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Institutions are using PM Imran Khan: Riaz Pirzada

SAMAA | - Posted: Jul 4, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: Jul 4, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Says he is not leaving the PML-N

Senior PML-N leader Riaz Pirzada said on Thursday that Prime Minister Imran Khan is not capable of using the state institutions and is instead being used by them.

“The institutions are using him,” Pirzada told SAMAA TV. “He is not competent enough to use the institutions.”

“It is neither a parliamentary system, nor a presidential system,” the PML-N leader said.

Pirzada said that the people are disappointed with the budget. The employees of big institutions are also disappointed, he added.

The PML-N leader said that these institutions which are “taking a stand in favour of budget have no business in poking their nose into the parliamentary system."

A few days ago, there were rumours on electronic and social media that Pirzada had met PM Imran Khan along with other PML-N lawmakers and were jumping ship. Pirzada categorically denied the rumours.

“How can I leave Nawaz Sharif when he is in jail?” he asked. “Nawaz Sharif will rid the country of all the problems.”

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  1. Non Resident Pakistani  July 4, 2019 10:48 pm/ Reply

    Looks like UNCLE is not very happy, probably while trying to jump the ship he landed in the water and is not happy about it. I like the analogy of aging vine, UNCLE is waiting for bottle to age in the jail so he can enjoy the drink when it is out, he probably not aware that the bottle in the jail is an open bottle might not taste good, if and when it comes out…………… either quit drinking or live rest of you life in illusion.

  2. Panjwani  July 5, 2019 12:35 am/ Reply

    Mr. Pirzada, I thought you also was not competent to work positively for the country under your corrupt leader Nawaz Sharif. Imran Khan is going very well and hopefully future of this country is bright. All corrupt politician particularly from PMLN and PPP should be behind the bars.

  3. Rana  July 5, 2019 5:35 pm/ Reply

    Point is who is saying this, pirzada sahab is waiting for a chance which is impossible in PMLN for you. Since you are one of the creep and legacy of corruption as well. You will be duly treated in few days by NAB

  4. Khan abdul  July 5, 2019 8:35 pm/ Reply

    Its to early to say any thing about present govt working. Let the two years completed than a clear picture and ditection will emerge. There is no doubt presnt govt making mistakez on different occassion and different sectors. No doubt there are lot of conterversial people are involved in govt functionary . Imran khan really lacks in analyses people surrounding him bcause he dont have experince of moving all around pakistan deep into masses in last 23 years. He was use to moving around in certain specific areas so difficult to analyse critically. Any how its realistic he deserve to be given full chance to complete his tenure as given to past govts. One should not to lose hope and give up only by criticising instead earnestly pray to Allah to help our country to come out from real crises

  5. Khan abdul  July 5, 2019 8:51 pm/ Reply

    Lets give the time to govt to complete their 5 years term if they perform they will be benefited in next election. Pray to Allah to help our country to come out from crises. Ameen

  6. Muzahir Ali  July 6, 2019 8:50 am/ Reply

    Pirzada sahb it is looking like to you that PM Imran khan is being used by the institutions of Pakistan, but the people like you why not nevever noticed that your leader in jail always used by and did best job for the institutions of the enemies of Pakistan. Nawaz did good to the enemy of pakistan and helping them in their strategy to weakened the Pakistani institutions by different measures. This all will be unveiled when we will come out of just personal interests.

  7. Cmd  July 7, 2019 2:37 am/ Reply


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