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Lahore woman’s family being threatened not to pursue murder case

SAMAA | - Posted: Aug 21, 2019 | Last Updated: 6 months ago
Posted: Aug 21, 2019 | Last Updated: 6 months ago
Lahore woman’s family being threatened not to pursue murder case


A boutique owner was shot dead on Lahore’s Bund Road while she was on her way to Liberty. Eleven days have passed but the police haven’t even started investigating the case, her family claims. To add to their troubles, the family has now started receiving threats to stop pursuing the murder case. 

“My son, who studies at SKANS School of Accountancy, was standing outside the college when some men approached him to told him to withdraw the case,” Ghulam Hussain, the deceased’s father, told SAMAA TV on its programme Naya Din on Wednesday.

Amna, his daughter, didn’t have any rivalries. She was just running a small boutique with her sister, he said. “We have no enemies. I don’t know how someone can kill anyone so ruthlessly,” he said.

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He said that he registered a case with the police the night of the murder. “No one has approached me since. They haven’t even asked me what happened,” he said. I even filed a complaint on the PM’s citizens’ portal and finally, its status has become active, but no one has done anything about it, Hussain added.

The father of the deceased said that he is tired of paying the police to conduct the investigation. “They took Rs6,000 from me for the postmortem examination, then Rs10,000 another time. Later, I paid them Rs5,000. But nothing has been done.”

The police are capable of telling the poor to sell the cutlery to give them money, Hussain accused.

He claimed the police have been delaying the case. “The first night I gave them some evidence and told them who could’ve done it, but they just sat on it and did nothing. This case could’ve been solved a long time ago if the police were actively working on it,” the father said.

“How long will it go on like this? Why are they taking money? I will eventually have to sell everything in my house, I will have to start living in the streets. All because I have no power. Where will we go?” he asked.

Whenever I call the police to ask them about the case, they tell me that they are working on it, said Hussain. “Sometimes they don’t have a tracker and other times it’s something else,” he said. I am not satisfied with the way this investigation is going, Hussain added.

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“I have lost my daughter and now my other children are being threatened not to leave their house as well. I can’t even run my business,” he said.

He said no one has even asked him if they want security. The institutions do nothing for the common people, he said. “People who engage in corrupt practices are given all sorts of security protocols. Their children travel with guards, and no one can even touch their dogs. We, on the other hand, have nothing.”

On August 10, Amna was shot dead inside a Careem car on Bund Road. The police said that Amna had booked a Careem ride and was travelling to Liberty when the firing occurred.

The cab’s driver, Liaquat, told the police that he had picked up the woman from a housing society on Multan Road. The woman then asked the driver to park the car near Bund Road and called a man to meet her there. When the man came, she asked him for money. He, however, opened fire on her and she died on the spot, the driver added.

The police have detained two people, including the deceased’s best friend, in the case.

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  1. Avatar
      Shahid saleem  August 21, 2019 7:06 pm/ Reply

    New pakistank. Soon u will see more worse. PTI not intrested in any thing. Why they want to destroy blessing of God?

  2. Avatar
      Neha  August 21, 2019 10:34 pm/ Reply

    Government should take action in this case

  3. Avatar
      Wasif  August 22, 2019 5:15 am/ Reply

    Who so ever can leave Pakistan must go away..
    Nothing will improve, new faces will keep coming with new promises

  4. Avatar
      Syed Irfan  August 22, 2019 10:01 am/ Reply

    Govt should take action against rishwat & resolve the case

  5. Avatar
      Afsos  August 22, 2019 3:52 pm/ Reply

    I think people forgot the case on a highway… hathi k dant khana k or dekhana k or ..

    Only tax tax tax bus or kuch ne ….

  6. Avatar
      Zain naqvi  August 23, 2019 1:19 pm/ Reply

    Pakistan is a place of hell for the honest and underpriviledged persons.

  7. Avatar
      Ejaz Hussain  August 23, 2019 3:56 pm/ Reply

    Govt should take steps towards this and should provide justice to the victim’s family as soon as possible

  8. Avatar
      Tariq Malik  August 24, 2019 9:03 pm/ Reply

    Shame for the the Administrators who r dealing the case in such a way. Provide security to the deceased family.

  9. Avatar
      Awami-Walu  August 27, 2019 10:04 am/ Reply

    Its not about government, but the specific department, we have to be strong and start terminating all the corrupt personnel from every government department.

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