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‘They’re marching because they know I won’t let them go’

PM says he still won't give the opposition an NRO

SAMAA | - Posted: Nov 1, 2019 | Last Updated: 2 years ago
Posted: Nov 1, 2019 | Last Updated: 2 years ago

Photo: AFP

The reason for the Azadi March is because these politicians know Imran Khan will not let them get away, said the premier at a charged up rally in Gilgit-Baltistan Friday afternoon. 

As you are celebrating your independence day, there is an independence movement going on in Islamabad too, said PM Imran Khan. “But who are they coming to get independence from?” he asked. If the media asks the people gathered there, I’ll tell you what they’ll say, said the premier. “The PPP workers will say inflation has risen. The PML-N won’t know why they’re there in the first place and the JUI-F will say Jews are taking over Islamabad.”

I want to tell them something, said the premier. “There is no Jewish conspiracy needed when you have Fazlur Rehman,” he said, adding that Pakistan’s enemies are very pleased with his Azadi March. The Indian media is so happy to show him on their channels that it is like Fazl is in an Indian national, claimed PM Khan, adding that it seems like Fazl has come to get independence for India.

He slammed him for using Islam for votes and to make money. “This is hurting Islam. People who don’t know anything about Islam are going to see him and think Fazl is Islam’s contractor. No one will come to Islam by looking at him, instead they might even leave Islam,” he said. PM Khan accused the JUI-F chief of selling out Islam when diesel permits come into play.

Pakistan needs to understand that he is trying to make money using Islam’s name, said the premier. He said no one can hide their statements in this digital age. “People know the real reason why the march is being held,” he said. He slammed the opposition members who had joined Fazl and said Mahmood Khan Achakzai of the PkMAP has always opposed the JUI-F but is now in cahoots with them. “Bilawal, who calls himself a liberal, is only liberally corrupt because he has joined them too,” said the PM.

They talk of Islam but their conscience has a price, he said, adding that all these “unemployed” people are now together in Naya Pakistan. “Sit as long as you want. When your food runs out we’ll even send some food over for you,” he said. “But you aren’t going to get an NRO.”

He said the reason why the opposition was holding the Azadi March was because their corruption cases were before them. “The level of corruption that they engaged in, they’re scared of when their turn is going to come.”

He slammed the opposition and said they filled their pockets with loan money and left Pakistan’s economy in shambles. They’re all billionaires, he said. Referring to former finance minister Ishaq Dar, he said “If you didn’t steal anything, then why did you run? Answer for this.”

When you ask these people for accountability, they say democracy is in danger or that there is a lot of inflation, said the premier. But the most inflation was in the PPP’s tenure and the PML-N’s first year, he claimed. They think I will get pressured, but I have worked against corruption for 22 years, said the premier. “I promised God one day that I would catch those people who looted my country and spread poverty and sent them to jail.”

He went on to discuss how corruption hurts countries and said there is less money to spend on human development, which he called the only way to make a country prosper.

They think I will resign but I know why they’re doing this, said PM Khan. “They know Imran Khan will not leave them be. I will send you to jail,” he vowed. “As long as they aren’t punished, and aren’t made an example of before the Pakistani people, people won’t fear stealing.”

He also discussed Gilgit-Baltistan at the rally and said if tourism in the region improves, the whole of Pakistan will benefit. “No leader knows you like me,” he claimed, adding that attention will be paid to the region like no federal government has ever paid before.

Infrastructure, facilities, places for tourists to spend money and skiing resorts were some of the reasons he said Switzerland had prospered and things he believes Gilgit-Baltistan needs. He said he was in talks with other countries who can develop this infrastructure and make these facilities. He also said he was in talks to set up a service industry training university. That way you won’t have to leave here to get jobs, he said.

The premier also said that a private sector investor is also in talks to set up a fruit processing plant in the region, where he said the world’s sweetest apricots grow.

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