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Who is running for today’s cantonment boards polls in Karachi

Voting to be held from 8am to 5pm

SAMAA | - Posted: Sep 12, 2021 | Last Updated: 1 month ago
Posted: Sep 12, 2021 | Last Updated: 1 month ago

Polling for Karachi’s six cantonment boards began Sunday, September 12.

People can vote for their representatives from 8am to 5pm without any interruptions. According to Regional Election Commissioner Nadeem Haider, a fool-proof security plan has been chalked. “The polling areas in Karachi will be exempted from load-shedding on Saturday and Sunday to ensure the smooth flow of voting,” he said.

All candidates were instructed to end electioneering and canvassing by Friday midnight.

The six cantonment boards in Karachi include Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC), Cantonment Board Faisal (CBF), Cantonment Board Manora, Cantonment Board Malir, Cantonment Board Korangi and Cantonment Board Karachi.

There are a total of 42 wards in the six cantonment boards in Karachi where as many as 350 candidates will be taking part in these elections. Of the total, 240 candidates represent various political parties, while 110 others, including nine women, are running as independent candidates.

Other cantonments to elect representatives today includes Rawalpindi, Chaklala, Wah, Texila, Murree, Attock, Kamra, Jhelum, Mangla, Sargodha, Shorkot, Gujranwala, Kharian, Sialkot, Lahore, Walton, Okara, Multan, Bahawalpur, Pano Aqil, Hyderabad, Peshawar Cantt, Cherat, Risalpur, Mardan, Kohat, Bannu, D. I. Khan, Abbottabad, Murree Gallies, Havelian, Quetta, Zhob, and Loralai, according to a notification issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Some of the wards are hotly contests. The Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) had requested the ECP to deploy the army inside and outside the polling stations. The ECP, nevertheless, rejected the demand.

However, police and Rangers personnel have been deployed at all polling stations, and additional security has been announced for the “sensitive polling stations.”

Forty-two wards in six boards

There are 42 wards in Karachi’s six cantonment boards, with Clifton Cantonment board being the most populace.

Cantonment Board Clifton has 10 wards and 130 polling stations.

Cantonment Board Faisal also has 10 wards and 79 polling stations.

Cantonment Board Malir has 10 wards and 25 polling stations. Cantonment Board Korangi Creek has five wards and 18 polling stations.

Cantonment Board Karachi has five wards and 24 polling stations.

Cantonment Board Manora has two wards and three polling stations.

The total number of registered voters in all six cantonment boards in the city is 466,695. However, most of them fall in Clifton Cantonment Board. Of the total, 244,317 are males while 222,198 are females.

Parties and candidates

Flags of different parties cantonment board elections Karachi
Photo: Online

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, Pakistan People’s Party, Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan, and Pak Sarzameen Party have fielded a majority of candidates.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has fielded their 41 candidates, including a woman.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has fielded 40 candidates, including a woman.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQMP) has fielded 31 candidates.

Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) listed 27 candidates.

Jamaat-e-Islami named 38 candidates, including a woman.

Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) fielded 18 candidates, and another religious party Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek (AAT) seven.

Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PMLF) has fielded 14 candidates.

PMLN has fielded 22 candidates. Only two candidates from the Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUI) are running.

The 110 independent candidates include five women.

The highest number of candidates, 105, are contesting elections from CBC.

In CBF, there are a total of 88 candidates.

As many as 62 candidates are contesting polls from CB Malir.

There are 40 candidates in polls from Cantonment Board Karachi.

At least 49 candidates are contesting elections in CB Korangi Creek, while six candidates are running for polls in CB Manora.

How cantonment boards function

Political parties are contesting cantonment boards’ elections to get their vice-president elected at each cantonment board.

The vice-presidents of all cantonment boards are responsible for municipal issues in their respective areas.

In total, there are six vice-presidents.

The candidates are elected to the post of vice-president on the basis of majority in the cantonment board elections.

The vice-president works under the president of the cantonment board, who is a serving officer of armed forces at the Brigadier level. A CSS officer is appointed as the chief executive officer in all cantonment boards, who acts as the secretary of the board, besides running administrative affairs and acting as a bridge between elected members and army officers.

The cantonment boards’ elections in Hyderabad and Pano Aqil cantonment boards would also be held on Sunday.

Candidates contesting from your areas

1. Cantonment Board Clifton

WARD – 1
1Abdul Waheed Solangi JUI
2Ameer Shah PPP
3Ghulam Akber PMLN
4M. Adil TLP
5M. Mamrez JI
6M. Noman IND
7M. Sohail Ahmed IND
8Majid Khan MQMP
9Mehmood Hussain IND
10Muhammad Ahsan AAT
11Muhammad Ilyas Khan IND
12Muhammad Rafiq Awan PSP
13Muhammad Shafiq IND
14Naveed Ahmed PTI
15Nisar Ahmed IND
16Rashid Hussain IND
17Zafar Hussain IND
WARD – 2
1Anwar Zaib PPP
2Asad Iqbal IND
3Faraz Ahmed Tanoli IND
4Jahanzaib Aslam IND
5M. Fahad Umer IND
6M. Mansoor JI
7Farhan Wazir IND
8Mudassir Iqbal AAT
9Muhammad Imran Sheikh PTI
10Sakhi Sultan PSP
11Sheikh Zulkafeel PMLN
12Tanvir Arshad IND
WARD – 3
1Ch. Mehmood Hussain IND
2Fahad Ali Butt PMLN
3Jawwad Khalid IND
4Manzar Ali PTI
5M. Abdullah MQMP
6Muffaz ul Ahad Rana PSP
7Muhammad Jamil IND
8Najamuddin Siddiqui IND
9Riaz Ahmed Mughal PPP
10Shahid Masood JI
11Syed Moiz Shah IND
12Syed Shahrukh Khan Afghan TLP
13Tahir Buksh AAT
WARD – 4
1Asad Aijaz Sheikh IND
2Hafiz Abdur Rehman  IND
3Kashif Ahmed Khan MQMP
4Muhammd Shariq Nasim PSP
5Parvaiz Ghaffar Rajwani PTI
6Shiraz Shoukat PPP
7Syed M. Khurram Shah PMLF
8Syed Shahid Aleem JI
WARD – 5
1Arshad Ahmed Kheshgi IND
2Asfandyar khan MQMP
3Iftikhar Ahmed PTI
4Javed Iqbal IND
5Nasir Mehmood PSP
6Qasim Malik PPP
7Rehan Iqbal JI
WARD – 6
1Abdul Qadir IND
2Asif Habib PSP
3Aziz ul Haq Suharwardy IND
4Faizan M. Faizi PMLN
5Muhammad Anwar Mughal IND
6Shagufta Nasreen PTI
7Tariq Mahmood JI
8Uzair Ahmed Mughal PPP
WARD – 7
1Ali Ahmed Rafiq Surmawala PSP
2Ashar Qureshi MQMP
3Hamid Khawer PTI
4Muhammad Ashfaq PPP
5Muhammad Ziker Mehanti JI
6Nizamuddin Khan IND
7Saleem Ahmed TLP
WARD – 8
1Aryan Qureshi PTI
2Babar Jamal IND
3Irfan Ahmed IND
4Muhammad Ahmed Shakil IND
5Muhammad Ali JI
6Muhammad Jamil Khan PMLF
7Mushtaq Ahmed Khan PSP
8Nadeem Shakil AAT
9Rashid Rasool MQMP
10Shiraz Arif Khaldi IND
11Sohail Rana IND
12Zulfiqar Ahmed PPP
WARD – 9
1Abdul Hameed IND
2Abdul Hameed Baloch PPP
3Arif Anwer Niazi PTI
4Basharat Hussain PSP
5M. Naveed Aslam PMLN
6Maghoob Islam Butt JI
7Riaz Ahmed Mughal MQMP
8Saad Nazar Qureshi PMLF
WARD – 10
1Ahsan Rasheed AAT
2M. Ahmer Bilwani IND
3M. Yousuf IND
4Muhammad Ismail Gabool PMLN
5Muhammad Najeed PPP
6Raghib Bashir MQMP
7Razaullah Khan PTI
8Rehan Bandukda IND
9Sayyada Rizwana Sohail IND
10Syed Irfan Ahmed PSP
11Syed Muzammil Hussain PMLF
12Talha Shahid JI
13Waqas Sami IND

2. Cantonment Board Faisal

WARD – 1
1Imran Ahmed Jilani IND
2Javed Khan PPP
3Manzoor Ahmed PMLN
4Mahmood Ali Khan PSP
5Muhammad Waheed MQMP
6Najeeb ur Rehman JI
7Waqas Khan Tanoli PTI
WARD – 2
1Babar Siraj Mirza MQMP
2Muhammad Abdul Sami PTI
3Muhammad Asghar PMLN
4Muhammad Farooq Ali Khan PPP
5Usama Bin Saleem IND
6Syed Ibn ul Hassan Hashmi JI
WARD – 3
1Adnan Hussain JI
2Azhar Farooq PTI
3Irfan Ali  PSP
4Muhammad Akber Khan PMLN
5Muhammad Imran IND
6Muhammad Rafay Chawala IND
7Muhammad Rasheed IND
8Naveed Ali MQMP
9Noel Eijaz PPP
10Shahid IND
WARD – 4
1Ali Aashiq PMLN
2Hafeez Muhammad Saqib MQMP
3Mehboob Ali AAT
4Shagufta Yousuf JI
5Syed Fahad Ali PTI
WARD – 5
1Aarish Ali PPP
2Abad ur Rehman MQMP
3Dilshad Ahmed TLP
4Ehtisham ul Haq PMLN
5Fawad Shehroz PSP
6Khursheed Ahmed IND
7Muhammad Bilal JI
8Qamar uz Zaman IND
9Sajida Jaffar IND
10Syed Kashif Haider Zaidi PTI
11Zeeshan Mian Yousufi IND
WARD – 6
1Abdul Rasheed  IND
2Aslam Mumtaz MQMP
3Habib ur Rehman Khan PTI
4Imdad Hussain IND
5Malik Muhammad Anwer Anjum TLP
6Muhammad Arshad PPP
7Mirza Zulfiqar Ali Baig JI
8M. Waleed Kamran IND
9Samina Abid IND
10Shadat Ullah IND
11Shakeel Ahmed Tariq PMLF
12Syed Ishtiaq Ali PSP
13Syed Sajid Hussain Naqvi IND
WARD – 7
1Adnan Yousuf PSP
2Arshad Masood IND
3Mirza Sheeraz Baig MQMP
4Muhammad Zafar Salim IND
5Raees Ahmed TLP
6Shehzada Wajahat IND
7Syed Khalid Farrukh JI
8Syed Zain ul Abideen PPP
9Zeeshan Bashir Farooqui PTI
WARD – 8
1Abdul Sattar PMLF
2Faisal Ahmed Baig IND
3Hammad Ahmed Khan IND
4Hina Sehar IND
5Kashif Ahmed Khan MQMP
6Manzoor Ali PPP
7Mohsin Ali IND
8Muhammad Mobin Korajo IND
9Muhammad Shafiq TLP
10Usama Ahmed Siddiqui JI
11Rashid Ali IND
12Syed Muhammad Tariq Ashrafi PTI
13Syed Naseem Haider Zaidi PSP
WARD – 9
1Malik Azhar Mehmood PMLN
2Meer Bilal Ahmed PTI
3Muhammad Maaz Zuberi MQMP
4Muhammad Umer PSP
5Syed Inam ahmed IND
6Syed Muhammad Kashaf Qaiser JI
7Zeeshan Liaquat PPP
WARD – 10
1Agha Ali Haider PPP
2Fasih ur Rehman PMLN
3Mohsin Ali Soomro IND
4Muhammad Ayub Khan IND
5Murtaza Ali Qureshi IND
6Shakeel Ahmed PTI
7Visaluddin Ahmed Ansari JI

3. Cantonment Board Karachi

WARD – 1
1Junaid IND
2Junaid Muhammad MQMP
3Muhammad Danish Jinia PPP
4Muhammad Munir Shafi PTI
5Shafqat Khan PSP
6Sheriyar Noor IND
7Syed Ahmed Jaan IND
8Waseem Akram TLP
9Ziaullah Khan Durrani IND
WARD – 2
1Ch. Nasir Ali Khan IND
2Muhammad Hashim Mirza PTI
3Sabeel ur Rehman Awan JI
4Saqib Anwer Rehmani PSP
5Wasif Chaman IND
6Ziauddin MQMP
WARD – 3
1Irfan Ghafoor IND
2Miss Rahat Baig TLP
3Muhammad Ayub Khan IND
4Muhammad Umair Siddique PTI
5Nasir Baig MQMP
6Raja Ameer Hamza PPP
7Zubair Ahmed Saleem JI
WARD – 4
1Ch. Abdul Rehman Gujjar JI
2Fayyaz Ahmed IND
3Irshad Ahmed Khan TLP
4Muhammad Asif PTI
5Munir Yalson MQMP
6Noman Ali PMLN
7Rubina Anjum PPP
WARD – 5
1Imran Rasheed PTI
2Imtiaz Ali Shah PPP
3Irshad Ali IND
4Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed JI
5Muhammad Sajid IND
6Muhammad Zahid Ayoubi PMLF
7Munawwar Ali Qureshi MQMP
8Shahid Khan TLP
9Syed Muzaffar Ali IND
10Wahabuddin IND
11Waqar Ali Shah IND

4. Cantonment Board Korangi Creek

WARD – 1
1Azeem Abdullah PMLN
2Ghulam Rasool PMLF
3Gul Sher JI
4Imran Younus IND
5Majid Hussain IND
6Muhammad Adnan MQMP
7Muhammad Saleem Awan PPP
8Nasreen IND
9Noman PSP
10Syed Raees Ahmed IND
11Tariq Saeed PTI
12Ummad Yousuf Butt IND
WARD – 2
1Amir Rafiq Khan Niazi IND
2Adil Bashir IND
3Arsalan Zafar TLP
4Farooq Ali PMLF
5Haseeb Ali PTI
6Muhammad Ramzan AAT
7Muhammad Shoukat PMLN
8Nadeem Akhter IND
9Noushad Ahmed PPP
10Sheharyar Ali IND
11Syed Ibrahim Ahmed MQMP
12Syed Shehzad Gillani JI
WARD – 3
1Asif Latif IND
2Farhan Riaz TLP
3Hassan Zaib Khan PMLN
4Israr Khan IND
5Jehangir Khan JI
6Kamran Khan PTI
7Mehboob Ibrahim MQMP
8Muhammad Haziq IND
9Muhammad Ibrahim PSP
10Muhammad Nasir PPP
11Muhammad Waheed IND
12Aurangzaib Khan IND
WARD – 4
1Danish Abbasi IND
2Muhammad Amir Abbasi PPP
3Muhammad Aqeel Gul JI
4Muhammad Arif Abbasi PTI
5Muhammad Arif Haroon IND
6Muhammad Raeed Akhter TLP
7Nusrat ullah PMLN
8Samiullah Khan MQMP
9Zaheer Ahmed IND
WARD – 5
1Amir Asif JI
2Kamran Asif PPP
3Malik Jawed Iqbal PMLN
4Zohaid Hamid Bhatti PTI

5. Cantonment Board Malir

WARD – 1
1Malik Muhammad Raza JI
2Muhammad Ilyas Raja PPP
3Muhammad Siddique Khan PSP
4Rao Muhammad Ayub Khan PTI
WARD – 2
1Hameed Masih PMLN
2Muhammad Afsar Khan PTI
3Muhammad Ashraf JI
4Pervez SM Sindu PPP
WARD – 3
1Abdul Samad IND
2Adnan Amin PMLF
3Babar Farooq IND
4Fida Hussain PPP
5Imran Khan IND
6Malik Muhammad Hanif JI
7Muhammad Abrar Noorani TLP
8Muhammad Yameen MQMP
9Rao Abrar Ahmed IND
10Rao Muhammad Azam Khan PTI
11Waseem Shoukat PMLN
WARD – 4
1Ali Qasim Syed PPP
2Malik Amanullah Khan PTI
3Muhammad Tahir Alam JI
4Syed Shahzad Hussain Bukhari IND
5Yasir Ali Junejo IND
WARD – 5
1Habib ur Rehman PTI
2Ibadur Rehman MQMP
3Liaquat Ali Jogi IND
4Muhammad Asif JI
5Zartash Mohammad Khan Malik PPP
WARD – 6
1Ali Gohar  PPP
2Ashiq Masih MQMP
3Ehsan Ali PSP
4Imran Shahid JI
5Manzoor Ali PTI
6Sarmad Ali IND
7Waqas Ahmed TLP
WARD – 7
1Abdul Wahid Ghouri JI
2Afzal Bhatti MQMP
3Gulfam Mansha PPP
4John PSP
5Muhammad Mansoor Ali PMLF
6Muhammad Wasif Shah PTI
WARD – 8
1Abdul Ghafoor IND
2Abid Abbas PSP
3Ali Akber PTI
4Muhammad Idrees TLP
5Muhammad Zeeshan Tariq JI
6Syed Abul Hassan MQMP
7Syed Muhammad Abbas Naqvi PMLF
8Wajid Shaikh PPP
WARD – 9
1Ahmed Yasir JI
2Irfan Gulzar PMLN
3Minhajuddin Baqai PMLF
4Muzammil Ahmed Abro PTI
5Soofi Jahanzaib PPP
6Syed Faizan Ali TLP
7Syed Muhammad Hasnain Ali Rizvi MQMP
WARD – 10
1Ayaz Khan PSP
2Ezzat Khan IND
3Jahanzeb PTI
4Shah Mahmood Khan PPP
5Shah Muhammad JUI

6. Cantonment Board Manora

WARD – 1
1Abdul Aleem IND
2Danish PSP
3Muhammad Tayyab PPP
WARD – 2
1Ayaz Khan PTI
2Hidayat Ullah PMLF
3Muhammad Fazal Khan PPP

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