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Pakistan Citizens Portal: How not to register your complaint

May 17 , 2019

Photo: AFP

A mobile application – Pakistan Citizens Portal – was launched last year to allow citizens to voice their grievances with the government.

From complaints about sewage water inundating the road outside a residential area to government officers taking bribes to do one’s work and trash piling up on the streets, citizens mistook news of the portal on SAMAA Digital as the avenue to launch their complaints and started commenting with their problems.

SAMAA Digital got in touch with Nouman Nazim, who handles social media and complaints for Islamabad for the Islamabad administration @ICTA_GoP handle and the Pakistan Citizens Portal, to inform him of the complaints that were landing on our page so they did not fall through the cracks.

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The portal has been working and he shared some of the successes.

After several complaints about the non-implementation of government notified rates, DC Rates Counters have been set up at different cash and carry centres.

For those travelling by Daewoo, items being sold at the tuck shops were expensive. The assistant commissioner conducted an inquiry and fixed the prices.

A ban on heavy transport vehicles via the Islamabad Expressway was imposed during the start and end of office hours after commuters complained about traffic congestion.

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There was a complaint that the ICT online vehicle verification system of the excise department was not functional for several months. People can now complaint on 0262777 and 0163012.

One individual’s smart card for his vehicle had not been printed, despite several visits to the excise department. SMS alerts are now sent so individuals only visit once after their smart card is ready.

A citizen complained that the family members of out-city patients admitted at PIMS and Polyclinic Hospitals are facing difficulties as they have no place to stay. A shelter home was then established.

There were a number of complaints regarding non-payment of salaries by different establishments which were also addressed. If you have a similar complaint, you can contact these numbers: 1360348, 1837300, 1806489, 1569237 and 1512723.

There was one complaint regarding forced conversion and abduction of a married Christian woman. An assistant commissioner conducted an inquiry and relief was granted to the woman. The accused was booked under the relevant sections of law.

Another complaint was about unnecessary delay in disposal of court cases by the area magistrates. A daily report is now collected to ensure expeditious disposal of cases related to petty offences.

Several other problems relating to forced conversion, abduction, delays in court, hospitals, non-payment of salaries, non-availability of government notified price lists of essential commodities online and various other issues have been addressed by the ICT.

There are a total of 21 departments under the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration. Each has an ID on the Pakistan Citizen Portal to address complaints related to them.

ICT Chief Commissioner Amer Ali Ahmed and ICT Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat supervise the portal to assess the quality of complaints resolution by various departments. All departments have nominated their focal persons who are supported and assisted by Nouman Nazim.

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  1. Avatar
    Muhammad Nadeem Atta   May 18, 2019 11:58 pm/ Reply

    I wan to complaint against Pakistan Citizen Portal. There is no number provided to call them. Since 1 month I am trying to rest my password for the portal. No one is helping.Never received any reset password in my email.

  2. Avatar
    SIHAM   May 20, 2019 5:17 pm/ Reply

    Dear Sir, I want to complain about non payment of dues on various account against APPC, Official news agency under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting specified app “Pakistan’s Citizen Portal”. In April, this year I sent the message in “Human Right Category” but message rejected mentioning as “Dropped-Unclear/vague contents”. Now, please tell me the appropriate category, where my message can reach under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Thanks

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