier said that many problems arise when an extremist takes over the country. “As many as 200 million Muslims and Christians in India are at threat.”

A fascist and racist ideology has taken over India and it is specifically anti-Muslim, he remarked. PM Khan stated that Pakistan and India were on the verge of war after the Pulwama attack. “It’s madness for two nuclear armed countries to think of war.”

The premier pointed out that the Indian government’s move to take away the rights of Indian-Administered Kashmir is to make the Muslims in Kashmir a minority from a majority. “This is not going to be acceptable to the people of Kashmir,” he said.

For almost six weeks, they [India] have put a curfew in Kashmir and no information is coming out of there, he remarked, adding that the BJP government will intimidate the people [of Kashmir] so much, that they will accept the illegal annexation.

In the last 30 years, 70,000 to 100,000 people have been killed in Kashmir, the premier said. “It’s the most militarised area in the world,” adding that India now has almost 900,000 security personnel.

PM Khan spoke about the miserable situation of people in Indian-administered Kashmir. “There are UN reports of human rights violations, torture, abuse, pellet guns, boys being blinded, and their entire political leadership is under arrest and 4,000 people have been thrown out,” he stated.

“It can’t get any worse than this,” he remarked. The BJP government has violated the UN’s resolution, the Shimla Agreement 1972 and the Indian Constitution, he added.

The premier feared that the BJP government will use force and there will be an unprecedented oppression. “This is genocide,” he said, adding that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has broken every humanitarian law.

The world’s reaction to the Kashmir issue is a disappointment, PM Khan said. “I expected the world to react more than it has,” adding that markets, trade and material gains are much more important to people now.

PM Khan feels that taking away the special autonomous status of Indian-administered Kashmir is not the final move of India, but Pakistan is also at threat. “They will try to take the world’s attention from what is happening in Kashmir, by a false-flag operation,” he said.

Referring to the Pulwama attack in February, the prime minister said Pakistanis were blamed for it. “A 20-year-old Kashmiri boy blew himself up and killed Indian soldiers. The boy’s parents said he was brutalised by the police and radicalised by the security forces but Pakistan was blamed.”

Pakistan asked for proof after India started its blame game. “But instead, India sent its jets to attack Pakistan and used this incident not only to bring attention to Pakistan but to divert attention from human rights abuse [happening] in Kashmir,” he said, adding that there are two UN reports that confirm the abuse cases.

Kashmir has become a nuclear hotspot, PM Khan remarked. The “explosive” situation in Kashmir could escalate way beyond the Indian subcontinent, he added.

He reminded that it would be “the first time [when] two nuclear-armed countries come face to face” after the Cuban crisis of 1962.

He urged the international community to act. “The UN has a responsibly to act now,” he said, adding that it is not good enough to just make statements. He pointed out that the UN came into being after the Second World War, specifically to address such issues.

The world community should put sanctions on trade, he suggested. But “inaction is not an option” because eight million people are at threat by this extreme ideology, he added.

“Sitting and watching this tragedy unfold is not an option,” he said, adding that the world has already witnessed ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.

The premier also clarified that Pakistan can do nothing to resolve the situation of Kashmir. “We cannot send any relief there, because the borders are closed.”

Prime Minister Khan said that he has repeated this on many occasions that the world should not expect Pakistan to engage in bilateral talks to solve the Kashmir issue.”As long as India is putting a curfew and revoking article 370, there is no question of talking to them.”

He said, however, Pakistan will approach every forum to raise the issue. “We will go to any extent of whatever the people of Kashmir want.”

No one should expect that any bilateral talks between India and Pakistan could solve anything, he added.

He urged US President Donald Trump, Russian president Vladimir Putin, China, France, UK and Germany to take action. “The moment that the international community takes interest in Kashmir, they will know about the truth and what is happening in Kashmir.”

PM Khan warned that the Kashmir problem can spiral out of control and that people should be prepared for the worst. “The worst in this case is unimaginable.”

However, the prime minister said, that there is one effective solution left: if the UN intervenes. “The UNSC had promised the people of Kashmir the right for self-determination,” he said, adding that this is what the people deserve- to decide for themselves.

“The freedom movement would be so explosive now that it would be impossible for India not to grant them their right for self-determination.”

Talking about the critics blame that Pakistan keeps Al-Qaeda alive because it gets funding from UN, PM Khan said “Al-Qaeda does not exist anymore”.

The premier remarked that Pakistan’s relations with the US have improved. “My relationship with President Trump couldn’t be better and we get along very well.”

Talking about his recent visit to the US, he said Trump was extremely hospitable.

However, he said the Trump administration does not fully understand the dynamics of Afghanistan. “The Americans will have to leave Afghanistan and I think Trump wants US soldiers to leave it.”

He said the nature of Afghanistan is that you can conquer the country, but staying there is very difficult because the people do not accept foreigners.

PM Khan said the manner of withdrawal from Afghanistan should be planned. “The political settlement should be inclusive and that’s where the Americans should not leave until the settlement takes place, otherwise it would be a chaos.

“The people of Afghanistan want peace, for four decades they have seen blood,” he said.

Pakistan took a serious hit after joining the US-led global campaign against terrorism, Khan revealed. Before that, Islamabad had been training the Islamist Mujahedeen fighters, who were “funded by the American CIA” to wage war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s. But as it was the US’ turn to invade Afghanistan, “these groups turned against us,” he stated.

Islamabad suffered great losses when it joined Washington’s War on Terror, and in the end the US still pinned the blame on Pakistan for its own setbacks in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Khan said.

He added that he wants Pakistan to get closer to Russia. “I had a very good talk with President Putin,” he said, adding that all superpowers should get together to solve the Kashmir issue.

PM Khan said Kashmir had an 80% Muslim majority, and UNSC passed a resolution after Partition that there should be a plebiscite to let the people of Kashmir decide which side they would take. “But that plebiscite never took place.”

“We’ve fought three wars on Kashmir so far and the last one was almost 50 years ago.”

In the last 30 years, a movement started for Independence in Kashmir, after the election in Kashmir was rigged by the Indian government in 1989, he remarked.

The movement started increasing and the more force India used, the strong the desire of people to demand freedom, he explained.

The right for self-determination was given to Kashmiris by the UN but unfortunately, the right has been taken from them, he added.

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