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Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif ‘totally reject’ indemnity bond condition

SAMAA | - Posted: Nov 14, 2019 | Last Updated: 8 months ago
Posted: Nov 14, 2019 | Last Updated: 8 months ago
Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif ‘totally reject’ indemnity bond condition

We totally reject the government’s condition that Nawaz Sharif has to pay Rs7.5 billion in indemnity bonds before being allowed to leave the country, PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif told the media during a conference in Lahore on Thursday. 

He called the bonds a “lie” and said the government was trying to fool the people. They’re trying to say ‘we got Nawaz and Shehbaz to pay Rs7.5 billion’, he said. “Therefore, Nawaz Sharif and I and our party, we have rejected this condition and we don’t accept it at all,” he said.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan should depoliticise this human issue. But regardless, you could neither give or take an NRO, he said.

Shehbaz said his brother is facing many illnesses and will continue to do so. “I ask the government, when, on July 6, 2018, a trial court gave a verdict against Nawaz and Maryam, and Nawaz was by his very sick wife’s bedside, and left her to come back to Pakistan on July 13 and went straight to jail, did you ask for an indemnity bond or surety bond? He came without it,” said the PML-N chief.

“Now, two high courts have given him bail and said he can go abroad for treatment but the government is doing politics on the issue,” condemned Shehbaz, adding that there is little worse and more disgraceful than this. This is the real issue and should be put in front of the people, he said.

Listing Nawaz’s achievements, he said no court slapped this condition on him yet he is being asked to pay a bond. “When the whole country is worried about his health, the government is only worried about politics,” said Shehbaz, reiterating that they will never accept this condition.

Legal experts have also rejected and condemned this and said there is no legal standing or compulsion for him to pay the bond, said Shehbaz. Our soft-spoken law minister, Farogh Naseem, said if the law is silent, then they can talk about it, said the PML-N chief. “I’m not a lawyer but big lawyers in Pakistan have condemned it and said there is no justification for it,” he said.

He accused the interior ministry and NAB of tossing the ball between themselves. Nawaz’s health has been made into a shuttlecock between NAB and the interior ministry, he said, accusing them of doing dirty politics on his health.

On October 22 night, Nawaz’s health deteriorated at the NAB office and his platelet count dropped to 15,000 or 16,000, said Shehbaz, who added that they rushed him to the hospital where his platelet count dropped to 2,000 the next day. “It is a miracle in medical history that there was no internal bleeding,” he said. He also said that because of the doctors giving Nawaz medicine for his platelets and reducing his blood thinners, he suffered from angina and a cardiac episode.

Even Dr Shamsi, the expert brought in by the Punjab government, advised that Nawaz be taken abroad, to Boston or Europe, for treatment, said Shehbaz. Despite multiple ministers and even the prime minister saying that they would facilitate Nawaz’s departure, nothing was done, claimed Shehbaz.

We paid a surety of either Rs10 million or Rs20 million in the Lahore High Court and Rs4 million in the Islamabad High Court, and both those courts said Nawaz can be treated anywhere in Pakistan or abroad, yet the government is adding conditions to deceive the public, said Shehbaz.

Nawaz’s health is the most important thing, everything else is subordinate, he said. But what is the reason for the indemnity bond condition, he asked. If, theoretically, we were to sign it, Imran Khan will wave it around and say ‘I got the money out of them’, he said, calling the premier someone with a small mind.

When he got hurt, we went to the hospital, both I and Nawaz Sharif went to the hospital to see him, said Shehbaz. “We’re not expecting this from him but it’s human values and humanity,” he said.

“You’re polarizing the country’s politics.” He called it poisonous politics on human health and illness, something he said he never though he would see.

For God’s sake, stop doing politics on his health, he said. “May God give him health and if there is a delay because of the government, if something happens, the nation will not be able to handle it,” he said.


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  1. Shah  November 14, 2019 5:13 pm/ Reply

    Liers can’t be trusted, Govt. should replace bonds with the Shahbaz Shareef. Fair enough ?

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