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Sukkur man dies after finding no doctors at three hospitals

May 30, 2019
Sukkur man dies after finding no doctors at three hospitals

The Sukkur police arrested on Friday a man for shooting a school teacher in Ayub Gate.

The teacher, Fazal ul Rehman, was injured in the firing but later died because he did not receive medical treatment. He was taken to three different hospitals but none of them had any doctors on duty.

Rehman’s brother said he had loaned Rs60,000 to his neighbors Khurram Ahmed and Arzu Manzoor a year ago and when he asked them to return the loan, the siblings attacked him.

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On Wednesday night at 8:30pm, Rehman was sitting at a tea shop with his student when a man and a woman on a motorcycle, believed to be Ahmed and Manzoor, shot and injured him.

He was first taken to Civil Hospital, Sukkur where there were no doctors available. After waiting for an hour, he was then transferred to Blood Bank, a private hospital, where there was also a shortage of doctors. He was finally taken to a third hospital, Hira, where he died at 11:30pm because there were no doctors there either.

A case has not been registered yet. The police have already arrested Ahmed and are searching for his sister. They say she worked at a beauty salon.

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