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Multan man sets up food stall for Rs10 a meal

August 1, 2019
Multan man sets up food stall for Rs10 a meal

While restaurants across the country increase their menu prices every month, Sadiq Jamil wants to feed people for just Rs10.

He has set up a food stall at MDA Chowk in Multan where he sells daal (lentils), roti (bread), rice and mithai (sweets) for the low price of Rs10.

The stall is for people who cannot afford to eat three meals a day, says Jamil. People should come forward and set up affordable food stalls near hospitals, railway stations and bus stations, he urged.

“The stall has made my life easy and I come here every day to have lunch and even take food home for my family,” said a rickshaw driver who is a regular customer.

Jamil is physically impaired and says he wants to do something that can a make a change.

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    Ahafiq   August 1, 2019 3:15 pm/ Reply

    Well done

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