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US troops eat dinner at Pakistani shelter?

The best memes and dark humour

SAMAA | - Posted: Aug 31, 2021 | Last Updated: 3 months ago
Posted: Aug 31, 2021 | Last Updated: 3 months ago

The US troops withdrawing Afghanistan are being turned into memes in Pakistan, with one contingent depicted as eating dinner at an Islamabad shelter. The meme has gone viral, though it stands little chance to make it to the meme collection of the US military at military.com or other similar websites.

Other forms of caricature have also emerged, taking a dig at the US military.

The last US soldier left Afghanistan in the dead of night on August 30. Major General Chris Donahue was the last to board an aircraft at Kabul airport. He was photographed with a night vision camera.

Pakistanis began to make memes of the US soldiers when some of the foreign troops were allegedly spotted and pictured at, what looks like the Islamabad airport. The images show the soldiers wearing military fatigues and preparing to board private vehicles outside the arrival area.

One of the images was tweeted by journalist Anas Mallick. Other Twitter users chose to dig deeper, publishing flight tracker website data to show that a US military C-17 Globemaster III landed at Chaklala airbase in Rawalpindi.

Although the claims could not be corroborated, the government has now banned photography at airports across the country.

The memes

Soon after the first images of troops appear and the government ban was enforced, social media users started sharing memes of the US soldiers. One of the most popular memes shows a group of US troops at a dinner table as a sign on the wall behind them reads “panah-gah” in Urdu script. The word could be translated as “shelter”. Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the panah gah in January this year.

The original image of the US soldiers at the dinner table was taken at the Bagram airbase last year as the troops bowed their heads on Thanksgiving Day. Without paying attention to the details one may be misled to think that the US soldiers are eating dinner at the panah gah.

This meme depicts the US soldier at a dinner table in Islamabad's panahgah shelter.
This meme depicts the US soldier at a dinner table in Islamabad’s panahgah shelter. (Photo Twitter/Facebook)

Other people tweeted the image of the US troops at Islamabad with the caption “absolutely not” and questioned the government why it had allowed the US troops to enter the country, apparently, without visas and undergoing the usual immigration process. The phrase “absolutely not” echoes PM Imran Khan’s response to an Axios interviewer who had asked if Pakistan would allow the US to use its military bases.

Pakistanis also caricatured the US military for its vulnerability.

“Ironic that the Punjab police now have to protect the US soldier,” read another line being shared on WhatsApp groups and Facebook.

US military memes

Two of the most popular US military websites military.com and wearethemighty.com have shared several military memes – sources from various websites – over the years.

One of the most ironic memes shows infantry troops somewhere in Afghanistan as they call in artillery firepower and wait until it “destroys the enemy” before the infantry could “lead”.

A meme that spells the cause of the US failure in Afghanistan (wearethemighty.com)
A meme that spells the cause of the US failure in Afghanistan (wearethemighty.com)

The meme is ironic because it spells the cause of the US failure in Afghanistan.

Afghan journalist Bilal Sarway says that the US “prioritised bombs and drones over the use of ground troops,” a strategy that minimized its losses but that eroded the trust for the Americans.

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  1. Zooni  August 31, 2021 5:15 pm/ Reply

    Afghanistan was a booby trap from the very beginning and American leadership blinded by their hate for Muslims thought of invading a poor country to show their might to the world especially in a cynically difficult neighborhood where there was already a lot of mistrust and infighting. Countries in the Europe and India decided to use Afghanistan as a base for pushing their own agenda targeting Pakistan, Iran Russia & China.

    20 years in nothings and Taliban has a lot of work to do especially on economic and social front. We just hope that the Northern Alliance; funded, supported and managed by enemies of Islam like the racist bigots from the corrupt Hindutva Regime is dismantled for good.
    Countries like India should learn to live and respect the aspirations of Afghanis and learn a big lesson from this entire episode, that charity begins at home. Treatment of minorities has been a major issue in India where Muslims face an existential threat from the top leadership of the country being led by Hindu fascist and supremacist cretins like Modis and jokers like Trumps in America. India is a test case. Its a democracy being run by murderers and Hindu bigots who openly abuse and harass minorities on a daily basis on the basis of religion. Gujarat genocide is a reminder to the world community that allowing genocidal criminals roam free isn’t good enough for the moral higher ground which you preach to others like China & Russia. Indians have been fooling the world for a very long time; times are gradually changing.

    Its time for the Afghan nation to rise from the dust. To raise up in Unity as a nation among nations.

    May Allah grant every Afghan the courage and his peace to build their nation. Muslims countries have given their full weight behind Afghanistan and its culture and its people. Those who are keen on getting sold and enslaved on the streets of India and America and European cities, are free to leave. India a shining example. It destroys Muslim places of worship, kills and taunts Muslims every now on then. Its mainstream television channels call them thugs, villains, rapists, mechanics and what not. Learn your lessons and remember. India follows a simple philosophy “divide and rule”. These Hindu bigots can go to any extent.They might even lick the boots of Pakistanis, Aghanis, Iranis or anyone if required. Money is their God.

    InshaAllah, Afghanistan will succeed, the world will remember it for a very long time to come.

  2. Pakistani  August 31, 2021 5:30 pm/ Reply

    Dinner Pic is Edited, and is from Afghanistan, not Pakistan

    • Patriot  September 4, 2021 10:02 pm/ Reply

      No S**t, Already mentioned in the article.

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