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The hits and the misses of Karachi Eat 2020

What to try at the food festival this weekend

SAMAA | - Posted: Jan 12, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 years ago
Posted: Jan 12, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 years ago

Karachi Eat is back and you know what that means: tons of new food to try.

The seventh edition of the popular food festival is taking place from January 10 to January 12 at Beach Park on Edhi Avenue, Sea View. This year the food festival will host over 100 eateries.

SAMAA Digital visited the festival to check out the food. Here are some reviews of the food we tried.

DISCLAIMER: We received free samples from some restaurants. This did not, however, affect our review.

Cheese Corn Dog by MSA Bake Away

This American carnival favourite was a hit! It was fried to perfection and not greasy at all. It’s half sausage and half cheese, all fried. The distribution of cheese to sausage was confusing though. I assumed the entire thing would be sausage covered in cheese but it wasn’t. Being on a stick, it’s easy to eat.
Price: Rs250
Value for money: Yes

24k Ice Cream by Rigos

I’m not sure how gold is supposed to taste but this tastes like nothing. You choose your ice cream base and Rigos adds two gold flakes. I chose Oreo cheesecake but this tasted like kulfi. Definitely not worth it.
Price: Rs500
Value for money: NO

Cheesy Chicks by Chick-Out-The-Cheese

This is just another case of too much mayo spoiling the broth. At Rs300, these guys are serving two pieces of crispy chicken with fries. While the serving size is good, the sauce was just too overpowering and took away the actual taste of the chicken. Fries were just yum though!
Price: Rs300
Value for money: Not really!

KhowSaMosa by Burmese Bowls

This was a shot of coconut curry with an Aloo Samosa topped with Khauosey condiments. While it’s festival-friendly for being easy to hold and bite sized, but a bit disappointing and oily tastewise.
Price: Rs70
Value for money: Yes, if flavours can be improved

Grilled Chilli Chicken Dog by Cheesy Boys

Served in a bed of soft bread that melts in your mouth, the grilled Grilled Chilli Chicken Dog was an absolute hit!
However we feel like the boys went a little overboard with the mustard sauce as the hot dog turned very tangy after getting mixed with the pickles. It was still very messy even after being served in a box. Bring tissues along if you want to try their food.
Price: Rs350
Value for money: yes

Korean Nuggets by The Nugget Town

Crispy pieces of nuggets tossed in Korean sauce and served with mac and cheese were definitely a hit. The spicy and sweet flavours were blended in really well.
If you’re not a fan of mac and cheese, you can also try it with a base of poutine. It was festival-friendly and very filling too.
Price: Rs360
Value for money: Yes

Churro Pop by Brew Factory

The Churro Pop was a mouthful. We got the hazelnut churro pop with the biscuit topping. It was piping hot and gooey but it would have hit the spot if it wasn’t so pricey.
Price: Rs350
Value for money: Not really

Smoreo by The Crepery

Oh crepe! The combination of oreos and crepe sounds yummy but we thought it needed more marshmellows. You will love it if you are a fan of dark chocolate. The dish costs Rs350, which is not bad for the serving size.
The only problem is that you will have to find a table to enjoy the treat.
Price: Rs350
Value for money: Nope

Matka Haleem by Khan Haleem

These guys definitely had one of the cutest servings. Eating haleem in a cute little matka is super convenient. You can enjoy it while walking or standing in long queues with friends. Priced at Rs250, this is one dish that you will not regret having.
Price: Rs250
Value for money: Totes!

Dirty Mexican by Drty Dogs

Drty Dogs remained one of the most overcrowded stalls. Their Drty Mexican hotdog can get quite dirty with all the sauces and flavours.
The taste was totally living up to its hype, definitely worth a round two.
Price: Rs350
Value for money: YASSS

Namak Pyarey by Kuiya

Served on the crunchy bed of Namak Paray drizzled with homemade dark chocolate sauce with a sideline of vanilla ice, who knew it would be the perfect snack ever.
The saltiness of the Namak Paray was beautifully balanced with ice cream and dark chocolate and it was picture perfect. It was the perfect snack to tag along.
Price: Rs250
Value for money: Definitely yes!

Mex Stuff by PLAN B

If your spice tolerance is zero, we would recommend that this dish is not for you!
It was beautifully topped with cheese sauce and pickles but we were quite sad to find out that the bun had only a few chicken pieces.
It would have been the perfect dish if it could have balanced spices and more chicken.
Price: Rs300
Value for money: No

Fried Bao Ice Cream by Basic

A fried bao bun with ice cream and a topping. Bao buns are a Taiwanese staple and pairing them with vanilla ice cream and biscoff and frying them is a great idea. My favourite part of this was hands down the fried bun. Too much ice cream made it a bit difficult to eat.
Price: Rs300
Value for money: It’s a yes

Hot Mess by Delina

The hot mess from Delina is not a regular dessert you should look forward to. The layer of lotus crumbs on the sponge cake is the perfect combo. The serving is good for two!
Price: Rs350
Value for money: Yes

Desi Mac n Cheese by Mac & Spud

The combo of mac n cheese with the garnishing of khaoswuey ingredients was a very bad idea. The strong taste of onion and green chillies made it taste like chana chaat with milk. Not recommended at all.
Price: Rs350
Value for money: Not at all

BBQ Prawns by Optimus Prawn

This is the best of the two prawn dishes being served at the festival. These prawns are cooked with skin. The crisp prawn legs are meant to be eaten and for somebody who isn’t a fan, they taste divine!
Price: Rs400 (3 pieces)
Value for money: Yes

Grilled Beef Burger by Carbie

Pretty much your basic beef cheeseburger. The beef was grilled smoothly and melted in your mouth. I liked how it was cut in half and served with a cute flag. There’s definitely room to experiment with sauces. It was festival-friendly and definitely a hit. Carbie had one of the longest lines.
Price: Rs350
Value for money: Yes

Hunter Steak Sandwich by Little Hunter

Portable and non-messy, this hunter beef sandwich had just the right ratio of meat to bun. The hunter beef was crispy and delicious, a change from the overly chewy hunter beef that is readily available in the market. Would like to see this in the market with more layering. This festival-friendly treat was definitely a hit.
Price: Rs350
Value for money: Yes

Tiramisu by Butter and Scoop

It didn’t taste as good as it looked, which was a pity since the serving size was big. There was none of the quintessential coffee flavour of Tiramisu. The frosting tasted like weak cocoa mixed with cream. The base was spongy but bland. They got the texture right but really need to work on the taste. It was festival-friendly though.
Price: Rs220
Value for money: No

Skillet cookie by The Story

Baked to perfection right in front on your eyes, the cookie was served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The ice cream was the perfect combo with the cookie. What we loved about this cookie was that it was crunchy from the outside and gooey from the inside. The sweetness was also balanced. Our favourite thing about this stall was that all the cutlery used is bio degradable. It was a festival-friendly hit!
Price: Rs300
Value for money: Yes

A gas shortage at the venue left several vendors in a panic, as they weren’t able to start cooking.

The event was held from 4pm to 10pm on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the festival will start at 12:30pm and continue till 10:30pm.

Tickets cost Rs450.

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