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PM renews promise for Madina-like welfare state in Pakistan

SAMAA | - Posted: Nov 10, 2019 | Last Updated: 7 months ago
Posted: Nov 10, 2019 | Last Updated: 7 months ago
PM renews promise for Madina-like welfare state in Pakistan

Photo: Imran Khan/Facebook

Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated his promise to turn Pakistan into a welfare state modeled on the state of Madina at an event organized on Sunday by the Ministry of Interfaith Harmony and Religious Affairs for Eid Miladun Nabi. 

I stress on the state of Madina and the life of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) so that people can learn from his life, he said. I spent my youth in Western countries, playing cricket and I know the whole of Pakistan, said the premier. This realisation is one that I’ve come to after living my life, he said.

When I was younger, my father used to force me to go to the mosque for Friday prayers and I only went because I respected him, he said. I also went on Eid but inside, inside I had no faith, said the prime minister. This journey of mine to faith has come about because I have lived my life, he said, calling it a long journey that is still ongoing.

Faith is like an ocean, he said. “The deeper into it you go, the move layers you uncover and the more you learn, you realise that you know very little at all.”

In life, we always have role models, said PM Khan. When I was younger, they were cricketers, he said, adding that while they may change, people always have a role model. When I was growing up, they never told us and we never realised that Hazarat Muhammad (pbuh) should be our role model, he said. That was religion and that was separate, he said.

Our role models were pop stars, cricketers and movie stars, he said, adding that they didn’t realise the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was the greatest role model. I learned this but I never said anything about it or the state of Madina before the election, said PM Khan. “This is because I knew people would say that I am just saying this to get votes.”

I started mentioning the state of Madina later, he said. “This is my faith,” he said. “If you want to become a good, respected person, use Hazarat Muhammad (pbuh) as your role model. If you want the nation to prosper, you need to build it on the state of Madina.”

This is something that has been proven, he said. The people around the Holy Prophet (pbuh) were also respected, he said, adding that they saw him and became leaders themselves.

It is unfortunate that they do not teach this in schools but we are going to change that, vowed PM Khan. “Each child should know how the Holy Prophet (pbuh) changed a whole nation.”

We should study this phenomena and tell our children about it, he said. We don’t study it right now, we just hear it during the Friday sermon and forget about it, lamented the premier. “But this is a part of our history, and our children know nothing about it.”

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) was part of history, we know everything about him because it has been documented, he said. “No other prophet’s life is a part of history like this, so we can study it,” he said. The premier said he wanted universities to also research this so that they understand it.

Under the state of Madina, Muslims were on top of the world for 1,000 years, he said. Today, we have big challenges in our society and mobile phones are one of them, he said. We must tell our children why Muslims flourished and why they stopped, he said.

PM Khan also discussed Allama Iqbal and his philosophies and research. He studied both Western civilisations and Islam and knew what had happened, he said. He quoted Iqbal and said when a nation falls, it is because they stray from the principles of the state of Madina and when it rises, it is because it grows closer to those principles.

My mission is to educate our youth so that they understand the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) character and what he did for Muslims, he said.

What was it that made people in Malaysia and Indonesia convert to Islam after seeing traders’ characters, asked the premier. Answering his own question, he said it was because they saw honesty and truth in them. “Truth has power, truth gives people power.”

He also spoke of missions and how a person’s mission should be bigger than themselves. Making money isn’t a mission, bettering people’s lives with that money is, he said, adding that no one remembers the millions of rich men in history, they only remember the ones who helped people with their riches.

PM Khan vowed to make Pakistan into a welfare state, one where injustice is finished. I have faith that Paksitan will rise when we follow those principles, he said. People ask me where Naya Pakistan is or where the welfare state I promised is, and I tell them, it is a jihad, a process, one that might not be realised in our lifetimes, he said. The premier also said that people tell him he has very little compassion for politicians who have stolen money.

Compassion is for the poor, for the weak, not for these people who have stolen the country’s money, he said. Giving NROS and such compassion is how our country has been destroyed, he said.

We need to tell the truth and be compassionate towards the poorer segment of society, said PM Khan, adding that they are our responsibility. Speaking of responsibilities, the premier said Pakistan gives the most charity and the least tax in the world. “I will try and show you the principles of the state of Madina in Pakistan, I will bring them, but I ask my nation, you need to change yourselves, it is your responsibility too. Giving bribes and not paying taxes is not the way to become a great nation,” he said.

He urged the ulema to help the government and promote the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) life and guide them.

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