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Blog: Why I chose Science and Sociology for O’ Levels

SAMAA | - Posted: Aug 6, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 months ago
Posted: Aug 6, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 months ago
Blog: Why I chose Science and Sociology for O’ Levels

A photograph of my bookshelf. Credit: Maya Hasan

I’d decided I wanted to take sciences long before subject selection was brought up. It was all pretty simple for me. I wanted to pursue medicine and there was nothing more to it. When it was time to fill out forms, my parents expressed that they would always be supportive of me. In addition to this, while my friends and I wanted to end up in the same classes, nobody was pushed to pick a subject they disliked. I faced no pressure from anyone which made everything a lot simpler.
Still, I wanted to make an informed decision, so I reached out to my aunt. She’d finished studying medicine a while back and knew better than anyone about which subjects to take. She told me I’d need to pick Chemistry and Biology, as well as Add Maths or Physics, since I’d need the math practice too. I chose Physics since I found it really fascinating and I planned on taking it anyway.
The only struggle I faced was whether or not to pick Sociology. I thought it was a fun subject, something new and enjoyable, and I was certain that I’d pick it since the subjects relevant to medicine had been decided. I suppose another benefit of picking it would be that it’s considered to be an “easy A” subject, which is something my aunt brought up. Since she had also studied Sociology, she suggested I pick something else I’d enjoy and that it would be better to take a subject like Sociology externally. In her experience, it only took four months of studying and wasn’t very difficult, that it wasn’t something I should waste two years of my life studying when it could be done in less than half that time.

Parent trap: pressure selecting O’ and A’ Level subjects

I thought about it long and hard; I really didn’t want to waste time, and I did want to study Sociology but I ended up picking it as a subject instead of taking it externally. Ultimately, I felt most comfortable studying in a familiar environment and I didn’t want my parents to waste any money on external education if it was already available to me in school.
I’m very grateful to everyone who helped and supported me because it made everything a lot easier, and I’m quite content with my decisions.

The writer is 14 years old and based in Karachi.

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