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Fawad Chaudhry admits he slapped Sami Ibrahim

June 16, 2019
Fawad Chaudhry admits he slapped Sami Ibrahim

File photo: APP

Fawad Chaudhry, the minister for science and technology in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet, has admitted that he slapped Bol News anchor Sami Ibrahim.

According to BBC Urdu, Ibrahim and Chaudhry came face to face at a wedding Thursday night in Faisalabad.

The minister told BBC Urdu that he slapped Ibrahim after he got angry. Chaudhry said that he made a new advertisement policy when he was minister for information and divided the channels into A, B, C and D categories on the basis of ratings.

Ibrahim, he said, approached him and asked him to put his channel into category A and asked for an adjustment of Rs20 million.

Chaudhry said that Ibrahim ran a campaign against him and tried to blackmail him when he [Chaudhry] declined. However, Ibrahim said that he was sitting with PTI MNA Farrukh Habib, FIA DG Bashir Memon as well as journalists Rauf Klasra and Arshad Sharif last night at a wedding when he heard someone using abusive language.

He claimed that Chaudhry slapped him without saying a word. The anchorperson claimed that his glasses fell to the ground with the force of the blow but he didn’t respond to Chaudhry.

Ibrahim said that he had approached the police to file an FIR against Chaudhry but was told immediate action couldn’t be taken on his application.

The anchorperson has denied that he asked for Rs20 million. He claimed that he had evidence that the science and technology minister was conspiring against the government but the minister responded with a slap to his face instead of responding to the reports.

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  1. Avatar
    Gull_e_zahra   June 27, 2019 10:16 am/ Reply

    I think it’s not good for a politician to give a slap on an anchor’s face.politician should be polite and kind.He should have been a matter of patience.It will be better for our country and nation.From that behavior no one can convey their issues and problems to the government.Politicians must stop their rude behavior

  2. Avatar
    Zargham Rind   September 8, 2019 7:33 am/ Reply

    I condemn this act by the minister for science and technology, If you are not a man having temperament of patience than you must not be a politician choose another field according to your temperament. Secondly physical assault cannot be justified, does not matter that what was the reason to respond like this, and last but not the least, Fawad Choudhry Sahab! just have a look at your designation and respect which is given by Allah Almighty to you. Every action calls for an equal and opposite same reaction. It just a matter of time.

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