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DHA Karachi stormwater concrete slab drains buckle in monsoon rains

Cleaning to be completed by August

SAMAA | - Posted: Aug 8, 2020 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: Aug 8, 2020 | Last Updated: 1 year ago

This car got stuck at Sea View and was removed Friday by CBC staff.

The photograph of a four-by-four vehicle that fell into a storm water drain at Sea View in Karachi went viral on Saturday, driving home the painful reality that DHA has always been unprepared for monsoon rains.  
DHA’s storm water drains were designed in 2004-05 and constructed at a cost of Rs3 billion, by digging up a strip of the road and covering it with concrete slabs with slits. This solution was more like an afterthought for one of Karachi’s largest, most expensive real estate tracts. The concrete crumbles and create an uneven surface for vehicles. These drains are supposed to channel rain water to the sea, but their network is not extensive enough to handle a monsoon.
After DHA constructed these box drains, they were handed over for maintenance to the Cantonment Board Clifton in 2008. “The Rs3 billion was spend on proper channelization of 60% of storm water drains and the DHA administration decided to complete the remaining work at a later stage,” said an officer, who could not be named as they are not permitted to speak to the media.

Number of storm water drains in DHA, Clifton
There are around 40 small and big storm water drains in the jurisdiction of Cantonment Board Clifton. A CBC spokesperson said that they started cleaning the drains by the end of June and 80% of work is done. The rest of the work will be done by the end of August.
The process of cleaning the drains is cumbersome. The staff use heavy machinery to remove the covering slabs and then remove the sludge and garbage that has collected in them.
The CBC spokesperson said that they received a report of vehicle that was stuck on Friday and staff helped pull it out.

These are the locations of CBC storm water drains are one meter wide:
1st Commercial Lane Ph-IV = 244m
3rd Commercial Lane Ph-IV = 368m
5th Commercial Lane Ph-IV = 460m
7th Commercial Lane Ph-IV = 259m
9th Gizri Lane Ph-IV = 421m
Golf Course Road No. 1 B, No. 1-A-10 from 11th Commercial Street to Jami Nullah Ph-IV = 347m
Golf Course Road No.2 B No. 1-A-11-B from 11th Commercial Street B. No. 35A/1, to 43-A Jami Ph-IV = 354m
Golf Course Road No. 3 from 11th Commercial Street B. No. 10-A/II to B. No. 33-A, Jami, Ph-IV = 337m
Golf Course Road No. 4. B No.5-A/II to 11th Commercial Street, Ph-IV = 63m
Nisar Shaheed Road B. No 6/A to 11th Commercial Street Ph-IV = 99m
2nd Commercial Lane from 8th Commercial Street to 11th Commercial Street Ph-IV = 300m
7th Commercial Street to Commercial Avenue Ph-IV = 125m
7th Commercial Street to 2nd Commercial Lane Ph IV = 119m
B.No. 30/1 to 43/16th Commercial Street, Ph IV = 146m
5th Commercial Street from 3rd Commercial Lane B. No 45/II Ph-IV = 142m
2nd Gizri Lane from 3rd Gizri Street to Commercial Avenue Ph-IV = 280m
1st Gizri Street B. No. 19/1 to 2nd Gizri Lane Ph-IV = 192m
Gizri Avenue from 1st Gizri Street to Commercial Avenue Ph-IV = 201m
M-Street from B. No. 13/II to 25/II, Ph-IV = 226m
6th Gizri Lane from N-Gizri Lane to 3rd Gizri Street Ph-IV = 594m
4th Commercial Lane from Commercial Avenue, 8th Gizri Lane to 2nd Gizri Street = 594m
5th Commercial Lane from 3rd Commercial Street to Commercial Avenue Ph-IV = 116m
6th Comm Lane from 3rd Comm Street to Comm Ave, Ph-IV = 116m
9th Commercial Street Ph-IV = 742m
10th Commercial Street Ph-IV = 229m
11th Commercial Street Ph-IV = 1,091m
Commercial Avenue from 4th Commercial Lane to Masjid Bait-ul-Islam = 1,000m

The other storm water drains in CBC limits are 1.25m, 1.5m and 2m wide. They are:
26th Street from Khayaban-e-Shamsheer to 32nd Street Tauheed Ph-V = 366m long and 1.25m wide
E-Street from Shujaat to 26th Street Ph-V = 914m long and 2m wide
Khayaban-e-Shamsheer from 26th Street to Beach Avenue Ph-V = 914m long and 2m wide
B-Street from 28th Street to Beach Avenue Ph-V = 762m long and 2m wide
Kh-e-Bahria from Saba Ave to Beach Ave, Ph-V = 457m long and 2m wide
Saba Ave from Kh-e-Bahria to 7A Street Ph-V = 605m long and 2m wide
Drain along Old Sunset Boulevard = 940m long and 2m wide
Khayaban-e-Seher from 10th Street corner to Khayban-e-Hafiz = 200m long and 1.5m wide

The other storm water drains are 2.75m wide:
Khayaban-e-Seher from Saba Avenue to 10th Street corner Seher = 2,600m
Commercial Ave from Mehmoodabad drain to 4th Commercial Lane = 2,600m

Khayaban-e-Seher from Floating Ship Sea View to Saba Avenue = 600m long and 4.5m wide
Drain along Korangi Road Phase-I from lift station to Mehmoodabad drain = 1,825m long and 3m wide
Nehr-e-Khayyam = 855m long and 4m wide

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