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Couple Nama: Karachi vloggers get real about parenting, everyday problems

June 18, 2019
Couple Nama: Karachi vloggers get real about parenting, everyday problems

A Karachi couple hopes to bring about a positive change into the lives of young pairs and parents through their video blog, Couple Nama.

“We don’t want a lot of followers, even if we are able to affect one person then that is enough,” said Muneeba Yousaf.

Yousaf and her husband, Yousaf Kamran, were speaking about their vlog on SAMAA TV’s morning show Naya Din on Tuesday.

“The idea for it was first given to me by one of my friends from A levels,” said Kamran. “He said that he saw many couples around him who were facing problems and he thought that I had a much healthier relationship with my wife. He really liked the way we were raising our child,” he said. “But, like any other advice from friends, I ignored it.”

Later on, the person heading the Islamic school their child has been enroled also advised them to spread ‘khair’ (goodness) in the world.

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“It was like a third-party perspective for us. We thought that we are wasting our lives by not doing any good,” Kamran, who works at an asset-management company, said.

The couple then made a page on Facebook and a logo. However, many people told them they should be wary of the ‘evil eye’ as everything for them has been so smooth sailing. This created doubts in their minds and they weren’t so sure that this is the way forward for them.

The doubts were cast aside once they met the principal of the Islamic school. “We met him during a parent-teacher meeting. He told us that the work of ‘khair’ should not be stopped because of such fears. He encouraged us to believe in the power of prayers,” said Kamran.

The same day, the left the school, sat in their car and shot their first video. “The topic came naturally to us,” said Yousaf. “We noticed a majority of mothers came to the school for the meeting and fathers weren’t there. So we spoke about that.”

In other videos, they have touched on a myriad of topics such as the stigma of a husband helping his wife with household chores and what to pack as travel essentials.

Kamran accepted that their production quality isn’t so great but that is something he wants to improve. “We don’t script anything. If you look at our videos, you will realise that we are never ready for shooting. I don’t even know how to edit. I want to learn it so I can make the videos more crisp.”

Yousuf, an academic, shared that she is working with parents who want to home school their children. “I make worksheets for them and try to help them as much as I can,” she said.

Parents must, however, realise what type of a learner their child is. It will help them decide the learning technique most suited to their child, she added.

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