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PML-N’s Rana Mashhood barred from travelling abroad, summoned by NAB

June 29, 2019

PML-N leader Rana Mashhood was barred from boarding a US bound flight at the Lahore airport early Saturday morning after immigration officials informed him he was on the Black List. 

He was given the green light to leave the country after his flight had already taken off. NAB then issued him a summons for July 8.

Speaking to SAMAA TV, Mashhood said he had meetings in the US from July 4 to 11 and reached the airport at 4:30am for his Qatar Airways flight. However, he was stopped at the immigration desk and told that he was on the Black List. When he expressed his surprise and asked who had placed his name on the list, he was informed that it had been done by NAB.

When Mashhood asked the immigration officials why his name was on the list, he was told that they would contact NAB and find out. The former Punjab sports and education minister said there is a difference between the ECL and the Black List; the main one being that when your name is on the Black List you have to be informed of it. He says he was never informed of this development.

After two hours, someone at NAB finally responded and said he had no idea about the issue and that he would consult his seniors. An hour or so later, they informed the immigration authorities that there was nothing against him and that he could leave but by then his flight had already departed.

I came home after that but I condemn this action and these false accusations, he said.

First they said there was corruption of Rs20 billion, then Rs7 billion and then Rs5 billion, he said. After a Rs130 million reference and six-year inquiry they themselves said there is nothing against me, said Mashhood.

He will now appear before NAB on July 8 in connection to a reference about alleged corruption in the Punjab Youth Festival. He has been told to bring his records with him.

Already arrested in the case is Usman Anwar, the director-general of the festival. Hamza Shahbaz’s name has also come up in the case but he has not been summoned yet.

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