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Pakistan sugar crisis culprits won’t be given any relief: PM

Imran Khan took calls from the public on Tuesday

SAMAA | - Posted: May 11, 2021 | Last Updated: 9 months ago
Posted: May 11, 2021 | Last Updated: 9 months ago

Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking calls from the public to answer all their queries. Pakistanis can dial 051-9224900 and talk to him.

He started the event by speaking about the third coronavirus wave. People must wear masks at all times. "Please wear masks this Eid for the safety of your children, elders, and family members."

The PM said that he doesn't want to impose another lockdown. "Lockdowns affect the poor the most," he said and requested people to follow all precautionary measures.

Here's all what he said during his interaction with Pakistanis:

Pakistan's justice system and law

Law is supposed to protect the oppressed from those in power. All nations that progressed implemented the supremacy of law. Wars don't destroy nations. Look at Japan and the UK, they suffered defeat and were able to rebuild their economies. What truly destroys a nation is a weak justice system and differential treatment between the rich and the poor. We don't believe in interference of the justice system. We endorse the supremacy of law.

Nawaz Sharif attacked courts, bribed judges. The movement against the ouster of former chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry set off a change in our country. I am proud that I was part of the movement. I was even jailed for it.

There are two types of law. Rule of law is where the law is equal for everyone. Another is the law of the jungle, where the powerful can get away with violating the law. When I say Riyasat-e-Madina, it doesn't mean we will have quick solutions. Money laundering is not just our issue, but a problem in every poor country.

Relations with India

We raised awareness about India's Hindutva ideology. Our foreign office played an important role in campaigning against them. The West lectures the world on human rights and inclusiveness but does not condemn the violence against Kashmiris. We will not talk to India unless it takes back its August 5 decision.

Pakistan embassies

We shouldn't have shown our entire conversation with members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our foreign embassies have done excellent work in diplomacy. We will create portals under Foreign Office and embassies to facilitate overseas Pakistan to lodge complaints. If an embassy doesn't solve it, the complaints will be redirected to the government. We need to improve two things about our embassies: consular access and attracting foreign investment.

Water crisis

Every major city in our country will have water issues soon. Cities are expanding fast, and water and sewage issues are increasing. We have made master plans for every city. We are working to ensure water issues are avoided.


The opposition and media have claimed that the country's economy has been destroyed. How are you saying this? Yes, there is inflation and we are working on bringing the prices down.

I've brought in Shaukat Tarin to stabilise inflation in the country.

Low-cost housing in Pakistan

We are developing low-cost housing. A foreclosure law, which was under discussion in court, finally came into existence after the government's two-year long work. This allows people for the first time to get loans from banks to buy their own houses.

We want to create a special bank to provide loans to the poor.

Coronavirus vaccine

We are trying to see if we can manufacture the coronavirus vaccine in the country. Hopefully, we will share the good news with you in the next few days.

Fight against land mafia

He asked people to help in the fight against the land mafia. Report land grabbing cases to us and we will take action. I have declared war on encroachment groups. I have established a portal, and people can complain to me if their land has been encroached upon. The groups comprise ministers, MNAs. They had encroached upon land worth billions. And if any minister thinks we have done anything illegal, they can go to courts. Courts in Pakistan are free. But these politicians will not go to courts, because they know we have done inquiries on the basis of land records. We have so far recovered 21,000 acres of land, worth Rs27 billion.

We brought reforms in civil procedure courts in KP, in which land encroachment cases will be solved in a year. It has not been implemented in Punjab, and we will check why is that.

The premier first took calls from people during a telethon on April 23, 2020 to raise funds for the people affected by the coronavirus lockdown. Since then, he has interacted with the public two times more: February 1, 2021 and April 4, 2021.

Karachi package

After the 18th Amendment, 75% of the money we collect goes to provinces. What do we do after the 18th Amendment? We have introduced a Sindh package, and I announced it in Sukkur some time back.

And now we are introducing a Karachi package and we are in talks with the Sindh government for that.

Pakistan sugar crisis

I will never give NRO to anyone, not because I care about votes, but because I'm answerable to God. Jahangir Tareen says he faced injustice, but I told him clearly that I will not do that to anyone---let alone a party member. I have not been unjust to him.

I promise that people and entities responsible for the increase in the prices of sugar will not be given any relief. I will never give them an NRO. Most sugar mills don't even pay their taxes. I will not spare those who harmed the country's peoples.

Opposition and corruption

We inherited state institutions that were destroyed by PPP and PML-N. It was not easy to fix these institutions. We inherited a current account deficit of $19.2 billion, the biggest in Pakistan's history. Reserves fell to 10 billion. We were bankrupt. Now, the current account deficit is in surplus, and our foreign reserves have increased.

Billion Tree Tsunami

For the first time, there is a government in Pakistan which cares about the environment. We planted a billion trees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Now, we are planting 10 billion across the country.

We plan to clean our rivers, plan our city expansions, create green spaces in our cities. We will build our tourism sector and will bring bylaws to ensure environmental protection.


I've told our foreign minister to talk to Turkish and Saudi foreign ministers to counter Islamophobia globally. One country can't do anything but Muslim countries can unite to fight for the cause. We are doing the same to condemn the recent Israeli violence against Palestinians.

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