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Bilawal, Maryam to oppose budget till new taxes are dropped

SAMAA | - Posted: Jun 16, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: Jun 16, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Bilawal, Maryam to oppose budget till new taxes are dropped

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PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz and PPP chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari have agreed to oppose the budget till the government agrees to drop new taxes from it. 

The two met at former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s Lahore residence, Jati Umra, on Sunday. Maryam had invited the PPP scion for lunch.

The two leaders agreed to run campaigns against the Rs7,036 billion budget 2019-2020, which was presented by the government on June 11. The total revenue collection target has been set at Rs6716.6 billion, of which Rs5,822.2 billion will be generated through the federal tax collection.

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Bilawal and Maryam also agreed that they will not stage any dharnas or protests. They assured that they have no plans to topple the government as being urged by JUI-F’s Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Bilawal said that he will ensure that the government is not able to pass the budget. Passing it would be akin to committing economic suicide. He said that the budget has not provided any relief to the poor. “We will use our power to stop the budget for the protection of the nation and its labourers.”

We gave the government an opportunity to present a people-friendly budget, but they failed to do so. “We won’t let it be passed in the assembly.”

When asked about his possible alliance with PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz, he remarked that the country is facing far too many problems. “No one party can solve them all on its own.” He said that Maryam Nawaz is bringing a new style of leadership t the PML-N. “We have to think about the long-term. We have to build trust.” Maryam Nawaz will stand with the truth and she truly cares about the people of Punjab.

Interestingly, the fathers of both political leaders are currently behind bars. Nawaz is completing his sentence after being convicted by an accountability court in the Al Azizia Steel Mills reference, while former president Asif Ali Zardari has been remanded into NAB’s custody in a money laundering case. He was arrested from his house in Islamabad’s F-8 on June 10.

Earlier in Ramazan, Bilawal hosted Maryam and other opposition leaders for an iftar dinner at Bilawal House in Islamabad. They decided to hold an All Parties Conference in which they are expected to announce their plan of action to tackle government policies.

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  1. Anonymous  June 17, 2019 5:44 am/ Reply

    #corrupt political parties#will they deliver -have they a face??????

  2. Umar  June 18, 2019 4:36 pm/ Reply

    Dr Hafiz shaikh gave relief to the poor community through Ehsas Project by doubling the amount. The poor people who were sleeping on roads in severe hot weather and severe cold weather during last ten years and before are now sleeping in shelter homes in a respectable way. Furthermore, the government is trying to provide good health facilities to poor through issuance of health card scheme of Rs 700,000 per patient . The Government also allocated funds for building dams to provide clean drinking water and also released money for transmission lines and for the return of circular debt to produce cheap electricity .We appreciate government who did not raise electricity prices up to 300 units, Similarly for lower consumers of gas , government did not increase prices. Subsidies on exports and duties on imports to maintain balance between imports and exports
    It is worth mentioning that performance of exports during last years was poor, obviously causing pressure on dollar to rise .So the government reduced current account deficit and reduced spending . The government raised most of the taxes on rich community to run government in a decent way. The main cause of inflation is poor collection of direct taxes and tax free budgets by the past governments. The government put little burden on poor community and more burden on rich community through taxes . Defence forces voluntarily refused for increase in defence budget , Voters appreciate.The opposition must understand this is not easy for any government to run system in just 4000 billion Rs ,out of which half the amount is paid on installment of past debts .Rs 1050 billion on defence and remaining amound is spent on pakistani community.
    Pakistani voters respect the mandate of every political party . The reason is Pakistani voters believe in democratic system .The best solution of their problems is in democracy . Pakistani voters apprciate Former Prime minister Mr Zulfiqar Ali Buttho for starting nuclear programme, giving constitution of Pakistan in 1973, and then then Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto for starting missile Programme and all other governments who continued this Programme including Former Prime minister Mr Nawaz sharif who conducted nuclear tests .But most importantly the main credit goes to Dr A.Q Khan who implemented the vision of great leader Zulfiqar Ali bhutto through his innovative skills in just 7 years . This was not possible without Dr A.Q Khan’s technology . Pakistani voters really appreciate and salute him.Pakistan has produced most charrismatic ,inspiring ,humble and decent scientist /leader, who has left great impact on society. But this is very unfortunate we have made this great Hero zero. Dr Samar Mubarak also deserve for appreciation .
    Now finally, we request Prime minister Mr Imran khan to use Dr A.Q Khan’s talent to produce cheap electricity and also export electricity to earn foreign exchange as Mohtarma Benazir did in 1990’s., and make Pakistan economic power . Pakistani voters believe in Meritocracy and look forward for a better and kinder democracy free from corruption and money laundering . Thank you

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